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Victory Lane

It is that time of year again.  Soon we will hear the roar of the engines and the roar of the people on Route 13 as they are fighting with traffic.  That's right it's RACE WEEK!
How does that effect you and your math class? As you have seen and will see throughout this course many career areas and everyday life activities use statistical measures.
We will hear from a pit crew member to find out how they use math and how graphing and statistical measures are an integral part of their pit planning.
Your goal with your pit members is to complete this webquest and display how you used math knowledge and computer skills to make your own Dover Downs/NASCAR statistical site.  This site will help pit members plan strategy and be useful to fans of the sport.
Prize Money: The team with the best project results will be given the opportunity to tour the pits and observe a real Dover Mile Dream race around the track.

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