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About the Artist

Buena, trained illustrator, teacher, photographer and fine artist, draws with photographic realism. This is a style which captures every minute detail thereby intensifying reality. She utilizes highlights, shadows and lines to depict detail that is more than worthy of severe scrutiny. Her fine art work is inspired-meticulously and passionately executed and elevated with an unlimited number of hours spent on each image. Having a deep admiration for line drawing, Buena was inspired by the German high Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, (1471-1528), who was known for his intricate use of line.

Working as a fine artist, her intent through art and with the use of various mediums, is to keep jazz, blues, gospel and entertainment legends in the forefront as a visual history lesson. She uses symbolic imagery in her fine art work to reflect the individualism of the subject's musical and vocal style, as well as bringing attention to their creative lives.

While Buena has received widespread recognition for her jazz, blues and gospel fine art, she is now expanding her body of work to include the spiritual realm. "My aim is to present a message that will uplift, encourage and inspire the spirit of the viewer." Many of these religious themed works were inspired by verses from the Bible. For instance, "My Cup Runneth Over," was inspired by Psalm 23:5 and "Mount Up With Wings As Eagles," was inspired by Isaiah 40:31. Buena's inspirational fine art pieces are receiving overwhelming attention during her exhibits.

Buena graduated from Pratt Institute of Art in New York with a B.F.A. in Communication Design. She spent several years working as an advertising and editorial freelance artist for such clients as McDonalds, United Airlines, Harcourt Brace Publishers, Houghton Mifflin, Scott Foresman and major newspapers and magazines in Illinois and Ohio. (This is a partial client list). Additionally, Buena has done lectures and demonstrations on art in California, Georgia and Nevada. She has exhibited her extrordinary talent across the United States and in Tokyo, Japan in both the fine art and photographic mediums.

Buena's art and life story was recently featured in the UPSCALE magazine, March 1999, pgs. 70-71. Also, see Buena's advertisements in DECOR magazine, September 1999, pg. 168, and UPSCALE, October 1999, pg. 131.

"I am grateful that my work inspires and pleases others and humbled to have the gift of art."

Buena Vision Art, P.O. Box 8322, Los Angeles, California 90008. (323) 292-2555

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