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Hey all you awesome high-schoolers, thanks for picking up a copy of Westminster's first newspaper of the school year. There are a lot of new people here this year so let's take a minute to welcome all of them! These people are all awesome, so if you haven't met them, today's a good day to start. Welcome to:
Alivia Cooper (11th grade)
Nicholas and David Costas (10th and 11th grade)
Kathryn Derby (10th grade)
Scott Gibson (9th grade)
John Hagelin (9th grade)
Dawn Hanes (11th grade)
Jessica Borda (9th grade)
Zachary Long (10th grade)
Russell Malone (11th grade)
Peto Bonilla (9th grade)
Floreta Bonilla (11th grade)
Michael Smyth (9th grade)
Rebekah Stratton (10th grade)
Congratulations to all of you for choosing Westminster Academy!