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Thank you all for your support for the Internet Force Against Child Abuse Petition and Website.  If you have not signed it yet then please, do so! Your voice needs to be heard! We have been watching the signatures grow by the hour! I want each and every one of you to know that if you left a post, I have read it. Every word you have written. You all need to be very proud of yourselves. You ARE making a difference. WE are making a difference. Together we will stand united and we will be heard!

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I want to explain what will be done with this petition. When we have received a significant number of signatures we will start our campaign. We will first, send out hard copies of this petition to all of the local, state and federal officials that we possibly can. Two days later we will begin our email campaign. We will send out emails to all of the addresses of officials that are available to us.

You all just keep up what you are doing. Passing the word is how we are going to succeed in this. Bookmark the petition and check back. If you see that someone that you passed it on to has not signed it, then by all means ask them again. Now, you may feel as if you are being intrusive. But, when you think of the consequences of not asking, and of letting them fall through the cracks, you will realize it is all right to ask again. Just think of a child in your town, city or neighborhood who has been touched by the ugliness of abuse. Think of all those who are trapped and have no way out.

Weekly Featured Children

Each week we will be featuring a different child or family of children that have been abused, murdered or is missing.. If you or anyone you know has a story that they need to get out to the public, then please don't hesitate to send it in. If you know of a story that has torn your heart to shreds and you need a place and a forum in which to share. Please, share with our readers. Together we will make a change and together we will heal... They will be featured on a first come first serve basis. All children submitted will be featured as soon as possible.

This weeks featured child is Shelby.

She was murdered and the man who murdered her is in jail right now. They are seeking the death penalty for him. To read more of Shelby's Story just click on her name and you will be taken to learn more of her.

Sylvia's Story

This is a true story of a 15 year old girl in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was tortured and brutally murdered. The site you are about to go to does not go into graphic details. But believe me, she suffered beyond imagining. The ones who did this to her are now walking free. THIS my dear friends is why you signed this petition and joined in the fight. To read more of Sylvia's Story just click on her name.

If you have a website that is dedicated to abuse then please email us at the
Internet Force
and we will add you to the links page. In return you will be asked to post the Internet Force Against Child Abuse Banners on your site. We also have a webring that you are invited to join. You have signed the petition. You have passed it on. Now, continue with us in our fight for a better world in which to raise our children!

A Few Words

I have recieved several emails questioning my motives and my goals. Some have said that the Juvenile System, The Foster Care System, DCD and many others agencies are corrupt and not out for the betterment of our children at all. I believe wholeheartedly with those statements. Not all, but a lot of them are corrupt. I am wanting to bring all of us together as ONE INTERNET FORCE to break the cycles of abuse. To work together to make the government by the people and for the people as it was intended to be.
But....  Just because these agencies are corrupted and because they are not always out for the best interests of the children. Just because sometimes they attack innocent families and because sometimes they put abused, battered and neglected children back into the homes of maniacs. It is not right but it seems to me that some of you would have us do nothing to make changes. Just because these things go on does NOT mean that they must continue.
I feel, and this is my humble opinion, that we, the people of the Internet, can stand up and say to our government, on every level, "I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THIS". We can and we must. We have to start somewhere.

"The Internet Force Against Child Abuse" is my way of being heard. Let it be yours, also.

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The Internet Force Against Child Abuse Newsletter and Website has a few postions that need to be filled. I will list them below. You will not  only be helping this Website. You will be helping to Stop The Madness!
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    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.

    Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead

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