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> Corrado Storm
Corrado Storm
the demise of the Corrado.....

In 1995, the final Corrado ever produced was the Corrado Storm. Only 500 of these were built by Wolfsburg. The Storm was built specially for Britain, one of the best markets for the VW Corrados. The Storm was only built in two colours, Mystic blue (paint number E8R C5L, sales number E6) and Classic green (E8R C6U, U8), both pearl-effect metallics. The blue is linked to a black leather interior, while green cars are trimmed with light beige leather. The wheels are called Solitude and are made by BBS. Nothing else tells you it is a storm apart from the badge on the tail and another behind the gear lever. The Storm came with Sony CDX-600DSP radio/CD playter in place of the VR6's XR-5509 radio/cassette units found on the regular European VR6's.