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Play is a vital part of a childs growth and development. By having fun through games Beavers learn to communicate and interact with each other in meaningful ways.
Games that are appropriate for Beavers stress cooperation, rather than individual competition. The Beavers must cooperate with each other in order to play the game, this cooperatition will then help the group as a whole. Please remember that a child plays a game for the fun and experience of playing, not for the sake of winning.The outcome of a game is less significant than the fact that the child has participated and enjoyed himself.

Ways For Beavers To Meet

Shake Hands With A Friend;
This game is a quick way to introduce Beavers to each other in a safe and unthreatening manner. The leader counts off Beavers by ones, twos, and threes. Everyone then walks around the room shaking hands with each other. A Beaver whose number is one, shakes the other Beaver's hand once. If the number is two, the Beaver shakes a hand twice. If the number is three, the Beaver shakes threee times. One Beaver will have to stop shaking while the other Beaver continues because each Beaver shakes a different number of times. Beavers with identical numbers form a group looking for other Beavers of the same number.

Hug Tag
The only way to be safe in this game is to be hugging someone else. Beavers can try hugging two, three, or more Beavers. If this gets too much for the Beaver thats 'IT', a few other Beavers can be 'IT' too.

The Train Name Game
All the Beavers should be standing in a circle. Five Beavers make a train, and they move around the circle. Each train should approach a Beaver and say, 'Do you want to be part of my train?' Once the Beaver says 'Yes', you then ask their name. Once you now their name, you repeat five times jumping left to right, swinging their arms in jumping jack fashion. After yelling their name five times, you yell reverse and you turn around so the Beaver can grab on. Once you've found someone, you move on to the next Beaver and repeat the procedure.

Ways To Get There
Instead of having beavers just go to their next activity try having them get there using one of these ways.

Leap Frog
The Beavers form in their lodges or however you designated your groups and then form lines and squat down as small as possible. The last Beaver in each line jumps over his squatting friends until he reaches the front. Then he squats and yells 'GO'. This helps the Beavers get from point A to B. i.e. circle to lodge.

Back To Back Run
The Beavers find partners, stand back to back and link elbows. Their challenge is to run to their spot, one frontwards, the other backwards. On the return trip the Beavers simply reverse their positions, front becomes back, back becomes front.

Ground Walk
Sit down, grab right ankle with left hand and left ankle with the right hand. Then, without letting go ankles, the Beavers tries to move from one point to another.

Play in lodges. Beavers get down on hands and knees and grab the ankles of the Beaver in front of them. Try to move to their designated spot without the line breaking hold.