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Let's see how the Brits do it!

ITV's OFFICIAL Fun House site .Well... it used to be. I received an email from a British tv watcher which stated that it is no longer in production. But you can still visit the general CITV site.

Host: Pat Sharp

Cheerleaders: Melanie (bottom pic) and Martina (top pic) Grant

Announcer: Gary King (not seen)
Production Team: Scottish Television/ Scottish Media Group
Run Dates: late 80's/early 90's - 1999, weekly on terrestial television, similar to other UK games.

Stunt Round: As you may have known, Fun House UK starts with 3 stunts and three questions. Scoring is the same as the US version - 25 points for a stunt win, 25 for the question. They also give runner up points for 1 particular game. So if you get 2 objects, you get two points (this is similar to the US FH pilots).

In this game, one player is the artist, and has to paint (slime) the statue. Simple, huh?

Now we've gone into the pool to fish out letters!

And in this one, they had to pull the chain, let down the gunge (slime) and then find the musical notes!

Grand Prix: The UK grand prix race is actually done with real karts.

Gearing up for the grand prix race with host Pat!

And there's the start - fireworks and all!

Instead of tokens like in the US, UK players collect steering wheels.

Each team has a possibility of 4 wheels, for a total 25 points.

And the teams switch each lap, with 4 laps in total. Laps 1 and 4 are speed laps, while laps 2 and 3 you can get the steering wheels. The winning team picks up 50 points.

Then everyone goes back to the podium to count up the points. What you see is the reveal of the spare wheels for the yellow team by Martina.

Once a winner is declared, the runners-up receive a Fun House jacket, Fun House hat and a small stereo system - not too shabby! And a lovely modelling job by Melanie.

Fun House:

First off, the prize reveal is different.

They use a computer animated map to show where all the prizes are! No cash in the UK fun house, only great prizes!

Like the US version, they get 2 minutes. You know the routine - 3 tags, then come and tag your partner. There are 15 tags in total, so I suppose (theoretically) you could actually get them all. But it hasn't happened yet. One of the coolest thing is that they do a "first person" view, so it actually feels that you're running through!

There aren't rooms in the fun house persay, more like individual stations. One of the neatest things (I think) is the bobsled, and the sitting zip line!

And here they are! On the left is the bobsled run, and in the centre is the zip line.

And of course there is a power prize. You know it has been got when you here the chicken clucking, and then the small graphic comes up on the screen.

Then one of the cheerleaders brings out a question, and they have 10 seconds to get it right.

Power prizes range from a trip to Alton Towers (most likely only UK viewers know about this), a video camera, or maybe even a trip to the Cote d'Azur in France. Or even once they had a trip to New York!

Other notes: Theme Music: I was sent it, it's somewhat catchier then the US theme - of course that's just my opinion :). And it has lyrics!

It's outrageous!
Fun house, a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won, It's the real crazy show where anything goes. Fun house, it's a quiz, it's a race, a real wacky place, Use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game!

Announcer:It's time for fun house! Lucky contestants! Messy games! The Fun Kart Grand Prix Race! And a crazy chase to win lots of prizes! And now here's the guy who puts the fun into fun house... Pat Sharp!


And more info.... here's some changes that were different in earlier series (ie 1991):

NOTE: I do have two 1991 episodes, and am working on getting pictures of them, just for comparison to the 1998 episode that you see on the page.

I want to say that some of this information first appeared on the UK Game Show Page. Many thanks go out to them, as their information is very comprehensive!

LEGALESE: Fun House (UK) is a property of the Scottish Media Group, and no challenge to any ownership is implied.
Thanks to P.H. for the images!

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