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I have long admired the hard work and artistry of others who had created bordered backgrounds and offered them to the public for use on personal websites.I often considered making my own bordered backgrounds, but never really gave it much of an attempt. So when my pal, Kathy, suggested that we create our own bordered backgrounds website, I started to work on it.

After I had created around 70 or so bordered backgrounds, my thoughts turned to the background of this website itself. It occurred to me that it needed to represent both Kathy and myself. Since Kathy lives in Texas and I live in Canada, I decided to use the flags that represent where we live. Made a pretty neat border, didn't it?

Update: January 20, 2007

The last update on this site was in July 2005... thought I'd better have another go at it. I'm happy with the homepage graphics, so I'm leaving those alone. I have a whole bunch of desktop wallpapers that I made but haven't uploaded yet. I'll get around to it sometime or other.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last couple of years. My son and I are now certified and card carrying Canadians; swore an oath to Queen Elizabeth the Second and everything. He graduates this year from high school and is planning on joining the Canadian Armed Forces; that's why there was a big push and shove to get our citizenship here; he couldn't go into the CAF without it.

Kathy is still married to her truck driver. She gets tired of riding the roads with him, though. Every once in a while, she gets to go home to Alabama to visit with her folks for a while.

Well, there really isn't any more to say, so I reckon I'll stop here.

To use bordered backgrounds, you need to use the following codes:

<BODY BACKGROUND="your image filename here">
<IMG SRC="vspacer.gif" width=135 height=1 ALT="IMAGES">
....Your page content....

Some of the borders are actually wider than 130 pixels and it may be necessary to adjust that value accordingly. No border offered here is wider than 160 pixels.

To set up your web page so that text and graphics don't overlap the border, you should use a table of 100% width. You can download vspacer.gif (this is a zipped transparent gif image).

And now, on to the backgrounds.

Some of these pages are graphics intensive, please give them time to load. Also, the thumbnail images are a bit skewed due to compression. When you view the full page, they will be in true form.




Holiday and Religious

Cute Kids



A NEW! addition to Can-Tex!

Desktop Wallpaper Home

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