The Untold Stories

Telling you what happens on Voyager when the cameras stop rolling and the writers put down their pens or take their fingers off of their keyboards . . .

Captain's log: These are the untold voyages....or they were. Now offered for your reading enjoyment are these additions to the world of Voyager that we all know and love.

Begun July 17th, 1999.

Welcome to the untold stories of Voyager and her crew. There are regular stories here, character-focused stories, and romantic stories. Every story here is the author's version of what might happen on Voyager, either long ago (first through fourth season) or recently (fifth through sixth) or in the future (far away or near).

Please, tell the authors how much you appreciate their efforts after you've read their stories. Email links are provided.

Enjoy yourselves here, and remember, no one is wrong in these stories. After all, it's just their imaginations coming up with what they think has happened or will happen. So NO FLAMING!

~A'Lehsen Paris, January 18th, 2000

The Archives

Voyager Archive -- Stories about Voyager and her crew.

P/T Archive -- Tom and B'Elanna stories

J/C Archive -- Janeway and Chakotay stories

K/7 Archive -- Harry and Seven stories

The Other Stuff Here

Updates -- Go here to see what's new in the archives.

Progress Report -- Here is where you'll find out about the stories I am writing.

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Submission Guidelines -- If you have a story you would like to see archived here, you can find out the kinds of stories I will accept here. Please read these. I will not accept any stories that deviate from these requirements.


Warpspeed!!!! -- My Voyager home page. Check it out!

The Voyager-B -- Tales of a ship whose crewmembers, spawned as they were from my fertile imagination in my first Voyager story (written, not posted), will delight you all.


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There are NC-17 stories archived here. If you are not 18, please do not read them. I will not accept responsibilities if Mommy's or Daddy's little under-age darling is caught reading explicit material.

Also, I would like to add that NC-17 is NOT porn. I do not consider relating the sexual details of a loving, fulfilling relationship porn. Just so you know.

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