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Blenheim is a small town in Ontario located half way between London and Windsor just off the 401 highway. The population is roughly 4600 people. Just recently we were involved with an amalgamation that combined all town, villages, cities, etc together to form one large city or commnity. We are now referred to as the municpality of Chatham-Kent, but we still keep our own identity. We could basicly be described as a farming community as we are known as being The Heart of the Golden Acres. Blenheim is the home to W.G. Thompson and Sons, one of the largest grain operations in Canada. One of our newest businesses in our community is the Lakeview Candle Company. They are located just west of Blenheim and make a large variety of scented candles. Please visit them at their website. They will soon have it so that you may purchase their candles online.

Scented Gift Candles (Moms' will LUV them)                    Lakeview Candle Company

Blenheim Street MapBlenheim Map