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Hurray!  Goalielover gets e-mail, please keep those letters coming!

DEN MAIL - Notes from Goalies' Den visitors!
(Letters remain unedited save for removal of names/emails)

~ Mar 17/08 ~
Hi There! First off, I wanted to let you know that I/we appreciate the traffic that your site throws our way... it actually directs quite a bit a month. Also... I wanted to let you know that we just launched a goaltending forum on our site. We're calling it In the Paint & At the Rink! Its an open forum to all who follow the golden rule... Respect the game, respect those who play, and respect those who pay for those who play! Goalies young and old, parents, and coaches... associations, teams, equipment retailers, I've also included a forum where you can promote your site. Here's the address: feel free to check it out and maybe even join in the discussion. Thanks Again! Todd Lightfoot Senior Staff Instructor/Director of Marketing BTP

~ Sep 19/07 ~
A ten p.m. game!!!!!!!! Oh God I remember those. I was playing in a league back in about 1976 (In Sarnia...........about 1 and 1/2 hour drive for me one way). We had 10 teams in the league and thay all played on the same days. The last game would get under way around midnight. Used to get home around 3 a.m. Ok. The maskless story. I was playing in a league in Port Huron. It was a good calibur league with some former college players and a couple of ex-minor leaguers. This night we were playing a team from Sarnia. Thy had a player who had a blistering slapshot. I had practiced wit this team on several occassions. One of the players was a Sarnia police officer, (not the player with the tremendious shot). He actually brought a radar gun to practice one time and clocked this other players shot three times. (97 mph,89 mph, ad 101mph) Well, on the night it happened, we were mid way through the second period. We were on a penalty kill, and Donny, (the player in question) was on the point for their power play. The puck came out from behind our net, to him. I heard the crack of his shot, but never saw the puck. It struck me at the upper right corner of the right eye, and I was donw at once. Blood all over the ice, but I was still awake. Funny thing.................there was no pain at all! I could still see, so I knwe the eye was ok. But after waking up following surgury I was informed of how much damage was actually done. The puck shattered the orbital bone behind the right eye. In fact, one doctor had to hold the eye in place while the plastic surgon rebuilt the orbital bone around it. No pain because the puck severed all the nerves at the point of impact. Doctor said thet the only thing that cuts cleaner than a hockey puck is a scalpal. He told me that a few inches to the left would have driven the nasal cartilage into the brain! Still have no feeling in a small area, and only a slight scar, (about a quarter of an inch long. that turns blue when it gets real cold out. Not bad, considering that I had about 85 stitches! Doctor told me it would be at least 6 months before I could play again. Was back on the ice in 3!!! Oh yeah, this might be a bit gross, but the sinus cavity was alsi affected. St to prevent from blood draining into the passage, they had packed it with cotton of some sort. Well, I certianly did not know this. So, sometime during the night after surgury, (I thought I was dreaming), and in this alleged dream I pulled this long thing out of my nose! Found out the next morning that I was not dreaming, and I had actually pulled out the packing.....................well, guess what................they had to put it back in. And when they did remove it several days later................they just pulled it out like I did in my dream...........that hurt like hell! Well that's the story. Not really much, but as the old saying goes.......Stuff Happens. And no, I did not wear a mask after that. Again, HOW STUPID COULD I BE??? LOL. Perhaps, next time, if you care to hear about it, I will tell you about the time we played a game in Detroit (Out door arena sub zero temps) and the opposing teams star player was the son of the guy who refered that game, and the "Gangs Of Detroit" that surrounded the ice while we played. (with sticks and bottles, and who knows what else.) God I love Hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Sep 12/07 ~
I logged on to your website, but did not see any photos. Great site though! Reading the quotes that you have listed, I had forgotten all about Gumpers response to the question about not wearing a mask. Only the Gumper could be so eloquent! Yes, I was joking about the defensemen not clearing the puck. I did not care if the opposition came in on a 5 on 0 breakaway, I hated letting in a goal. But in all seriousness though, I was told early in my playing days by one of my coaches that the goalies responsibility is to stop the first shot and not the rebounds. Those were the defense's job to take care of. Don't let the shooter get to that rebound for a second shot. You asked me if I was nuts not to wear a mask (LOL) Isn't being a little flakey and crazy a requirement to be a goalie!!!!!!!!! I mean.....we stand there and let these people shoot pucks, (upwards of 100 MPH) at us and we jump in front of them!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we are of a different mind set indeed. Yes, the Leaf have certianly dropped a long ways since the days of Harold Ballard. And it is truely sad to see both great and proud franchises, (Montreal and Toronto) in the state of conditon that they are in. It's bad enough that the Canadian won their last Stanley Cup in 1993 after inishing third in thier division. But even sadder that it was 1967 for Toronto. And even more of a travisty is the league alignment. Two of the three greatest rivelries have long since been done away with. Where is the tradition and the logic in having Detroit in a different division then Montreal and Toronto? Just look at the history of the detroit-Toronto rivalery. My God, there was a time when one would think that these two teams were minor league affiliates of each other. Look at all the hall of famers that played for the two teams sometime in their careers. Paul Henderson, Norm Ullman, Frank Mahovlich, Terry Sawchuk, Darryl Sittler, Borjie Salming......and the list goes on and on. Even the lesser players that played for both teams like Errol Thompson, Steve Thomas, Larry Murphy, et el. One can almost bet that any player who ever wore the Maple Leaf at some point in his career also wore the Winged Wheel. We here in Michigan have always considered that to be the greatest rivalery. and we miss it. We long for the days of playing Toronto 8 times a season instead of once every three years. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If a fan did not appreciate the great career and the loyalty of Steve Yzerman, then they did not know a thing about hockey! As I said, I remember seeing Gordie in his declining years as a Wing, (pre WHA), But Stevie "Y" will always be Mr Red Wing to me and many others. He was the consumate team player and leader, and it will be a long timwe before we see anything like him in a Wing uniform again. Those players come along once in a generation, and when you are privledged enopugh to see them throughout their career, you are a very fortunate fan. But here's a little story about my displeasure in Steve Yzerman in his early years. Prior to the 1983 draft, Detroit was a very bad team and had been for a long time, (missing the playoffs on a regular basis). But they had an up and comming star by the name of John Ogrodnick. In his first season (1979-80) John had only 8 goals in 41 games. But he followed this with seasons of 35, 28, 41, 42, 55, and 38 goals respectively. At that point, in his career, Ogrodnick had more goals then Gordie Howe had at the same point in his career. The Wings Dealt Ogrodnick to Quebec and pinned thei hope for the future on this young kid named Yzerman. My thoughts were" Who the hell is this Yzerman kid, and how could you deal away Johnny "O"??????????????? Well, of course, the rest is history. Ogrodnick drifted around the league and never acheived his true potential. What did this Yzerman kid do? Oh, only brought us three Stanley Cups. thats all. Yes, Potvin was a good one. Always liked him. Joseph too. But felt he got the wrong end of the deal here in Detroit. They should have kept him and let Osgood go (for the second time). But your Leaf had a goalie once who used to drive me crazy. His name was Mike Palmateer. Oh I hated that little puke. And I don't really know why. I just did not like him. One last item about the nationwide love for the Red Wings. Did you kow that in souviners and appearl, the Red Wings are the number 5 team over all in all of sports, and the number one team in hockey, in merchandise!!!!!! Yes, Detroit truely is "Hockeytown" Oh, No I don't mind at all if you post my letters on your website. And feel free to list my name and email also is you wish. I would be honored that you find my thought interesting enough to share with your members. Next time I will share the story of how not wearing the mask almost resulted in my death. True story. But still refused to waer it after hat incident!
~ Sep 11/07 ~
Thanks for the email. Always good to talk to another goaltender. Your are a lady goalie!!!! Great!!!! Glad to hear that you are so dedicated to the number one position in the worlds greatest sport! Twelve years!!! Wow. You must be pretty good,eh? I am sure that you agree that goaltending is the toughest position in any sport,as well as the most challanging and rewarding. And a heck of a lot of fun too! Nothing quite the like the look on the incoming forwards face as he moves in, and deeks and his eyes get as big as dinner plates when he thinks he has beaten you, and suddenly at the last minute you flash out the catch hand, or throw out the leg pad and his certian goal ends up sailing off into the corner (you have made the save) where your defenseman picks it up and skates down ice.!!!!! The dejection on his face is like a mastercard moment........PRICELESS! God I love that game. (I truely think that I am a missplaced Canadian here in America. I know that in a previous life I was a true Canadian and have probable played hockey for centuries!!!!! As I said, I played for 25 years. I quite playing playing 20 years ago at the age of 35 when I finally realized that I was not as good as I thought I as, and it was time to hang up that dream. But looking back at it, if I had it all to do over again, I would not change a thing. I would once again chase that dream. Today, my hockey consists of living and dying with my Detroit Red Wing (I am sure that it is the Maple Leaf for you), collecting Red Wing hockey cards, and attending games of our local minor league team, (the Flint General....Detroit's newest minor league affiliate) Although I am a die-hard Wing fan, I must admit, that growing up in such close proximity to Canada, I grew up with "Hockey Night In Canada" and am also a bit of a Leaf fan. And believe me, I too, am looking forward to that time when next the Leaf hoist that cup and celebrate another championship. Getting back to goalies, (and I hope that I am not boring you with my trip down memory lane), I must tell you that my childhood hero....the reason that I became a goaltender, was the great Gump Worsley. I remember the first hockey game that I ever was Montreal at the old Olympia to play the Wing, (I watched it on a fuzzy old black and white television with poor reception, but still it was the greatest thing that I had ever seen. And the things I saw the Gumper do in that game made me know that this was to by the sport that I would grow to love. And I must tell you, Trish, there is a very empty feeling that comes when your childhood hero passes away. R.I.P Gumper... you were great I have been fortunate to see some of the greatest goalies of the game. Jacques Plante was still with Toronto when I discovered hockey. Terry Sawchuk had came back to Detroit and then moved on to L.A. and then New York. Ken Dryden..........what a goal tender!! Tony Esposito, Glenn Hall, Gerry Cheevers and his mask that was painted with all the stitches that he would have had if he were not wearing it. And one of my personal favorites, Ed Giacomin of the Rangers, (who spent 2 seasoins with my Detroit Wing. And of course how can I not mention Patrick Roy. Loved him as A Canadian.......hated him as an Avalanche. Remember his last game in Montreal? Red Wing scored 10 goals and chased him out of town! (Oh yes, and as I mention Cheevers' mask......I probably should also mention that in the 25 years that I played........I never wore a face mask..........STUPID!!!!!!!!!!) But if it was good enough for the was good enough for me! It's hard to say much about todays NHL goalers. Sure Hasek is good as is Giguaire and Khabibulin. Belfour and Potvin had their days. But I truely think that with the retirement of Roy, we saw the end of an era for NHL goalies. And it might be a long time before we see another up and coming true hall of famer. There are too many Chris Osgoods in the league. And just how sad of a statement is that????? Well when you consider that the league is so watered down by expansion, would you believe that mediorcure backup journeyman like Osgood is second in career victories and shoutout in Red Wing history behind the greatest goalie of all...Terry Sawchuk!!!! My God, Toe Blake must be turning over in his grave at that statistic!!! Well, enough nostelgia. Time to end this letter. But that is what happens when I get started talking about hockey. Why did you start playing? Who was your inspiration? Trish, I truely hope that you are the winning bidder on the junior hockey skeds that I have posted. It would only be right that you end up with them because of your love for junior hockey. You are one of the few who can really appreciate their worth and their historical significance. Have a great day, and feel free to write any time. Good luck this season. Hope you have some shutouts. And let me close with this one last thought that I am sure you will agree with. No goal is ever our's those damn defensemen who can't get out of our way or clear a damn rebound for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Feb 11th/05 ~
Hi, there! I stumbled across your website when I did a GOOGLE search for this card; I pulled it yesterday. It's the ITG 2004/2005 Heroes and Prospects card with Roy & Lehtonen and pieces from each of their jerseys. The Roy patch is red, and the Lehtonen patch is 2 color (it looks like it's from the logo on his shoulder). I've just started collecting cards, and I can't find information on this one anywhere. Any idea what something like this might be worth, or how I could find out? Cool web site, by the way!
~ Jan 6th/05 ~
back in 1997 i met dominik hasek while at a fundraiser here in buffalo new york.he gave me a hockey card of himself,thinking nothing of it i put it away. last week i found it,and took it to a few card traders around here,all of them had never seen or heard of a card, like the one i have. maybe you can help me. here is what it looks like. it is a clear plastic card,the top of the card has color guard across the top. the bottom says dominik hasek donruss preferred. on the back, the upper right corner has the numbers the middle it has the numbers xxxx/1500 below that has the sabres. i think i have a very rare card,that maybe he had made for himself. thank you for any help you can gimme on this.
~ May 25th/04 ~
Hi. I have been collecting hockey cards for a number of years. My Mom died 4 years ago and her and I collected together but she was the big goalie collector. She would have been impressed by your website,it's awesome.I would like to know what Data base you use to keep track of your collection. I hope i haven't bothered you.And I will make sure i look through my cards and check out your want list you never know i just might have what you need.Hope you hear from you.
~ April 5th/04 ~
I discovered your website, and I wonder if you can help me. I know this sounds crazy, but I am trying to accumulate at least 1 RC of EVERY goalie (who actually HAS a rookie card). Obviously, to do this, I need an accurate list of goalie RC's. I have seen a few lists, but none appear to be complete. Currently, I am under the delusion that I have every goalie's RC from 1951-2003(I am missing some of this year's goalie RC's, obviously). If you have any ideas where I could get a complete rookie goalie card list, let me know. By the way, I do have 2 extra Billy Smith RC's, as well as a couple of Mike Veisor RC's and a bunch of Khabibulin RC's. Thanks!
~ March 2nd/04 ~
Hi I've been playing goalie for 3 years know and I think goalie is the best position on the ice.
~ January 10th/04 ~
Hello, I am goalie coach for a peewee travel team in Texas and I am currently making a manual for my goalies. I am asking for permission to use some of your great quotes and pictures. Please respond aptly. Respectfully, Goalie coach of Dallas Peewee Selects
Followup March 9th/04: Thank you very much. I have finished my manual using many of your great quotes and pictures. It really helped the guides overall quality.
~ August 8th/02 ~
Hi: Saw your site on Charline Labonte when I was looking for a bit of info on Cherie Piper. You have a nice site. I am the female hockey reporter for They started a women's hockey section about 2.5 weeks ago. When I saw your site, I thought you might like to check it out. I also have my own women's hockey site as well.
~ August 2nd/02 ~
Hi, I live in the suburbs of Detroit. I played a little goal when I was a lad and have always had a soft spot in my heart for goalies. I love hockey but my game of choice is Rugby. I was enjoying your web site and I think I have a few Mask cards for your collection. 01-02 BTP Ceckmanek base 01-02 BTP Cujo (Blues) base 01-02 BTP Johnson silver 01-02 BTP Update Kiprusoff base 01-02 BTP Update Hnilicka base I have been trying to put together a base mask collection since 92-93. I only need (2) cards to complete it. I need the M.Broduer and J. Carey mask cards from the 96-97 Pinn. set. Do you or one of your pals know of anyone that could help me finish my quest? If you would like to trade for the Mask cards drop me an E-mail. I would also be interested in any cards of Women goalies that you may want to trade. Keep up the great site!
~ July 21st/02 ~
Hi! It seems that you're a goalie fan. You are maybe interested in my last acquisition: 01-02 BAP SportsFest Jose Theodore #'d 08/10 LMK if you are interested! I mainly collect Jocelyn Thibault cards.
~ July 20th/02 ~
Hi, I love your site . I'm hoping to send a profile in if I can get a photo of myself. I have two sites you might want to add to your links page. Both are mask makers. Matty Garland runs the business in Rindge N.H. Small business but he does great work. I have a Pro Masque and I would never use another mask. He has a number of clients the most famous being Dwayne Roloson. The other site is The Puck Stops Here. The guys name is Don and he makes fiberglass masks similar to the other guy on your links page but he has a larger inventory of pro replica masks from the greats and he also does game ready masks. Keep up the good work. Your site is outstanding. Is that your photo on the home page?
~ July 14th/02 ~
Hey Goalielover, I love your site, I just saw it today, found it in a search engine. It's really great, I checked out the fun stuff section and I was really impressed! That was a great poem!!!! very patriotic. I actually wrote one of my own about the great goal-den game! hahahaha (couldn't help myself) and a I wrote a few funny Top Ten lists about goaltending like "Top Ten Signs That You're Obsessed With Goaltenders" If you wanted to post them on your site that's fine with me. Hey if you're interested I have a hockey/goalie site of my own if you want to check it out, though it's mostly of Martin Brodeur. thanks! I know it's totally cheesy, but witnessing such an emotional game got the best of my poetic spirit within
~ July 13th/02 ~
Hi ...I would like to know if you can send me a sample of the card : 0102 QMJHL Shawinigan Cataractes - PHILIPPE BASTARACHE - Team Issued Card #11 Just give me a response to tell me if it`s possible or not .... Thank you very much ...:)
~ June 10th/02 ~
Hello, I was visiting your website ( and it is REALLY well detailed. I was wondering if you knew about a certain magazine, Hockey Stars you know the web site or 1-800 # for them? Thanx :)
~ June 5th/02 ~
we need you opinion on our site. we'd really appreciate your feedback. talk to you soon...
~ May 10th/02 ~
You've got an awesome website. I just checked it out for the first time this morning. I love all of the great hockey masks. Nice picture of yourself too.
~ May 6th/02 ~
Hey~I loved your site! I'm not a goalie, but I do have this obsession with them. I have my own site dedicated to hockey goalies too, and I just wanted to compliment you on yours. Hope to hear from you.
~ April 28th/02 ~
Thank you for the inclusion of our site on your Training Tools section. We appreciate it. -- Boni Goalie Trainers Inc. Toronto, Canada
~ April 24th/02 ~
I have a between the pipes "record breakers" jerssey # doesnt have a price you know are these cards supposed to be serial #' says print run of 50...but do they have serial #'s...because mine doest.I was wondering if you might have one that you could let me know.thanks
~ April 22nd/02 ~
no HASEK,...................... his helmet, his new helmet with the Detroit Redwings!
~ April 16th/02 ~
I saw your website pretty cool stuff. Got a question maybe you could help. I have 2 Marty Turco cards from the K-wings one has allstar logo in upper right front corner (#6 of 23) the other is hand #'d 444/1000 from 99-00 also K-Wings any ideas.
~ April 11th/02 ~
I noticed the URL you added to your profile and paid your site a visit. There is so much there... how'd you ever manage so much content? A goalie could spend hours going here and there from your site...I took the liberty of adding your site to the main links page and coding it so you 'own' it. Take care,
~ March 25th/02 ~
Hi: My son was wondering and I could not answer his question. What happens to a goaltender's helmet when he gets traded to a new team? Does he keep his old helmet or have it painted over with his new team's colors? Thanks for helping if you can
~ February 13th/02 ~
We came across your name on a Goalie website and thought you (or a Goalie you know) may like to add a Profile to (it's Free). The site has been designed for Goalies looking for some occasional extra icetime, and Teams needing a Goalie for a game or scrimmage. If you are not interested, we apologize for the intrusion. If you have any questions, please drop us a line. Regards, Darrell Barr - Bringing Goalies & Teams together
~ January 28/02 ~
This one is from a radio broadcast earlier this year, with colour man Jim Ralph. I forget the noun he used in reference to the goalies, but Joe called the net the 'braided bungalow'. This led to a lengthy, in-depth conversation between Joe and Ralphie over whether or not shooters could go 'upstairs' in the bungalow (a bungalow, as we all know, only has one level). Ralphie insisted that the shooters couldn't go upstairs It was a very funny bit. ps. Very Cool was my first visit.
~ January 1/02 ~
Great site. I started playing goalie up here in Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer of 2001 (at age 40). And being raised in Texas all my life, I had a few things against me. But I love it and appreciate sites like yours that help me learn more about the game. thanks and good luck
~ December 28th/01 ~
Hello, I am a 12 year old goalie playing for the and I have a few questions...... 1) What would you do if every game that you played, the whole team counted on you? What type of things would you do in preperation? 2) If a REALLY good team kills your team and they score on you lets say 9 times, do you have any other method to refocus rather than just putting it behind you? 3) What type of leadership should you take on if you played on a below average team? Finally 4) What is the best PRE-GAME Meal? I hope you can provide me with these answers because I need some help! My Hockey team has a record of 1-28-3 and we are only half way through the season! Now please don't think of me as a bad goalie because on average, I get about 30-40 shots per game, and one time when we played a team that was a full year and level up than us, I got 82 shots!!! (14-0 loss) So thank you for your time and I will be looking forward to your answers!
~ December 6th/01 ~
Hi, I saw your site when I did a search... I'm not a goalie, but I assume if anyone can help me it would probably be you. The problem is with my fantasy hockey team. This is my first time playing fantasy hockey (I'm used to baseball) and nobody I've talked to can answer this question: How can you tell in advance (by even an hour) who the starting goalie is going to be? I don't know if you're familiar with fantasy sports, but in my league I have 3 goalies but can only start one each day. On my team, I have Fred Brathwaite, Marc Denis, and Chris Osgood. Yesterday, Brathwaite's and Denis's team were both playing. I didn't know which one I should start, since maybe even neither of them would be in net. I searched the following web pages: St Louis Blues homepage, ESPN, NHL, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, KTVI-TV and KMOX radio out of St. Louis. They all had a preview of the game, but not one site could tell me who the Blues were putting in net just hours before the game. It makes me think that within minutes of faceoff, the goalies flip a coin. And of course, if you start a guy who doesn't play, someone who sits on your bench will ultimately have a shutout. Anyway, I've wasted enough of your time. If you know of any resources I can use to help with this problem, it would be appreciated. It looks like you have a fine site, and if anyone would know, it'd probably be you.
- October 20th/01 -
Hi there. I was looking at the Overdrive Blade site this evening, and eventually found my way to you site. I have never actually looked for player sites, so it was cool looking around through yours. Althoug you are missing a quote on your front page. My idol when I was younger was Mike Palmateer, and I remember the newspaper article he had. His quote was, "You gotta be nuts to be a goalie!" Referring, of course, to the physical and mental straing the position places on the players. I used to love his colorful action, and his terrific reflexes! Anyway, a 1.60 GAA and 6 S.O.? Wowsers, I can only dream of numbers like that. That's great! :-) Your mask gallery is cool, I always marvel at the creativity of some of the masks! Although you are missing one. The Ragin Bull I wear! *G* Just kidding, of course. Although it is a cool mask, and I do get lots of comments on it Loved the work you did on your fun stuff page too! Certaintly lots more to browse through, too. I never even thought about looking for goalie web rings! Too cool, glas I finally have DSL! *G* Anyway, thanks for a great site, continued success on and off the ice!!
- October 14th/01 -
Hello. Your site is looking really nice. We love all your goalie masks. Keep up the cool work. Talk to you later. Regards.
- October 14th/01 -
Was looking for pics of Roman Turek in his Calgary uniform...Came across your site and really enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.
Small Saves site
- September 28th/01 -
Tanks for a good site. It have tried to find different publications for goalies and suddely I got a hit one your site. But there are som many alternatives. First of all I am looking for the best magazine. Which one do you think is the best? Secondly, which instruction video and book do you recomend? One thing I that is missing at the site is a year after each book. Things changes so rappidly and taht will help the viewer to select a new and up to dated book. Thanks again. goalie from Sweden
- August 16/01 -
Hi, I was just checking out your website. I knew about the want and trade lists from the links on hdb, but I didn't get a chance to see the rest until now. I actually just stumbled upon it by accident. Awsome site. I didn't know you played, cool. I go to the Penguins practice facility to watch the Pens practice a lot and two days a week, the ladies practice before the Pens. I always go early to watch them. I'm friends with several of the players. Is there a way to send part of one of your pages via email to a couple friends of mine? I'd love for them to read "you know if you're a true hockey fan when" and "20 fun things to do if you're an ice hockey goalie". What's the link, I can just send them that. Here's one to add to the coments to the ref page. It's a favorite at the ECHL games in Johnstown. "get off your knees ref, you're blowing the game". Where did you ge the goalie pics? I'll have to scan a few of the ones I've taken for you to see. Well, gotta go. Just wanted to let you know how much I liked the site. Talk to you later,
- July 16/01 -
Hey, I love your site.. It's great to see theres other people out there who are should i say enthusiastic about goaltending. It really gets into your blood. You're from philly right, are there any women's teams around here? Most likely just to watch. anyway..... may the posts be with you, ps. What's your deal with
- July 9/01 -
Good job with your site.You did a good site to visit.Can i make suggestion? When you put amatuer goalies, maybe you ask them to put email adress so we can email comments or contact each other goalies. Cause i would love to chat or exchange with goalies..Even find a girl friend goalie... hahahaha keep up the good work.....
- June 1/01 -
I have just looked at your website & I found it very interesting as I am very keen on ice hockey and my favourite position is definetly the netminder. I am 15 and I am very keen on playing ice hockey myself but I thought I was too old and that I wouldnt be able to because I was a girl, but I have just found out that there is a girls team in my town. You said that you didn't start untill you was older and i was just wondering how old you was when you started and if you think I am too old to start? I have played goalie in field hockey and i can skate but i was wondering if you could me some advise on netminding & wether you think I am too old start. I would love to get a response from you if you can. Thanx.
- May 30/01 -
Hi I'm a goalie from Montreal, Quebec. I just visited your web site for the first time and i think it's pretty cool. i just wanted to let you know that there is now a National Womens Hockey League. I dont know if you already knew about it but there are around 8 teams in the league, three in Quebec and the rest are in Ontario. the players dont get payed yet but dont have to pay to play. most of them also get free equipment. Charline Labonte played for the Laval mistral last season. Many team Canada players also play in the league, making it a pretty good level of play. If you have a chance, go see a game next season. With tickets priced around 5$, it's better than NHL hockey. hope to hear from you
- May 26/01 -
I am amazed by your website and collection. My 8 year old nephew is starting hockey, and is a Roenick fan like me. He does tell me that he likes goalies, so he got most of the goalies from the last few boxes I've opened. He's coming over this weekend. I told him he could dig through all my old common boxes and take all the goalies he wants! Thought you'd be happy. Here's my dilemma. I am a Minnesotan, and a huge Gopher Hockey fan. I never played goalie, but my favorite Gopher of all time was the only goalie ever to get the Hobey Baker Award ( I'll disregard this year) Robb Stauber. Since you are a goalieliver, I was wondering what you'd want for any Robb Stauber stuff. I'll either trade or buy. I have his Upper Deck rookie from the Kings (he should've replaced Rhudey then) and that's it. I still see him on TV, since he's the volunteer goalie coach for the University of Minnesota. Not that you care, but I figured I'd give you the update. Please let me know what Stauber stuff you have. I'm gonna try to find old film of the Gophers from back in 84-86 and show my nephew how things were "in the day". Kudos on a great and unique site. Have a great day
- May 19/01 -
Hi. I visited your site and really enjoyed it. I only have about 5 cards. They are of Tony Esposito. Not really worth much. I have a Gerry Cheevers card with him from "Masters of Hockey". He's wearing red and blue pads. I think I paid two dollars for it. However, I do have a 1968-69 Bernie Parent card in very good condition. I could email you a pic if you're interested. I too have a web site. Please check out: Small Saves
- April 5/01 -
I think you have the best site. You have so much on goalies,for us goalie lovers. Keep up the good work and thank you again. Good luck on your goalie play.
- March 29/01 -
Hi, I'm from southern Manitoba. I really enjoy your webpage. I especially enjoy the Curtis Joseph background you've got going on. You're description of goaltending is not that far off from the way I am. In every sport I've played I've played goalie. Hockey, rollerhockey,ball hockey, floorhockey, ringette and soccer, if there was a goalie neede i was there. I played hockey as a defenseman till I was 16. The following year my team didn't have a goalie so I went out and bought the equipment and in my first year I was 8-4-1 with 1 shutout and a 3.84 GAA. In the playoffs that year I was 1-1 with a 2.50 GAA. Ever since I started playing hockey when I was 5 years old I wanted to be a goalie, but my dad said I needed to learn how to skate better first. Well as forementioned I decided I could skate well enough to play goalie so I did. In my last year of junior "B" Our team had the best GAA in the league and in the playoffs I went 6-6 with a 3.05 GAA, which was the best in the playoffs. We however lost in the finals that season. Well I just thought I'd let you in on another goalie story. I'm just drying my equipment as we speak, I have to leave in a minute to go play a game. Thanks again for the great webpage,..." for if goaltending is anything, it's a kind of secret society, a clandestine fraternity whose members are the only ones who really understand each other." - guardians - the secret life of goalies
- February 17/01 -
Not to be totally annoying or anything but, on question number 1 of your trivia (2-17-01) The question is: Who is the only NHL goalie credited with a goal and a shutout in the same game? There are two goalies to accomplish this feat one: Damien Rhodes, and two: Jose Thedore on wed. january 31, 2001 I notice that your site may not have been updated by then, so it's cool. Love your site,thanx for listeninig,
- February 10/01 -
Hi. Saw your page, and see you're quite into hockey cards! I only own 5 cards, but I like them alot. 3 are of Tony Esposito, but are not worth anything except to me. 1 Cheevers card, and he's wearing red and blue gear. The one card I have that may be of interest to you is an original (and very good condition) 1968-69 Bernie Parent card. also, please visit my web site at: for goalie cartoons Thanks.
- October 23/00 -
I just went threw your galleries ( very cool ). But I saw nothing for the penguins. Why not?
- October 22/00 -
Hello! I am a big fan of the CHL, I mostly focus on the WHL, since my city has a team in that league, but I like to try and follow the other 2 leagues as closely as possible. I happened to stumble across your Charline Labonte page you created and I was really impressed with it. I tried to follow her progress as much as I could last season, but QMJHL coverage is pretty hard to follow on the internet sometimes unless you are pretty good at speaking french, which I am not unfortunately. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew where Charline was playing this year. The QMJHL site has her on the Acadie-Bathurst roster, but the Acadie Bathurst site doesn't have her on the roster. Was she let go by the club, or traded? Or did she decide to play in another league (Woman's league)? I was curious to see if you had an info as to her where she is these days? I guess I could try using that e-mail link to her that you have located on the page, but I wasn't sure if it was a current e-mail or not? I had written to Charline last season and sent a card for her to sign for me, and I finally got a response from her a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping to send her a little "Thank you" in the mail, but I want to make sure that she is able to get it, or that it will get forwarded to her. Anyway, I have probably taken up enough of your time as it is. Keep up the good work on your goalie pages, and I hope that I will hear from you if you get a moment. Take Care!
- October 16/00 -
..thanks for your web page. I enjoyed it. I thought since you are a goalie also, you might like to check out my page called Hockey Pucks World. I designed it mostly for my friends but the page 2 called Between the pipes is an ode to goaltenders that you might like. Keep up the good work on your page I'll check it every so often. I hope you like Between The Pipes I put alot of time into it. If you get a chance email me back and give me your opinion. There is a rewrite that I'll be posting in the next week or two so if you'd like to check it back in a couple weeks be my guest. We goalies are a unique lot arent we? chico # 29
- September 8/00 -
Thanks for answering my e-mail so quickly. You have no idea how happy I am right now...It's so hard to find hockey cards here where I live. People around here don't like hockey as much as I would like, and although my friends try--they know nothing about hockey. I've been looking for someone like you to sell me goalies hockey's the hardest thing to find. Thanks a million. I'll buy you the whole thing. It's very generous of you to include a couple of other singles. The more the merrier, and I will be sending you the money as soon as you tell me where to send it. I love goalies...they are the greatest players to live. They are simply the best. These are my favorite goalies along with Irbe and Shields:
Dominik Hasek Curtis Joseph Chris Osgood Mike Richter
If I continued I would name most of the NHL goalies...what's not to love. These are my most favorites, but all of them are fantastic. Anyway, aside from that, I would appreciate any singles of Shields and Irbe you have available. Once more, thanks a million, and any additional costs, just tell me, and I'll add it to the total. Just tell me what to do next...where to send money in cash, and the total including the shipping. I don't want you to bother yourself with that. You're the greatest; thanks again. Write back as soon as possible; I can't wait. Take care. Bye.
- September 7/00 -
Hi...I was searching through the web when I found your website. It was great; not many people dedicate websites to NHL Goalies. Just a couple of years ago I became interested in the NHL, and I love it...specially the goaltenders. They are unbelievable and great. However, I''m not big in collecting trading cards, and I don't have anything on your want-list, but I am interested in a couple of the ones you have. One of my favorite goalies, and there are many, is Arturs Irbe and another is Steve Shields. Here are the numbers and information I copied from the website:
9900 Aurora Arturs Irbe Glove Unlimited #19 9900 Aurora Steve Shields Glove Unlimited #18 9798 Upperdeck Steve Shields RC #18 9900 Black Diamond Arturs Irbe #19 9596 Ultra Arturs Ibe Gold Medallion #146
Please, write back and tell me whether you still have them, and how much you want for them. One more thing, I live in New Jersey, and if I'm not mistaking--you live in Canada. If there is a problem with that, I'll understand. If you don't want to sell to me--that's alright, but if you want there are ways to send you the money. I'll pay for the shipping and everything, and I could probably send you an international money order. Please write back, and I hope we can arrange something. Thanks for you time. Bye.
- July 26/00 -
I`ve noticed that you seem to like masks. They are first in your wantlist. Great looking cards I`m not denying it. I felt sorry for Lacher too. I have also noticed that Bruins are kind of black hole of goalies. I mean that many goalies seem to disappear faster than light when they move to play Boston. Dafoe has done better and I was hoping that maybe they are getting something done right after all these difficult years. I do love Bruins logo, but more I see Sinden`s work less I like that organisation. Trading Bourque was last drop for me. There is no dignity with that team. I want to tell how I found your web sites. I didn`t, they were recommended to me me and I paid a visit just for curiosity. First place was that amateur goalies page and I loved it. It is great and I want to thank you making such page. Many of my favourite players are defensemen and I think they never get the honour they deserve, but the truth is that g:s and d:s have to work togetherfor solid defense. I do appreciate many goalies and in the NHL there are no lousy players at all. My favourite goalie is no doubt Martin Brodeur. There are lot of others I do like too, I think Guy Hebert has done great work behind average defense. Tugnutt is good too and if I think honestly they all are great. It is hard to say that one is better than other and is there real need to do so? Back to your web site. I did check your wantlist and when I saw the list I thought that I`ll never find anything for you. For some reason I did print your wantlist and when I was visiting a collector friend I showed your list and my friend saw the Toskala card in it. He said that he has the card and I traded it. I noticed just afterwards that card wasn`t in good shape and I gave a thought what should I do with it. I decited to ask your opinion and rest you know. I want to say this again. You have done really excellent job with your goalie page, I do admire that work. Great idea, great work, bloody great site. I`ll do that goalie list in the night so I think it will be ready when you come to work tomorrow, I hope. I don`t have any toughies but that listing gives me something to do.
- July 19/00 -
Hi, I am collector from Czech republic and maybe I can have some interesting cards for you. I can offer for trades some Czech cards with Dominik Hasek and Jaromir Jagr. I have Czech Republic post sheet made for our 1998 Nagano Olympic Gold medal winnig hockey team. Contain one post stamp with Dominic Hasek. I have cards with some prospect as Hnilicka (NYR) or Cechmanek (Phi). I am always interested in trades with Czech players from last 3 season. Regular cards as well as inserts. From older cards I collect Vladimir Ruzicka, a legendary Czech player. Write my back, if you interested in Czech hockey items. Sunny days.
- June 29/00 -
hi...great site. do you possibly have any games on video of the sharks with kelly hrudey in goal? i would really like to get a copy of them. thanks and great site.
- June 4/00 -
Hy!!! I'm a hungarian hockey fan. I like the goaliers and the colorado. Unfortunately in Hungary there isn't to many sportcard shop and these shops favouriting the NBA. I've got some hockey card but don't like shop card packs but I like to buy some most valuable , beautifull cards. Can you help me
- May 12/00 -
Hey there, I have some pics of Charline Labonte that you may be interested in for your fan page. Email me if you are interested. A fellow goaltender ;-)
- April 29/00 -
how long have you been playing and what level. just curious, Beavis.
- April 25/00 -
is there any web site that offers complete checklists of hockey players hockey cards besides now are starting to charge $150 per week just to look at their web site)????
- April 25/00 -
Hey, i only want to gratulate you for this great page. I`m also a big goalie fan, and Im always surch new pictures. If you want I could sent more Goalie stuff. Im from Germany and big fan of the NHL and DEL (and also the other german minor leagues) . I`m also goalie, but not in a profesional team. If you want you can write me back.
- April 20/00 -
Do you have any Labatt mini cups, and what are the prices if you do? If you are looking for stuff...there is a store in my city Ottawa Ontario that might be able to help you out fill your card collection a bit more..also my buddy has tons of cards..I could give you his email if you are interested? By the way cool site!
- April 11/00 -
Hello, I have invented a custom goalie grip the is reusable and remold. At this time I am making it available to those who would be interested in trying it if they provide me with feedback about it. More info at or e-mail at thanks Mike Majchrowicz Power Sports Innovations
- March 28/00 -
What an awesome site you have...I'm looking for a Byron Dafoe card for my son's birthday. Also...on the goalie you know how they put the designs on the mask? I found some airbrushed masks, but I would think that the design would come off it a puck hit it.
- February 15/00 -
Guess what! You have just received an invitation to check out a home page at MSN! Hello Goalie Lover. I came across your page (nice job!)and would like to invite you to see mine. I am a fellow female goalie in New Jersey, USA. Hope you like it. Thanks,The Puckstoppa.
- February 14/00 -
I visited your Beckett userpage and noticed you being interested in goalkeepers around the world. I have many cards avaliable from different European sets, especially from Finland naturally because I am a Finn myself. This winter was a new set out and there are much goalies on that set - Cardset 2000. Other sets I have are Sisu Limited, Semic Globe, Semic 1995, Semic Wien, JaaKiekko 94, Cardset 1999, Sisu 1995, Sisu 1996. If you are interested in certain cards from these sets (I'll bet you have some cards from these sets) you may list me them or I can also make lists of the goaliecards I have to trade. I prefer trading, I collect allmost all Finns and many cards from 99-00 sets are missing. I collect only commons and low inserts, no expensive cards. Also parallel cards of the Swedes are good for me, one friend collects those. Thanks and plmk
- January 24/00 -
I came across your site today via a rather circuitous route -- first checked out "", from there went to a "British Superleague" site, from there to a UK woman's Felix Potvin site, and from her links to you! I have a couple sons who play youth hockey -- one is 11 and plays forward on a squirt house team here in the Seattle area, the other is 15 and a second year Bantam. He is in his 11th year of hockey and 7th as a goalie -- which of course is why I noted your site. He is also a referee (since last season) -- so on occasion refs some of our association's female division games. In fact this past Saturday his own bantam house team ended up playing our Midget Girls rep team, due to the scheduled "mixed' team not showing up (we will take the win by forfeit!) and the girls -- who had already played two games earlier in the morning -- said, hey, we'll play you! Earlier in the season they had defeated our other two house bantam boys teams by scores of 7-1 and 14-2. In the end our boys' team felt "OK" about tying the girls team 3-3 (it took a goal with 45 seconds remaining in the 3rd period to tie 'em!) This particular Seattle Junior Hockey Assn. girls rep team has traveled to a number of other parts of the country, e.g. Connecticutt, Anaheim, several areas in California, and routinely has to travel up to the Vancouver BC area to find any other female hockey teams, since until this year our association has been the only one in Washington state to have a female hockey program (we started 6 years ago and already several of our girls have gone on to college programs -- that's currently where the big opportunities are!) You might be interested that our SJHA Pee Wee AAA team also features a female goalie, who is the match of any male goalie her age in our area. She was the goalie for our Squirt AA team last season as well...Anyway, I thought you'd appreciate knowing a bit about what is happening in our area with females in the net...And maybe you know of someone looking to buy a glove or blocker? We have a Bauer 6 pro blocker (for right hand, black and white color) for sale at $150 shipping included, and an Eddy (aka Edge) glove for left hand at $80 shipping ncluded. The basic story: three seasons ago, he bought a matching Eddy glove and blocker, plus Eddy pads and chest protector. Then Bauer brought out their "6" range, and he "had" to have the glove. He loves it -- there is nothing wrong with the Eddy glove, he just prefers the Bauer 6 (despite the fact that his goalie coach HATES Bauer and constantly chides him for his "lack of taste"). When we bought the Bauer 6 glove, the blocker was not yet in the stores in our area. A couple months later, I was up in Vancouver BC and saw the glove, so I bought it -- but when he tried using it, he found it too big for his hand (at age 14) and thus he decided to stick with his Eddy blocker and the Bauer glove. Thus we need to sell one Eddy glove and one Bauer 6 blocker... If you know of anyone looking for such, have them email me. Both items are in very good condition, not at all "beat" -- each used about 2 months max.
- January 5/00 -
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that the new official web site for Curtis Joseph is at and I'm the lead designer on the official site, and was updating it (a new and improved look for the year 2000) and wanted to check in on your site - You have a great one-stop goalie site! You'll find your site's url under our links page, and if you are interested in linking to us, just go to our banner page -, or link to us at Keep up the nice work, and if you have any comments on the official site - I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Visit the official site of Toronto Maple Leafs goalie
- December 25/99 -
Dear Goalie lover, I would just like to say what a great site and thanks for putting my Little bro in your home page. I played Hockey for ten years sometimes on the wrong side!! But I have always been proud of him (yuck) I retired this summer and have become a ref. Enclosed is a picture of the first time I put on that shirt that turns your best friends into your biggest critics. However in april 2000 the Cougers will be coming over the pond to play some of you nice canadiens & if I remember how to tape a stick and win a faceoff I may evan play. Once again thank you for making Stu's 15 mins of fame last that little bit longer. See you in april. P.S. You have got to see our page its just as good as yours !
- November 9/99 -
With an awesome website such as this you must have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. I'm trying to find anything and everything on Caesar Maniago, former goaltender for the Minnesota North Stars in the late 60s through the mid 70's. Would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.
- October 21/99 -
I must say that your goalie page is really cool. Being a Sharks fan, I found a mistake in your mask gallery 5. You have a Sharks picture of "Jim Waite", but actually that is Wade Flaherty. ANyways, great page!
- October 20/99 -
Hi, just checked out your page, and I'd be glad to send you a picture once I get a good one. I too started out in hall hockey, and this is the first season that I've found a womens league in my area. Right now I'm attending a "Womens Learn to Play Hockey" class, in which I'm the only goalie. (I know how to play, it's just the actual skating that I've got to learn) The best thing about this 10 week class is that it's being taught by Erin Whitten. She was the goalie for my alma mater, UNH and is currently the National Teams goalie. I'm hoping that she'll give me some helpful pointers. Once I get a decent picture of me on the ice, I'll send that along to you.
- September 9/99 -
Hello, went and saw your Goalie page,very nice,someday I'll get that far,we can trade for the Kolzig I also have 100's of goalie cards, and only stuck on a few. I do collect masks,and painted warriors,any doubles you may have, I will be interested in trading for. I am currently trying to list cards on Beckett,I really need to do something like you have,with my own do you get started with that? I will make you a list of what I have in goalies . Get back to you soon.
- September 8/99 -
Hello, I'm writing you from sunny Charlotte, N.C. where we are in hockey hell. We are coming along with the hockey we have an ECHL team "CHARLOTTE CHECKERS" and the "CAROLINA HURRICAINS". I am a goalie for our police team and have been playing for about 2 years. I love to play/watch hockey and do think that it will catch up down here. A couple of us were up in Toronto just in Aug to see "THE HOCKEY HALL OF FAME" that was fun. We are just about to start our POLICE AND FIRE OLYMPICS this coming up Sat.9/11/99 and will be my 4th time playing since my shoulder surgury. (my fingers are crossed) Hope to hear from you.
- September 6/99 -
Hello, fellow goalie fan. This is an invitation to join the newest and best goalie message board. It is entitled the "Goalie Central Message Board". This board is for goalies and goalie fans to get together and discuss current goalie news, rumors, goalie tips, goalie help, equipment reviews, and pretty much anything else related to goalies!! For this message board to grow and evolve, YOU have to participate! So come and join the discussion in the "Goalie Central Message Board". My final goal is to have tons and tons of members to debate and discuss things related to goalies! Please check this out! Let yourself be heard! Yours Truly, Webmaster of "Goalie Central" and the "Goalie Central Message Board"
- August 28/99 -
Hi. Greeting from a fellow goalie in the UK, its good to see a site about goalies for once! #29 Basingstoke Cougars IHC
- August 17/99 -
stumbled on your webpage a few minutes ago and I noticed you had cards for sale. I know this is a long shot, but do you happen to have any Kay Whitmore cards? He used to play for Vancouver and Hartford. He's now being bounced around in the IHL. I'm also looking for Mike Vernon and Wayne (not Keith) Primeau cards. Please let me know either way. Thank you.
- August 15/99 -
do u totally hate dominik hasek??? you have nothing about the dominator in your page u dont have that many vards and you dont have his mask in the mask thing, out of 5 galleries that is. you should add some of his stuff to your site
- August 10/99 -
hi! I'd just like to say that I just visited your web-site, and I think its pretty cool. I too am a goalie who started off late in life (at 22 to be exact) but now i can't get enough of the game. I play ball hockey and ice hockey in the summer and just play ice hockey in the winter. I wanted to play when i was small, but my mother was against it because i would be playing with the boys, and she didn' t want me to get hurt. Pathetic, yes... But I went out and bought my own stuff and started off with my college team (we weren't that good) I got better as we went along, and eventually started with a women's league playing houseleague. Now i play for a Senoir 'BB' team that travels through southern Ontario and into Western NY. I just wanted to say that its a fresh change seeing a web-site designed by a women about goaltending in a sea of male dominated ones. By the way, nice Heaton equipment! (Ive got a combo of Louisville and Koho....)
- August 10/99 -
I started playing hockey after collecting goalie cards. I taught myself to play by looking at those cards. I have had the chance to bring my team to 2nd place in the Dallas Ice-o-plex league for the Dallas City Police. Now I am enjoying a 1.50 GAA in the seating in the Olympic View Hockey League. Here in Seattle. My team only won 4 games all summer season but we had the lowest GAA. Now we are leading the playoff seating with 2 wins. Game 3 is on Wed. eve and game 4 is Fri. If you want you can write me and I will let you know how we did. Nice to meet a fellow card collector goalie dude.
- August 9/99 -
Hi I really like your website on goalies. It has really great pics and everything. I'm also a goalie and I think this is a great tribute. I was just wondering what card that is in the Goalie card gallery with Felix Potvin and his jersey and stick. What brand is that? Please reply ASAP. I need to know cause I'm a big Potvin fan. P.S. Could find some pics of Potvin with the Isles I'll really appreciate it.
- July 27/99 -
Loved the various layouts. I, too, collect goalie cards (all of them - rookies, inserts, regular issues) and am particularly proud of my rookie collection - 1959 to present, including parallels. Sorry I can't help you with some of the cards you're looking for - I won't give them up!!! Good luck searching.....
- July 23/99 -
An excellent site - glad to know there are more Goalie nut's around!! Can I ask you - I've been trying to get a Grant Fuhr autographed card(any team!!) for several years now - from wherever he's been playing that season without success - doe's he not do many autographs or something???
- May 14/99 -
I think that it's extremely cool that someone in North America is looking for a card of Ari-Pekka Siekkinen. It's great to see you realize there's more hockey than just NHL and its goalies. Hope you find the cards you're looking for.

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