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Bunny Headquarters: Cloudy & Magic's Spot on the Web!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Cute Bunny Contest Spring 2000! We won third place! Hooray!

Save the Rainforest

Cloudy and Magic... two snugglebunns- Graphic property of Bunnymom5.  May not be reproduced without written permission from Bunnymom5:
PLEASE don't take any of our pictures without our permission! If you want one for your site, e-mail us. Thanks!

Welcome to Bunny Headquarters!Welcome to Bunny Headquarters!Welcome to Bunny Headquarters!Welcome to Bunny Headquarters!

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Pet of the Day!  November 22, 1999

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Cloudy Pet of the Week.  January 17, 2000

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We are very upset! After nearly 3,000 recorded hits, our counter reset itself in late June, 2000. This makes us very sad as we were so thrilled with our hits.