blckjesus3 (11:22:25 PM): i wish i had aids
blckjesus3 (11:22:30 PM): so people would pity fuck me
BryonS7 (11:22:34 PM): i wish i had schizophrenia
blckjesus3 (11:22:45 PM)
: so people would fuck both of you?
BryonS7 (11:23:18 PM): schizophrenia is not multiple personalities dude
blckjesus3 (11:24:19 PM)
: ...all right mr technicallity
blckjesus3 (11:24:23 PM): its time to sit back down
blckjesus3 (11:24:39 PM): and but the bee hive firmly between the cheeclks
blckjesus3 (11:24:42 PM): fizzorsls
BryonS7 (11:24:52 PM): heh
blckjesus3 (11:24:55 PM)
: i ate 3 pounds of candy
BryonS7 (11:24:56 PM): sorry i'm in a really shitty mood
blckjesus3 (11:25:01 PM)
: 3 pounds
BryonS7 (11:25:03 PM): damn
blckjesus3 (11:25:06 PM)
: i feel like dynamite
blckjesus3 (11:25:15 PM): ok so it was 2 baby ruths and a butterfinger
blckjesus3 (11:25:31 PM): but 3 candy bars that weighed a pound each
blckjesus3 (11:25:37 PM): would have been the exact same things
blckjesus3 (11:25:43 PM): why you in a shitty mood
blckjesus3 (11:25:47 PM): do bee stings hurt
BryonS7 (11:27:12 PM): i dunno
BryonS7 (11:27:14 PM)
: just sank
BryonS7 (11:27:17 PM)
: about 20 minutes ago
blckjesus3 (11:27:34 PM)
: O my lord
blckjesus3 (11:27:36 PM): you sunk
blckjesus3 (11:27:41 PM): my battleship?
BryonS7 (11:27:42 PM): my mood did
blckjesus3 (11:27:45 PM)
: o
BryonS7 (11:27:45 PM): not quite
blckjesus3 (11:27:53 PM)
: moods arent as fun as battle ships
BryonS7 (11:27:56 PM): just got a shitty feeling in the pit stomach
BryonS7 (11:27:59 PM)
: and felt really edgy
blckjesus3 (11:28:02 PM)
: i feel like im 3 years old
blckjesus3 (11:28:10 PM): it has its own kida edge
blckjesus3 (11:28:16 PM): like the edge of a balance beam
blckjesus3 (11:28:25 PM): with teddy bears to break my fall
blckjesus3 (11:28:35 PM): and that fuckin weed was really chronic
blckjesus3 (11:28:52 PM): i think it my have been rolled in some chrysta
blckjesus3 (11:28:58 PM): cause i feel funny
blckjesus3 (11:29:02 PM): and by funny
blckjesus3 (11:29:06 PM): i mean like a bear
blckjesus3 (11:29:11 PM): i really like bears
blckjesus3 (11:29:16 PM): how about you=
blckjesus3 (11:29:26 PM): ??/
blckjesus3 (11:29:53 PM): i remember when i used to think that to be an eagle scout you had to kill a fuckin bear with your bear hands
blckjesus3 (11:29:59 PM): and a pencil
blckjesus3 (11:30:08 PM): i have no idea how the pencil would help
blckjesus3 (11:30:13 PM): but trust me it would
BryonS7 (11:31:01 PM): lol
BryonS7 (11:31:16 PM)
: I'm not to big on bears
blckjesus3 (11:31:22 PM)
: well fuck you smokey
blckjesus3 (11:31:26 PM): you can go burn in hell
blckjesus3 (11:31:29 PM): heheh
BryonS7 (11:31:32 PM): heh
blckjesus3 (11:31:50 PM)
: you know what smokey says
blckjesus3 (11:31:52 PM): only you
blckjesus3 (11:32:01 PM): shit you know how much fuckin power i have
blckjesus3 (11:32:08 PM): more tahn the park ranger
blckjesus3 (11:32:11 PM): i can prevent shit
blckjesus3 (11:32:14 PM): only i can
blckjesus3 (11:32:16 PM): he cant do shit
blckjesus3 (11:32:18 PM): but me
blckjesus3 (11:32:22 PM): im a fire preventer
blckjesus3 (11:32:30 PM): i would go as far as to say
blckjesus3 (11:32:38 PM): im more power ful than the power rangers
blckjesus3 (11:32:56 PM): how does that one do you for
blckjesus3 (11:33:23 PM): you better be paying attention...or the next twat that you insert going to be gangrenous
blckjesus3 (11:33:40 PM): im pretty sure i just made up a disease
BryonS7 (11:33:44 PM): you all stoney
blckjesus3 (11:33:50 PM)
: smokey....
BryonS7 (11:33:53 PM): ?
blckjesus3 (11:33:55 PM)
: no not really actually
BryonS7 (11:33:58 PM): yeah
BryonS7 (11:34:03 PM)
: sorry i'm not in a fun mood
blckjesus3 (11:34:10 PM)
: i just had a fuckin fatty sugar burst
blckjesus3 (11:34:15 PM): its fuckin crazy
blckjesus3 (11:34:20 PM): really crazy
blckjesus3 (11:34:32 PM): i should be on sugar like all the time SHIT
blckjesus3 (11:34:34 PM): ha
blckjesus3 (11:34:38 PM): woooo
blckjesus3 (11:34:51 PM): did you see oprahs vagina
blckjesus3 (11:34:55 PM): cause taht ruined my day
BryonS7 (11:35:49 PM): naw
BryonS7 (11:35:53 PM)
: can't say that i did
blckjesus3 (11:35:59 PM)
: woah
blckjesus3 (11:36:06 PM): with that kinda langyage
BryonS7 (11:42:51 PM): heh
blckjesus3 (11:48:49 PM)
: breasts
BryonS7 (11:50:31 PM): i have to write an apology letter to my friend now
blckjesus3 (11:51:16 PM)
: for what
BryonS7 (11:51:23 PM): i hurt his feelings
blckjesus3 (11:51:39 PM)
: gotta be shittin me
blckjesus3 (11:51:51 PM): you just gave away 2 things in that sentece
blckjesus3 (11:51:55 PM): 1...its a he
blckjesus3 (11:52:02 PM): has feelings
blckjesus3 (11:52:08 PM): didnt shit in his mouth
blckjesus3 (11:52:21 PM): which is the only thing i have ever apologived for doing
blckjesus3 (11:52:49 PM): did you bang his girlfriend
blckjesus3 (11:52:52 PM): and then laugh at him
BryonS7 (11:52:54 PM): well it's my best friend
BryonS7 (11:53:03 PM)
: and my beliefs didnt see eye to eye with his dreams tonight
BryonS7 (11:53:08 PM)
: so he took it personally
blckjesus3 (11:53:42 PM)
: what did you believe that he dreamed about
blckjesus3 (11:53:58 PM): once i believed that cheese whiz was the best anal lubricant
blckjesus3 (11:54:03 PM): but my friend wanted KY
blckjesus3 (11:54:06 PM): we broke up
blckjesus3 (11:54:09 PM): it happpends
BryonS7 (11:54:49 PM): no
BryonS7 (11:54:52 PM)
: like his dreams for his life
BryonS7 (11:55:02 PM)
: he goes to these business seminars once in a while and comes back all pepped
BryonS7 (11:55:11 PM)
: usually it's same stuff, the you can do it speeches
BryonS7 (11:55:23 PM)
: this one in particular said money isn't evil
BryonS7 (11:55:27 PM)
: and i disagreed
BryonS7 (11:55:36 PM)
: i think money makes people do worst shit than anything else on earth
BryonS7 (11:55:42 PM)
: because religions are all about money and control
BryonS7 (11:55:48 PM)
: so they are a subcategory of money
BryonS7 (11:55:54 PM)
: because control is jsut about money
blckjesus3 (11:57:55 PM)
: ya money sucks
blckjesus3 (11:58:07 PM): i just blew a load...and i feel all down now
BryonS7 (11:58:11 PM): heh
blckjesus3 (11:58:14 PM)
: there was some energy in that load
blckjesus3 (11:58:56 PM): but ya money sucks
blckjesus3 (11:59:04 PM): that load was all cheezy
blckjesus3 (11:59:23 PM): i have had this feeling that i am striving for money all my life
blckjesus3 (11:59:33 PM): not success or fame or happiness for that matter
blckjesus3 (11:59:36 PM): but money
blckjesus3 (11:59:43 PM): business isnt about you can do it
blckjesus3 (11:59:48 PM): or anyshit like taht
blckjesus3 (11:59:52 PM): its about money
blckjesus3 (11:59:58 PM): and if money wasnt evil
blckjesus3 (12:00:05 AM): than hookers would be ok
blckjesus3 (12:00:07 AM): and drugs
BryonS7 (12:00:15 AM): haha
BryonS7 (12:00:18 AM)
: yep
BryonS7 (12:00:26 AM)
: look i didnt get ot speak my piece to him
BryonS7 (12:00:35 AM)
: but basically my dad was one of those here's a dollar now i love you fuckers
BryonS7 (12:00:45 AM)
: and they are trying to preach that ideal
BryonS7 (12:00:49 AM)
: money = love
BryonS7 (12:00:50 AM)
: fuck money
blckjesus3 (12:00:51 AM)
: ya my dads kinda the same way
BryonS7 (12:00:55 AM): I'll take love any time
blckjesus3 (12:00:58 AM)
: cupboard love
blckjesus3 (12:01:08 AM): im not sure money is evil
blckjesus3 (12:01:14 AM): but necessity is evil
BryonS7 (12:01:16 AM): and basically my ideal is that i'd rather die starving iwth a girl i love than selling out to money
blckjesus3 (12:01:18 AM)
: because it leads to greed
BryonS7 (12:01:31 AM): greed is evil
BryonS7 (12:01:35 AM)
: and money is the spawn of greed
blckjesus3 (12:01:37 AM)
: now that my friend is a bunch of shit
blckjesus3 (12:01:43 AM): actually
blckjesus3 (12:02:06 AM): i like sex...infact i would go as far as to call myself a closet sex addict
blckjesus3 (12:02:27 AM): so i tend to treat women really bad
blckjesus3 (12:02:43 AM): until i find someone with a varatious sexual appitite
blckjesus3 (12:02:54 AM): which in some way matches mine
BryonS7 (12:02:58 AM): i think most every human loves sex
BryonS7 (12:03:03 AM)
: unless they've been taught it's dirty
blckjesus3 (12:03:12 AM)
: by money loving jews
blckjesus3 (12:03:13 AM): ...?
blckjesus3 (12:03:19 AM): is he jewish by the way
blckjesus3 (12:03:24 AM): cause that actually changes things
BryonS7 (12:03:25 AM): naw
BryonS7 (12:03:32 AM)
: he just went to a self help seminar
BryonS7 (12:03:35 AM)
: and they were preaching money is good
blckjesus3 (12:03:59 AM)
: my theory has always been you dont need any one to tell you what you should believe
blckjesus3 (12:04:05 AM): or whats important'
blckjesus3 (12:04:19 AM): organized religion is therefore wrong
blckjesus3 (12:04:27 AM): and so is self help
blckjesus3 (12:04:48 AM): actually self help in a way is like a more greedy and vicious religion
blckjesus3 (12:04:51 AM): because its addicting
blckjesus3 (12:05:00 AM): once you feel impowered by these self help people
BryonS7 (12:05:05 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (12:05:09 AM)
: you become a jehovahs witness self help person
blckjesus3 (12:05:12 AM): and preach it
BryonS7 (12:05:13 AM): it was a business seminar/motivational deal
blckjesus3 (12:05:20 AM)
: i fuckin hate that shit
blckjesus3 (12:05:34 AM): i am always a downer at those things
BryonS7 (12:05:36 AM): yeah every time he goes he gets so amped
BryonS7 (12:05:39 AM)
: me too
BryonS7 (12:05:44 AM)
: i feel soooo fucking out of place
blckjesus3 (12:05:47 AM)
: cause i went once and i had no money
blckjesus3 (12:05:56 AM): you need the appetite to succeed
blckjesus3 (12:05:58 AM): and i was like
blckjesus3 (12:06:13 AM): i told them i had been job shopping for 9 months
BryonS7 (12:06:17 AM): well he already knows i told him i'd die much happier producing a great deal of art and writing than rich
BryonS7 (12:06:23 AM)
: like i went to the seminar heard about the guys life
BryonS7 (12:06:26 AM)
: and i didnt like it
blckjesus3 (12:06:32 AM)
: my sister had just gotten pregnant
BryonS7 (12:06:37 AM): the idea of being a lucrative businessman i didnt like it at all
blckjesus3 (12:06:39 AM)
: and i was gonna help pay for it
blckjesus3 (12:06:49 AM): lucrative is just greed
BryonS7 (12:06:59 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:07:02 AM)
: dont let them pull the blanket over your eyes
BryonS7 (12:07:04 AM): anyhow his fuckin dream life
BryonS7 (12:07:06 AM)
: sounded like shit to me
BryonS7 (12:07:15 AM)
: I am almost as right brained as you can get
BryonS7 (12:07:19 AM)
: I live off my emotions
blckjesus3 (12:07:24 AM)
: i told them my dream house was with no money no land
blckjesus3 (12:07:27 AM): just security
BryonS7 (12:07:27 AM): i'm impulsive and i don't see a real value in money
blckjesus3 (12:07:31 AM)
: and life
blckjesus3 (12:07:33 AM): and love
BryonS7 (12:07:34 AM): yep
BryonS7 (12:07:37 AM)
: love on a yacht
BryonS7 (12:07:39 AM)
: that's all i need
BryonS7 (12:07:42 AM)
: so i can set sail
BryonS7 (12:07:48 AM)
: and tell the world to get ta fuck
blckjesus3 (12:07:53 AM)
: your just getting cheesy
BryonS7 (12:07:59 AM): so be it
BryonS7 (12:08:02 AM)
: that's all i fuckin want
BryonS7 (12:08:07 AM)
: my chick
BryonS7 (12:08:09 AM)
: and a place to roost
blckjesus3 (12:08:11 AM)
: your a romantic
BryonS7 (12:08:19 AM): through and through
blckjesus3 (12:08:35 AM)
: like a real philosophical romantic
BryonS7 (12:08:38 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:08:43 AM)
: you believe in the power of nature
BryonS7 (12:08:46 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (12:08:49 AM)
: and the happiness of love
blckjesus3 (12:08:51 AM): thats chill
BryonS7 (12:08:52 AM): yeah i am 100% romantic
blckjesus3 (12:08:59 AM)
: dont say that
blckjesus3 (12:09:03 AM): nothing is absolute
BryonS7 (12:09:05 AM): haha
BryonS7 (12:09:08 AM)
: you know what's ironic
blckjesus3 (12:09:12 AM)
: what
BryonS7 (12:09:14 AM): i said that very same thing to my friend earlier
BryonS7 (12:09:18 AM)
: when i said money is evil
BryonS7 (12:09:24 AM)
: and he said are all rich men evil
BryonS7 (12:09:28 AM)
: and i said there is no such thing as all
BryonS7 (12:09:40 AM)
: at least when dealing with men
blckjesus3 (12:09:46 AM)
: i dont believe like bill gates is evil
blckjesus3 (12:09:50 AM): i just dont
BryonS7 (12:09:53 AM): he's a snake
blckjesus3 (12:09:56 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (12:09:57 AM): i hate that sob
BryonS7 (12:10:01 AM)
BryonS7 (12:10:03 AM): read his past
BryonS7 (12:10:04 AM)
: fuck him
BryonS7 (12:10:09 AM)
: they have it there
BryonS7 (12:10:11 AM)
: shady fucker
BryonS7 (12:10:23 AM)
: has ruined the tech industry and put lots of companies out of work
BryonS7 (12:10:28 AM)
: he didnt even pay royalties for IE
BryonS7 (12:10:37 AM)
: he's a fucking lowlife thief with a budget
blckjesus3 (12:10:45 AM)
: ya...but still
BryonS7 (12:10:49 AM): fuck bill gates
BryonS7 (12:10:52 AM)
: he ruined technology
BryonS7 (12:10:57 AM)
: he made 30% the industry bar
blckjesus3 (12:10:58 AM)
: people analyze people in his situation to much
BryonS7 (12:11:01 AM): and half ass shit the standard
blckjesus3 (12:11:11 AM)
: im still not sure he ment to do all the shit that he did
BryonS7 (12:11:18 AM): look
blckjesus3 (12:11:20 AM)
: sure he is pretty selfish
BryonS7 (12:11:23 AM): no
BryonS7 (12:11:24 AM)
: his problem
BryonS7 (12:11:25 AM)
: is pride
BryonS7 (12:11:27 AM)
: that's his deal
blckjesus3 (12:11:31 AM)
: dude
BryonS7 (12:11:32 AM): he won't reslate release dates
blckjesus3 (12:11:36 AM)
: we are goin through sins
BryonS7 (12:11:37 AM): he'd rather be on time than complete
blckjesus3 (12:11:38 AM)
: this is sick
BryonS7 (12:11:44 AM): lol it is
BryonS7 (12:11:46 AM)
: lol
blckjesus3 (12:11:47 AM)
: thats true
BryonS7 (12:12:03 AM): that's the reason his shit sucks
BryonS7 (12:12:07 AM)
: because he won't finnish shit
blckjesus3 (12:12:10 AM)
: but his business is far lucrative for him to be late
BryonS7 (12:12:11 AM): he only cares about deadlines
blckjesus3 (12:12:18 AM)
: being late would mean people loose there jobs
blckjesus3 (12:12:24 AM): lose...
BryonS7 (12:12:25 AM): dude read up
blckjesus3 (12:12:30 AM)
: i dont want to read
BryonS7 (12:12:30 AM): he's put so many innocent companies under
blckjesus3 (12:12:33 AM)
: i cant read
BryonS7 (12:12:33 AM): with vaporware
blckjesus3 (12:12:40 AM)
: i dont even know
BryonS7 (12:12:40 AM): do you know what vaporware is
blckjesus3 (12:12:43 AM)
: no idea
BryonS7 (12:12:47 AM): all right basically here's how it works
BryonS7 (12:12:55 AM)
: independent company x invents product
BryonS7 (12:12:57 AM)
: it's hot
BryonS7 (12:13:01 AM)
: everyone is gettin into it
blckjesus3 (12:13:07 AM)
: firefox?
BryonS7 (12:13:09 AM): M$ announces they will release it
BryonS7 (12:13:15 AM)
: like a parallel product
blckjesus3 (12:13:15 AM)
: ok
BryonS7 (12:13:20 AM): everyone pulls out of x and waits for ms
blckjesus3 (12:13:30 AM)
: that blows
BryonS7 (12:13:32 AM): market plummets becuase people wait for ms, then ms goes wait where'd the market go
BryonS7 (12:13:36 AM)
: then they say fuck it then
BryonS7 (12:13:39 AM)
: no cash fuck it
BryonS7 (12:13:43 AM)
: then x is out of business
BryonS7 (12:13:45 AM)
: development gone
BryonS7 (12:13:53 AM)
: and ms rolls on like nothing happened
blckjesus3 (12:14:05 AM)
: so basically they take peoples ideas and then halt the production when people are waiting for it
BryonS7 (12:14:24 AM): yep because people hold off to buy the ms product, the holding off makes it look like the market vanished
BryonS7 (12:14:27 AM)
: when people are just waiting
BryonS7 (12:14:31 AM)
: so they pull the plug
BryonS7 (12:14:37 AM)
: innocent company that invented it goes under
BryonS7 (12:14:43 AM)
: and the innovation is dust in the wind
BryonS7 (12:14:55 AM)
: not to mention they literally stole everything they use
BryonS7 (12:15:00 AM)
: like so much shit
BryonS7 (12:15:01 AM)
: they stole
BryonS7 (12:15:04 AM)
: they rarely pay royalties
blckjesus3 (12:15:06 AM)
: that really blows
blckjesus3 (12:15:10 AM): microsoft is shit
BryonS7 (12:15:13 AM): they bleed people dry in court more times than they pay
BryonS7 (12:15:21 AM)
: Internet explorer bill gates didnt pay for
BryonS7 (12:15:22 AM)
: he stole it
BryonS7 (12:15:24 AM)
BryonS7 (12:15:25 AM)
: lol
BryonS7 (12:15:35 AM)
: he put netscape just shy of out of business with stolen goods
blckjesus3 (12:15:38 AM)
: but i dont think that bill gates himself isnt thinking up this shit
blckjesus3 (12:15:41 AM): its his boards
blckjesus3 (12:15:43 AM): and panels
blckjesus3 (12:15:44 AM): and shit
BryonS7 (12:15:45 AM): hey man
BryonS7 (12:15:48 AM)
: he's an evil seed
blckjesus3 (12:15:50 AM)
: the man is just the CEO
BryonS7 (12:15:50 AM): it's all his seed
blckjesus3 (12:15:59 AM)
: ok so he created a demon
blckjesus3 (12:16:03 AM): ill give that much
BryonS7 (12:16:03 AM): but he started the fuckin thing that way
blckjesus3 (12:16:09 AM)
: he is just a man
BryonS7 (12:16:17 AM): the whole company is founded on lies and deciet and theft
blckjesus3 (12:16:21 AM)
: just a little inconsiderate man
BryonS7 (12:16:22 AM): and then he got money behind that
blckjesus3 (12:16:34 AM)
: acutally
blckjesus3 (12:16:38 AM): money ruined that companny
blckjesus3 (12:16:40 AM): haha
blckjesus3 (12:16:45 AM): full circle
BryonS7 (12:16:54 AM): that company was a horrible thing
BryonS7 (12:16:58 AM)
: it shouldn't have made it
BryonS7 (12:17:09 AM)
: like do you realize what the world would be like in everything was unix based
BryonS7 (12:17:16 AM)
: it's basically like standard vs metric system
BryonS7 (12:17:23 AM)
: standard is retarded metric is base 10
BryonS7 (12:17:32 AM)
: unix is compatible with everything else
BryonS7 (12:17:35 AM)
: unix is stable
BryonS7 (12:17:37 AM)
: it doesnt crash
blckjesus3 (12:18:01 AM)
: im waiting for mac to go into a unix based system
BryonS7 (12:18:07 AM): it is unix based lol
blckjesus3 (12:18:10 AM)
: but mac isnt good either
BryonS7 (12:18:20 AM): linux and mac are both unix based
blckjesus3 (12:18:21 AM)
: needs more compatability
BryonS7 (12:18:24 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (12:18:26 AM)
: that's the problem
BryonS7 (12:18:32 AM)
: microsoft codes intentionally to be incompatible
BryonS7 (12:18:57 AM)
: but slowly and steadily the beast that is microsoft is dying
blckjesus3 (12:18:59 AM)
: and mac needs to stop being little bitches with hardware and style and shit
blckjesus3 (12:19:07 AM): and linux needs to get its act together
blckjesus3 (12:19:18 AM): and be easier
blckjesus3 (12:19:24 AM): eitehre way
blckjesus3 (12:19:28 AM): technology really blows
blckjesus3 (12:19:37 AM): and i was going to do math homework this whole time
BryonS7 (12:19:59 AM): lol doh
blckjesus3 (12:20:07 AM)
: haha
blckjesus3 (12:20:08 AM): o well
blckjesus3 (12:20:11 AM): i hate math
BryonS7 (12:20:12 AM): I'm gonna have to do meth to do my homework tomorrow
blckjesus3 (12:20:25 AM)
: i wish i could get some crank
BryonS7 (12:20:29 AM): heh
BryonS7 (12:20:31 AM)
: i have to read emerson
blckjesus3 (12:20:32 AM)
: and stay up all of tomorrow
BryonS7 (12:20:33 AM): 100 pages of him
blckjesus3 (12:20:35 AM)
: fuck emerson
BryonS7 (12:20:39 AM): word
blckjesus3 (12:20:46 AM)
: his ideas are chill
blckjesus3 (12:20:49 AM): i bought that book
blckjesus3 (12:20:55 AM): the heart of darkness
BryonS7 (12:20:57 AM): he's just so damn verbose
BryonS7 (12:20:59 AM)
: ah good book
blckjesus3 (12:21:04 AM)
: i hate verbage
BryonS7 (12:21:06 AM): I parodied that for the piece i want to send you
blckjesus3 (12:21:14 AM)
: i really hate it
BryonS7 (12:21:16 AM): oh yeah that's critically acclaimed as one of the highest level books written ever
BryonS7 (12:21:24 AM)
: in english
BryonS7 (12:21:34 AM)
: like one of the most extensive uses of the english language
blckjesus3 (12:21:34 AM)
: people who think that vocabularry and insight creates a stabel and well founded idea can suck a dick
BryonS7 (12:21:41 AM): well the deal is
BryonS7 (12:21:44 AM)
: that guy was polish
BryonS7 (12:21:47 AM)
: he isnt a native speaker
BryonS7 (12:22:00 AM)
: people were talking shit saying foriegners couldn't write well in englihs
blckjesus3 (12:22:04 AM)
: im not talking about heart of darkness
BryonS7 (12:22:07 AM): so he trumped thier ass with that book
BryonS7 (12:22:09 AM)
: oh emerson
blckjesus3 (12:22:12 AM)
: ya
blckjesus3 (12:22:21 AM): and the other trancesndentalists
blckjesus3 (12:22:24 AM): like thoreau
BryonS7 (12:22:28 AM): the romantic era was about flowery language some people hawthorne and emerson got carried away
blckjesus3 (12:22:29 AM)
: i have a beef with him
blckjesus3 (12:22:35 AM): hawthorne
BryonS7 (12:22:39 AM): at least what i've read
BryonS7 (12:22:41 AM)
: he sucks dick
blckjesus3 (12:22:47 AM)
: their metaphors suck
blckjesus3 (12:22:55 AM): a reflection of yourself isnt life
blckjesus3 (12:23:07 AM): think of somehitng less self absorbed
blckjesus3 (12:23:27 AM): and you cant be un godly bastard
BryonS7 (12:23:28 AM): a reflection of yourself at best is the ripples you leave with those around you
BryonS7 (12:23:37 AM)
: yeah they didnt have extasy and lsd
BryonS7 (12:23:38 AM)
: :-P
blckjesus3 (12:24:02 AM): my problem with those books was they dont think
BryonS7 (12:24:05 AM): you know what's fuckin crackin me up, well figuratively speaking
blckjesus3 (12:24:08 AM)
: they do the thinking for you
BryonS7 (12:24:18 AM): you and i are labeled as lowly druggies with mental problems
blckjesus3 (12:24:18 AM)
: and present it with words that you double take at
BryonS7 (12:24:25 AM): and this is one of the deepest convos i've had in ages
BryonS7 (12:24:25 AM)
: lmao
blckjesus3 (12:24:41 AM)
: labels
blckjesus3 (12:24:43 AM): ha
BryonS7 (12:24:46 AM): labels are bs
BryonS7 (12:24:47 AM)
: i know lmao
blckjesus3 (12:24:51 AM)
: i love being labeled
BryonS7 (12:24:53 AM): dude i don't believe in absolutes
BryonS7 (12:24:55 AM)
: ah man
blckjesus3 (12:25:00 AM)
: its one of my favorite parts of life
BryonS7 (12:25:02 AM): I was a heroin junkie in high school rofl
blckjesus3 (12:25:08 AM)
: so what
BryonS7 (12:25:12 AM): i wasnt really
BryonS7 (12:25:14 AM)
: but that was my label rofl
BryonS7 (12:25:18 AM)
: no one knew shit about me
blckjesus3 (12:25:19 AM)
: people think that you cant recover from that shit
BryonS7 (12:25:22 AM): they still don't
BryonS7 (12:25:24 AM)
: oh i know
blckjesus3 (12:25:25 AM)
: i did crazy shit
blckjesus3 (12:25:28 AM): i label people
BryonS7 (12:25:28 AM): some people can function on it
blckjesus3 (12:25:31 AM)
: im sure you do too
BryonS7 (12:25:32 AM): i do too
blckjesus3 (12:25:33 AM)
: its natural
BryonS7 (12:25:36 AM): everyone does
BryonS7 (12:25:42 AM)
: first impressions mean a lot
BryonS7 (12:25:45 AM)
: and so do reputations
BryonS7 (12:25:51 AM)
: they are in the same fucking bracket as money
BryonS7 (12:25:56 AM)
: meaningless shit that peopel think matter
BryonS7 (12:26:05 AM)
: all the while forgetting the one fucking thing that is important
BryonS7 (12:26:09 AM)
: fucking character
blckjesus3 (12:26:10 AM)
: no one knew that i would sit in trees fifty feet above the ground and meditate
blckjesus3 (12:26:13 AM): in highschool
BryonS7 (12:26:19 AM): haha
BryonS7 (12:26:20 AM)
: nice
BryonS7 (12:26:33 AM)
: no one knew what drugs i did in HS
BryonS7 (12:26:37 AM)
: they just started saying i did smack
BryonS7 (12:26:46 AM)
: don't know or care where that came to be
blckjesus3 (12:26:48 AM)
: drugs are fuckin crazy in highschool
blckjesus3 (12:26:57 AM): cause the kids are obviously doing them
BryonS7 (12:27:07 AM): only thing that sucked is i couldnt get with girls half the time cause they were scared of my drug use
BryonS7 (12:27:17 AM)
: which was whack i never talked to girls about drugs
BryonS7 (12:27:20 AM)
: i still never do
BryonS7 (12:27:24 AM)
: unless they are a druggy
blckjesus3 (12:27:31 AM)
: i dont like girls on drugs
blckjesus3 (12:27:33 AM): i really dont
BryonS7 (12:27:37 AM): same here man
BryonS7 (12:27:38 AM)
: same here
blckjesus3 (12:27:42 AM)
: cause they act different
blckjesus3 (12:28:04 AM): its like a sort of neurosis that people get
blckjesus3 (12:28:25 AM): i just cant handle the change
BryonS7 (12:28:28 AM): well like you know girls have 8 receptor sites for emotions guys only have 2
BryonS7 (12:28:35 AM)
: some girls can hang
BryonS7 (12:28:40 AM)
: they realize it's the drugs and are fine
BryonS7 (12:28:41 AM)
: most can't
blckjesus3 (12:28:43 AM)
: o ya
blckjesus3 (12:28:50 AM): i didnt know that receptor site thing
BryonS7 (12:28:54 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:28:57 AM)
: that makes sense though
BryonS7 (12:29:02 AM): there are 8 regions of the female brain that go off for emotions
BryonS7 (12:29:04 AM)
: only 2 in men
BryonS7 (12:29:20 AM)
: they did mri's while reading romance novels n shit in this study
blckjesus3 (12:29:32 AM)
: i have started labling people with sins
BryonS7 (12:29:37 AM): lmfao
BryonS7 (12:29:39 AM)
: nice
blckjesus3 (12:29:40 AM)
: we are gluttons
blckjesus3 (12:29:42 AM): i guess
BryonS7 (12:29:44 AM): how so
blckjesus3 (12:29:47 AM)
: we overindulge
BryonS7 (12:29:50 AM): i guess drug benders yeah
BryonS7 (12:29:54 AM)
: but i've not been doing that even
BryonS7 (12:30:05 AM)
: right now i'm probably jealousy
blckjesus3 (12:30:08 AM)
: we are constantly searching for excessive please
BryonS7 (12:30:11 AM): and wrath
blckjesus3 (12:30:13 AM)
: pleasure
BryonS7 (12:30:16 AM): hedonists
blckjesus3 (12:30:19 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (12:30:22 AM): ultimate pleasure seekers
blckjesus3 (12:30:29 AM)
: i think gluttony is the greatest of sins
BryonS7 (12:30:33 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (12:30:36 AM)
: what about greed
blckjesus3 (12:30:46 AM)
: not like the worst
BryonS7 (12:30:53 AM): oh the most abundant?
blckjesus3 (12:30:55 AM)
: i mean its the faultiest sin
BryonS7 (12:31:12 AM): but i mean our reasoning is not just pleasure seeking
BryonS7 (12:31:16 AM)
: soemtimes it's just not to fucking feel
BryonS7 (12:31:27 AM)
: I know there are nights i just don't want to fucking feel
blckjesus3 (12:31:30 AM)
: that is really true
blckjesus3 (12:31:37 AM): i dont want to think
BryonS7 (12:31:37 AM): and that is because our brain is fucked up
BryonS7 (12:31:45 AM)
: because we have chemical imbalances
blckjesus3 (12:31:50 AM)
: but in a way that is other sins...
BryonS7 (12:31:59 AM): and so those peachy cunts can't understand our pov
blckjesus3 (12:31:59 AM)
: dont blame an imbalance
BryonS7 (12:32:04 AM): because they have a normal brain
blckjesus3 (12:32:22 AM)
: POV is relative
blckjesus3 (12:33:03 AM): you can only hold your self in contempt
blckjesus3 (12:33:39 AM): you cant blame anything
BryonS7 (12:33:40 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:33:50 AM)
: you can take a scientific point of view,
BryonS7 (12:33:54 AM): it's still me
BryonS7 (12:34:01 AM)
: the chemical shortage is still my fuckin head
blckjesus3 (12:34:01 AM)
: but it is hard to be a realist on every matter
BryonS7 (12:34:04 AM): and that's why medicating is hard
blckjesus3 (12:34:11 AM)
: poison
BryonS7 (12:34:14 AM): because the shortage is me
BryonS7 (12:34:20 AM)
: and medicated being is not me
BryonS7 (12:34:22 AM)
: it's me on meds
blckjesus3 (12:34:26 AM)
: holy shit that was deep
blckjesus3 (12:34:56 AM): the shortage is due to a gap
BryonS7 (12:34:58 AM): we've been going pretty deep
blckjesus3 (12:35:00 AM)
: that is self created
blckjesus3 (12:35:04 AM): or society created
BryonS7 (12:35:06 AM): not necesarily
BryonS7 (12:35:15 AM)
: I mean how is a manic eppisode self created
BryonS7 (12:35:24 AM)
: I don't lay down and go man i don't want all this lithium in me
BryonS7 (12:35:27 AM)
: I just wake up
blckjesus3 (12:35:30 AM)
: they are triggered
blckjesus3 (12:35:34 AM): they arent just random
BryonS7 (12:35:36 AM): not suually
BryonS7 (12:35:41 AM)
: usually
BryonS7 (12:35:48 AM)
: cause i'd kill for one right now
blckjesus3 (12:36:06 AM)
: i believe they did a study that found that manics, and depression isnt just a chemical imbalance
blckjesus3 (12:36:13 AM): its created from conditioning of the mind
BryonS7 (12:36:15 AM): yeah we do
BryonS7 (12:36:21 AM)
: I've never heard the conditioning
BryonS7 (12:36:26 AM)
: mania = shortage of lithium
BryonS7 (12:36:35 AM)
: depression shortage of serotonin
BryonS7 (12:36:38 AM)
: but it cycles
BryonS7 (12:36:42 AM)
: it's wierd
BryonS7 (12:36:49 AM)
: it's not known if it is genetic or not
BryonS7 (12:36:52 AM)
: triggers aren't know
BryonS7 (12:36:54 AM)
: known**
blckjesus3 (12:36:55 AM)
: i think they found that those things are found more in pressing condtions
BryonS7 (12:37:07 AM): like high stress and depression?
blckjesus3 (12:37:07 AM)
: because they are used constantly to keep the body in check
blckjesus3 (12:37:10 AM): ya
BryonS7 (12:37:21 AM): but see i get stressed over such petty shit sometimes
BryonS7 (12:37:33 AM)
: like really little things can make me so fucking edgy
blckjesus3 (12:37:36 AM)
: and episodes are more easily triggered in these people
BryonS7 (12:37:47 AM): well like are you familiar with mania?
blckjesus3 (12:37:47 AM)
: even after they are removed from there surroundings
BryonS7 (12:37:51 AM): like a manic eppisode
blckjesus3 (12:37:55 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (12:37:59 AM): I've had 3 this year
BryonS7 (12:38:06 AM)
: and all of them were over a week
BryonS7 (12:38:17 AM)
: first they are the best
BryonS7 (12:38:22 AM)
: it's like the best high there is
blckjesus3 (12:38:23 AM)
: i used to have them all the time
BryonS7 (12:38:26 AM): I'm happy chatty positive motivated
BryonS7 (12:38:39 AM)
: by then end of the first week though
BryonS7 (12:38:42 AM)
: the lack of sleep gets to me
BryonS7 (12:38:49 AM)
: i start to get really out of it yet still all amped
BryonS7 (12:38:54 AM)
: and yuo get flat out strung out
BryonS7 (12:39:00 AM)
: like a meth bender aftermath
blckjesus3 (12:39:06 AM)
: ya
blckjesus3 (12:39:34 AM): i took 2 years to calm down my body
blckjesus3 (12:39:38 AM): and my mind
blckjesus3 (12:39:45 AM): i ate naturally
BryonS7 (12:39:53 AM): i eat well usually
blckjesus3 (12:39:59 AM)
: slept regularly
BryonS7 (12:39:59 AM): allthough i have days where i really don't want to eat
BryonS7 (12:40:04 AM)
: i sleep like shit
blckjesus3 (12:40:07 AM)
: was close to sober
BryonS7 (12:40:15 AM): my nails are always bitten as short as can be
blckjesus3 (12:40:23 AM)
: me too
blckjesus3 (12:40:34 AM): i am a nervous fuckin reck now
BryonS7 (12:40:38 AM): do you scare people when you get angry?
blckjesus3 (12:40:43 AM)
: im back in stressful conditoins
blckjesus3 (12:40:48 AM): i dont get angry
blckjesus3 (12:40:51 AM): and if i do
blckjesus3 (12:40:53 AM): i fuck shit up
blckjesus3 (12:40:57 AM): i really fuck shit up
BryonS7 (12:41:02 AM): i usually fuck myself up
BryonS7 (12:41:08 AM)
: via drugs
blckjesus3 (12:41:24 AM)
: i have lust for myself
blckjesus3 (12:41:31 AM): i love myself...i know that sounds weird
blckjesus3 (12:41:34 AM): but i really do
BryonS7 (12:41:35 AM): naw that's good
BryonS7 (12:41:38 AM)
: see i hate myself
blckjesus3 (12:41:43 AM)
: i got in a really bad car accident
blckjesus3 (12:41:45 AM): and i almost died
blckjesus3 (12:41:51 AM): it made me charish life
blckjesus3 (12:41:56 AM): i used to not give a shit
BryonS7 (12:42:01 AM): I've had a few really close ODs
BryonS7 (12:42:04 AM)
: convulsing n shit
blckjesus3 (12:42:07 AM)
: but like my friend died
blckjesus3 (12:42:12 AM): right next to me
BryonS7 (12:42:20 AM): almost passed out on a shit that when you passout you're done
BryonS7 (12:42:23 AM)
: been right there
blckjesus3 (12:42:26 AM)
: and it scared the shit outa me
BryonS7 (12:42:26 AM): shit that sucks
blckjesus3 (12:42:34 AM)
: i think its my demon
blckjesus3 (12:42:46 AM): if anyone ever exorsices me of that demon
blckjesus3 (12:42:55 AM): there will be hell to pay
blckjesus3 (12:43:04 AM): it is keeping me in check
BryonS7 (12:43:10 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (12:43:12 AM)
: it's your balance
blckjesus3 (12:43:13 AM)
: makin it so i dont ruin everything
blckjesus3 (12:43:16 AM): exactly
blckjesus3 (12:43:21 AM): everyone needs a balance
blckjesus3 (12:43:24 AM): mine is fear
BryonS7 (12:43:25 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (12:43:27 AM)
: yours is love
blckjesus3 (12:43:47 AM): you need a female figure in your life that replaces the love you dont have for yourself
blckjesus3 (12:43:59 AM): i had a friend just like that
BryonS7 (12:43:59 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (12:44:11 AM)
: he always had a girlfriend
blckjesus3 (12:44:18 AM): and he cut himself when he didnt
BryonS7 (12:44:23 AM): naw i've never cut
blckjesus3 (12:44:32 AM)
: he was a fucked up little cookie
BryonS7 (12:44:37 AM): see the thing that is wierd is i function as a single being
BryonS7 (12:44:44 AM)
: i've been single for a long ass time now due to my dui
BryonS7 (12:44:50 AM)
: just starting to see chicks again
BryonS7 (12:44:53 AM)
: and while i really want a chick
BryonS7 (12:44:56 AM)
: i don't want just anyone
BryonS7 (12:45:00 AM)
: I want one i click with
blckjesus3 (12:45:04 AM)
: no one wants to settle
BryonS7 (12:45:06 AM): which is fucking rare
BryonS7 (12:45:16 AM)
: like if i don't feel the spark
BryonS7 (12:45:18 AM)
: i don't fucking bother
blckjesus3 (12:45:39 AM)
: i was really pissed yesterday...when i found out this chick i really dig, has some other dude chasin her...and apparently he is probably gonna date her
BryonS7 (12:45:49 AM): shitty
BryonS7 (12:45:56 AM)
: does she know you like her?
blckjesus3 (12:45:57 AM)
: and it was almost like i got dumped
blckjesus3 (12:46:09 AM): ya...but we seperated over summer
blckjesus3 (12:46:13 AM): we were never together
blckjesus3 (12:46:16 AM): but we were close
BryonS7 (12:46:19 AM): ah yeah
blckjesus3 (12:46:23 AM)
: and then she went away
BryonS7 (12:46:28 AM): shitty
blckjesus3 (12:46:28 AM)
: and then i went away
blckjesus3 (12:46:54 AM): i got told she might date this guy
blckjesus3 (12:47:01 AM): who i dont particularly care for
blckjesus3 (12:47:07 AM): i think he kinda a jazz snob
blckjesus3 (12:47:30 AM): i told these people right.. and now i fuckin regret it
blckjesus3 (12:47:40 AM): cause if they tell her that i told them
BryonS7 (12:47:44 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:47:44 AM)
: that fucks me up
BryonS7 (12:47:49 AM): fuck
blckjesus3 (12:47:50 AM)
: but what can i do
BryonS7 (12:47:50 AM): shitty
blckjesus3 (12:47:52 AM)
: i cant go back
BryonS7 (12:47:54 AM): what's done is done
blckjesus3 (12:48:00 AM)
: fuck it
BryonS7 (12:48:08 AM): probably just gonna wind up a night we're sittin on here fucked up on aim
blckjesus3 (12:48:11 AM)
: i dunno...if she sees im kinda pissed about it
blckjesus3 (12:48:14 AM): she might go back
BryonS7 (12:48:17 AM): yeah that's true
blckjesus3 (12:48:20 AM)
: if she does dig me
blckjesus3 (12:48:30 AM): devotion and lust are weird
BryonS7 (12:48:35 AM): yeah man
BryonS7 (12:48:38 AM)
: all fuckin nuts
blckjesus3 (12:48:48 AM)
: i have never ever been devoted to anyone but my mom
BryonS7 (12:48:54 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (12:48:59 AM)
: why's that?
blckjesus3 (12:49:02 AM)
: that sounds weird but i love my mom
BryonS7 (12:49:06 AM): ah fuck no dude
BryonS7 (12:49:09 AM)
: i love my mom so much
BryonS7 (12:49:17 AM)
: like i get teary eyed at times just talking about her
BryonS7 (12:49:21 AM)
: I'll admit that with no shame
BryonS7 (12:49:25 AM)
: like the thought of my mom dying
BryonS7 (12:49:30 AM)
: I don't know what the fuck i'd do
blckjesus3 (12:49:31 AM)
: o shit dude
BryonS7 (12:49:33 AM): I'd be so lost dude
BryonS7 (12:49:36 AM)
: I'd be so lost
blckjesus3 (12:49:42 AM)
: when i left for college
blckjesus3 (12:49:49 AM): i get fucked up about it
blckjesus3 (12:50:09 AM): we cried in eachothers arms for like an hour
BryonS7 (12:50:15 AM): damn
BryonS7 (12:50:23 AM)
: i kinda got really choked up when i saw my dads true colors
BryonS7 (12:50:26 AM)
: and realized what she did for me
blckjesus3 (12:50:27 AM)
: i call her everyday
BryonS7 (12:50:34 AM): how much horrid shit she put up with just to make sure i was k
BryonS7 (12:50:36 AM)
: ok**
BryonS7 (12:50:37 AM)
: cool
blckjesus3 (12:50:50 AM)
: its the least i can do
blckjesus3 (12:51:01 AM): but i dont think anygirl i could date would measure up
blckjesus3 (12:51:31 AM): im a happy person because i dont focus inward
BryonS7 (12:51:33 AM): i dunno i don't want a girl quite like my mom
BryonS7 (12:51:41 AM)
: yeah
blckjesus3 (12:51:42 AM)
: but because i focus outward i have very high expectations
BryonS7 (12:51:46 AM): Oh like i have a happy disposition
BryonS7 (12:51:53 AM)
: but i've got so many fucking scars
blckjesus3 (12:51:58 AM)
: shit me too
BryonS7 (12:52:00 AM): I'm barely starting to soul search man
BryonS7 (12:52:03 AM)
: like fuck
BryonS7 (12:52:11 AM)
: it's shitty lookin in
blckjesus3 (12:52:11 AM)
: i meditate
blckjesus3 (12:52:16 AM): thats rough
blckjesus3 (12:52:24 AM): i do it for hours
BryonS7 (12:52:26 AM): you know i don't know how you were
BryonS7 (12:52:38 AM)
: but like i just kinda was oblivious till i was about 17 or so that anything was wrong
BryonS7 (12:52:42 AM)
: then it hit like a wall
BryonS7 (12:52:45 AM)
: visiting the happy families
BryonS7 (12:52:57 AM)
: kinda really actually stopping to think about shit
BryonS7 (12:53:02 AM)
: like really just stopping and smelling the roses
BryonS7 (12:53:09 AM)
: and realizing they were wilted and smothered in shit
blckjesus3 (12:53:26 AM)
: roses still smell good when they are dead
blckjesus3 (12:53:37 AM): i hit thaat wall when i was like 15 or 16
BryonS7 (12:53:43 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (12:53:45 AM)
: i realise everything is a mask
blckjesus3 (12:53:55 AM): reality isnt real
BryonS7 (12:54:06 AM): well like mine kinda hit when i was like why don't i have confidence at hardly anything
blckjesus3 (12:54:13 AM)
: which is when i had my first manic episode
BryonS7 (12:54:17 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (12:54:28 AM)
: when i realised i was living a lie
blckjesus3 (12:54:35 AM): shit i was in AP classes
blckjesus3 (12:54:44 AM): i was like stanford or something like that bound
blckjesus3 (12:54:50 AM): i like gave up
BryonS7 (12:54:51 AM): yeah man
BryonS7 (12:54:53 AM)
: omg same
BryonS7 (12:55:19 AM)
: i was one of the smartest kids in the class with a D for my grade
BryonS7 (12:55:25 AM)
: english i set the curve drunk once for a test
blckjesus3 (12:55:34 AM)
: no one knew how smart iwas
BryonS7 (12:55:38 AM): my teacher at my JC told me he didnt think i took much seriously
BryonS7 (12:55:44 AM)
: i didnt really have a reply to that
blckjesus3 (12:55:53 AM)
: no one thinks i take shit seriously still
blckjesus3 (12:55:59 AM): shows how much they know you
BryonS7 (12:56:05 AM): i guess it's hard to take shit seriously when you don't even know where you're beging
BryonS7 (12:56:12 AM)
: well he was new to knowing me
blckjesus3 (12:56:12 AM)
: i hated everything but english and science
BryonS7 (12:56:20 AM): it's more of a laughing is easier than crying kinda thing
BryonS7 (12:56:31 AM)
: either i'll laugh a lot, or i'll have a nervous breakdown and tear
blckjesus3 (12:56:39 AM)
: im not one to cry
BryonS7 (12:56:42 AM): nor am i
BryonS7 (12:56:49 AM)
: but i have once or twice
BryonS7 (12:56:55 AM)
: once i was shaking the whole day
blckjesus3 (12:56:58 AM)
: last time i cried was when i left my mom
BryonS7 (12:56:58 AM): and finally broke down a bit
BryonS7 (12:57:05 AM)
: even then i stopped
BryonS7 (12:57:14 AM)
: like i'd give so much to really just cry out pain
BryonS7 (12:57:17 AM)
: but my body won't let me
BryonS7 (12:57:24 AM)
: if i start crying i stop
blckjesus3 (12:57:26 AM)
: i go into a deep state
BryonS7 (12:57:30 AM): yep same here
blckjesus3 (12:57:30 AM)
: instead
BryonS7 (12:57:37 AM): oh i get so fucking somber and quiet
BryonS7 (12:57:38 AM)
: omg
blckjesus3 (12:57:58 AM)
: inflexive thought is the best thing that ever happened to me
blckjesus3 (12:58:03 AM): and the worst
BryonS7 (12:58:07 AM): what's that?
blckjesus3 (12:58:47 AM)
: infective
BryonS7 (12:58:59 AM): like inflexive thought what is it?
blckjesus3 (12:59:46 AM)
: i always thought it was a way of looking inward
blckjesus3 (12:59:59 AM): but kinda a skewed way of doing it
BryonS7 (1:00:31 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:00:33 AM)
: like inward
BryonS7 (1:00:39 AM)
: with the inside and out of the box views?
blckjesus3 (1:00:44 AM)
: out
blckjesus3 (1:01:21 AM): ya
blckjesus3 (1:01:31 AM): i dunno
BryonS7 (1:01:46 AM): is it hte kind of thing that happens when you're alone in your room feelin gloomy on acid?
blckjesus3 (1:01:47 AM)
: i need to find a female version of you
blckjesus3 (1:01:53 AM): ya
BryonS7 (1:01:59 AM): k i know that then yeah i do that
BryonS7 (1:02:06 AM)
: it can be so constructive or destructive
blckjesus3 (1:02:30 AM)
: i have built so many walls in my mind
BryonS7 (1:02:35 AM): oh fuck man
BryonS7 (1:02:37 AM)
: same here
blckjesus3 (1:02:41 AM)
: the key to generalized thoughts
BryonS7 (1:02:44 AM): dude have you ever heard of ibogaine
blckjesus3 (1:02:50 AM)
: is deconstruction of those walls
blckjesus3 (1:02:52 AM): no
BryonS7 (1:03:01 AM): ibogaine is a root extract used in treating opiate addiction
BryonS7 (1:03:11 AM)
: it has a 70 to 90 % sucess rate after 1 dose
blckjesus3 (1:03:21 AM)
: holy shit
BryonS7 (1:03:23 AM): like some people quit use for up to 2 years with one dose
BryonS7 (1:03:30 AM)
: basically the experience as i've been told
BryonS7 (1:03:38 AM)
: is like your mind is a giant fucking hall with doors
BryonS7 (1:03:43 AM)
: and you open each and every door
BryonS7 (1:03:58 AM)
: it is profoundly psychedelic
BryonS7 (1:04:07 AM)
: and heavily heavily spiritual and soul searching
blckjesus3 (1:04:08 AM)
: is it legal?
BryonS7 (1:04:11 AM): i believe so
BryonS7 (1:04:12 AM)
: it's so rare
BryonS7 (1:04:45 AM)
: nvm
BryonS7 (1:04:47 AM)
: it is illegal
blckjesus3 (1:04:51 AM)
: i dont believe there are physical means to fix problems
BryonS7 (1:04:53 AM): schedule 1
blckjesus3 (1:04:57 AM)
: god damn
BryonS7 (1:05:06 AM): i seriously want to try it
blckjesus3 (1:05:16 AM)
: i like drugs
blckjesus3 (1:05:19 AM): dont get me wrong
blckjesus3 (1:05:25 AM): but they are a way of avoidance
blckjesus3 (1:05:27 AM): not correction
BryonS7 (1:05:29 AM): oh like a lot of people have said that this is the like end all drug
BryonS7 (1:05:33 AM)
: you don't do drugs after it
BryonS7 (1:05:37 AM)
: a lot of people anyway
blckjesus3 (1:05:41 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (1:05:48 AM): like there is no where to go after it
BryonS7 (1:06:35 AM)
: anyhow i thought you'd just be curious as that is something that can really induce introspective
blckjesus3 (1:06:53 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (1:06:57 AM): either way i know what you mean
BryonS7 (1:07:01 AM)
: that somber laying in bed thought
blckjesus3 (1:07:02 AM)
: i owuld love to try it
BryonS7 (1:07:03 AM): just thinking
BryonS7 (1:07:05 AM)
: so much thinking
blckjesus3 (1:07:08 AM)
: after this
blckjesus3 (1:07:14 AM): i will stay up till like 4 thinking
BryonS7 (1:07:22 AM): lmfao i already just said mentally
BryonS7 (1:07:25 AM)
: I'm not sleeping tonight
BryonS7 (1:07:34 AM)
: i usually lay awake for an hour or two
BryonS7 (1:07:44 AM)
: maybe around 3 i'll get tired
blckjesus3 (1:07:47 AM)
: i think the normal man thinks far more than the philosopher
BryonS7 (1:07:59 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:08:06 AM)
: i dunno what i think of philosophers yet
blckjesus3 (1:08:07 AM)
: because for the philosopher to put his ideas on paper
BryonS7 (1:08:16 AM): I'm taking a class on the greats right now
BryonS7 (1:08:21 AM)
: kinda mixed reviews thus far on them
blckjesus3 (1:08:23 AM)
: philosophy is crap
blckjesus3 (1:08:57 AM): i just dont believe it one the basis that i dont believe that you should follow other peoples beliefs
BryonS7 (1:09:06 AM): yeah fuck other people
BryonS7 (1:09:14 AM)
: my beliefs are my beliefs
BryonS7 (1:09:16 AM)
: molded by me
blckjesus3 (1:09:52 AM)
: reading about philosophy gives you false hope
BryonS7 (1:10:11 AM): what do you mean by that?
blckjesus3 (1:10:24 AM)
: false belief
blckjesus3 (1:10:30 AM): because its not yours
blckjesus3 (1:10:40 AM): and when it doesnt pan out for you
blckjesus3 (1:10:45 AM): it destroys an ideal
BryonS7 (1:11:44 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:12:01 AM)
: i studied it a little
blckjesus3 (1:12:04 AM): but nothing fit me
blckjesus3 (1:12:25 AM): i think almost everyone who does an even amount of thinking is outside the box
BryonS7 (1:12:25 AM): my grievance is they go so out of their fucking way to sound smart
BryonS7 (1:12:35 AM)
: that they say what could be stated in a paragraph in 10 pages
BryonS7 (1:12:38 AM)
: because they talkin loops
blckjesus3 (1:12:49 AM)
: ya i fuckin hate taht
blckjesus3 (1:13:08 AM): dont go through a huge metaphorical state just to put the poitn
BryonS7 (1:13:10 AM): like philosophy is the art of tangental thinking
blckjesus3 (1:13:11 AM)
: explain the point
BryonS7 (1:13:26 AM): like you literally bring up new shit as you go
blckjesus3 (1:13:30 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (1:13:31 AM): it's blowing and going pretty much
BryonS7 (1:13:42 AM)
: like new age philosophy is not bad
blckjesus3 (1:13:45 AM)
: i think philosophy is how you interperat it
BryonS7 (1:13:46 AM): but the older shit bleh
BryonS7 (1:13:52 AM)
: that's true too
BryonS7 (1:13:57 AM)
: and it's so fucking vague man
BryonS7 (1:14:04 AM)
: they leave it open for a lot of interpretation
blckjesus3 (1:14:18 AM)
: shit in philosophy unless it gives immediate direction
BryonS7 (1:14:23 AM): anything you can ever learn in philosophy class you can learn from 1 hit of LSD
blckjesus3 (1:14:31 AM)
: exactly
blckjesus3 (1:15:10 AM): wow
BryonS7 (1:15:29 AM): hah
BryonS7 (1:17:15 AM)
: damn slowly and steadily trying to write that email
blckjesus3 (1:17:31 AM)
: i hate impersonality
blckjesus3 (1:17:59 AM): i think technology has created impersonality
BryonS7 (1:18:38 AM): what exactly do you mean?
blckjesus3 (1:18:53 AM)
: email
blckjesus3 (1:18:56 AM): telephone
blckjesus3 (1:18:59 AM): cars
blckjesus3 (1:19:04 AM): business
blckjesus3 (1:19:12 AM): non of that shit involves people
blckjesus3 (1:19:15 AM): its all machines
BryonS7 (1:19:20 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:19:25 AM)
: necessary
blckjesus3 (1:19:39 AM): but detached from life
BryonS7 (1:19:56 AM): I am so into nature man, like natural way of things
BryonS7 (1:20:00 AM)
: katrina gave me a boner
blckjesus3 (1:20:10 AM)
: ha
BryonS7 (1:20:11 AM): watching mother nature fuck up the "powerful"
BryonS7 (1:20:18 AM)
: mother nature is my mother man
BryonS7 (1:20:34 AM)
: i succumb to nature, cause i know if you are in touch with it, shit is so much easier
blckjesus3 (1:20:38 AM)
: nature has its ways of making man seem worthless
blckjesus3 (1:20:50 AM): naturalism
BryonS7 (1:20:55 AM): see i don't see us as worthless, just another fucking species
blckjesus3 (1:20:56 AM)
: social darwinism
BryonS7 (1:20:57 AM): another animal
blckjesus3 (1:21:01 AM)
: nature is king
BryonS7 (1:21:05 AM): exactly
blckjesus3 (1:21:10 AM)
: you cannot contradict or tempt nature
BryonS7 (1:21:11 AM): nature is in charge
BryonS7 (1:21:19 AM)
: yes we build skyscrapers but we behave like animals
blckjesus3 (1:21:27 AM)
: it is the only factor in our lives taht is uncontrolled
blckjesus3 (1:21:38 AM): if you say something else i will stab you in the eye
BryonS7 (1:21:39 AM): yet it is the only factor of our lives truly in control
blckjesus3 (1:21:47 AM)
: how so
BryonS7 (1:21:50 AM): like that is what controls us
blckjesus3 (1:22:01 AM)
: in control of us
blckjesus3 (1:22:06 AM): holy shit
BryonS7 (1:22:14 AM): what?
blckjesus3 (1:22:21 AM)
: thats pretty deep
BryonS7 (1:22:29 AM): hah, well i mean why do you want to fuck women?
BryonS7 (1:22:30 AM)
: nature
BryonS7 (1:22:36 AM)
: why do women get hornier in the spring
BryonS7 (1:22:37 AM)
: nature
blckjesus3 (1:22:53 AM)
: but then why do i wanna fuck a goat
BryonS7 (1:23:00 AM): cause you and i are a bit off
blckjesus3 (1:23:03 AM)
: haha
BryonS7 (1:23:07 AM): we are some of those genetic mutations darwin talked about
blckjesus3 (1:23:19 AM)
: we are all mutations
blckjesus3 (1:23:25 AM): there is no perfect beign
BryonS7 (1:23:25 AM): all humans are is over thinking ant mamals
blckjesus3 (1:23:39 AM)
: we feed the hive man
blckjesus3 (1:23:46 AM): the hive is the social class
blckjesus3 (1:23:56 AM): the queen is economy
BryonS7 (1:24:09 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (1:24:22 AM)
: there is a really good essay that comes outa this convo
blckjesus3 (1:24:29 AM): it is just waiting to happen
BryonS7 (1:24:30 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:24:34 AM)
: dude i know i'm saving this convo
BryonS7 (1:24:53 AM)
: we've both said so many good points
BryonS7 (1:24:57 AM)
: i want to reflect on it some time
blckjesus3 (1:25:37 AM)
: does any man have an effect on being?
BryonS7 (1:25:48 AM): i don't think so
BryonS7 (1:25:52 AM)
: cause anything man can make
BryonS7 (1:25:56 AM)
: nature can tear down
BryonS7 (1:25:59 AM)
: faster than we can think
blckjesus3 (1:26:10 AM)
: i was thinkin the same thing
BryonS7 (1:26:18 AM): longevity doesnt mean a fucking thing against a tsunami
BryonS7 (1:26:36 AM)
: cure for cancer, nature says cure this and shakes the shit out of our sky scrapers and we die
blckjesus3 (1:26:51 AM)
: ya
blckjesus3 (1:27:02 AM): there is nothin man can do against nature
BryonS7 (1:27:09 AM): nature is a constant
BryonS7 (1:27:11 AM)
: man kind is not
blckjesus3 (1:27:13 AM)
: ya
blckjesus3 (1:27:29 AM): that is totally if a tree falls in the woods shit
BryonS7 (1:27:36 AM): haha
blckjesus3 (1:27:49 AM)
: if man makes a difference and nature stilll destroys the society
blckjesus3 (1:27:59 AM): does his difference really mean jack shit
BryonS7 (1:28:13 AM): thus far 6 billion people have made an estimated 3% impact on the enviroment
BryonS7 (1:28:58 AM)
: that's our contribution to globabl warming a 3% alteration to normal weather patterns
BryonS7 (1:29:06 AM)
: and they make such a fuss
blckjesus3 (1:29:06 AM)
: because nature is a constant does death mean anything
BryonS7 (1:29:22 AM): nature works in cycles
BryonS7 (1:29:30 AM)
: death is part of the cycle of being
BryonS7 (1:29:42 AM)
: it is the only thing we are garunteed from birth
blckjesus3 (1:29:47 AM)
: death is the end of the cycle of being
blckjesus3 (1:29:53 AM): woah shit
BryonS7 (1:29:54 AM): but it isnt
BryonS7 (1:29:59 AM)
: death of one creature feeds another
BryonS7 (1:30:02 AM)
: bacteria eat the dead
BryonS7 (1:30:14 AM)
: dead mammals feed plants
BryonS7 (1:30:17 AM)
: plants feed mammals
blckjesus3 (1:30:23 AM)
: we make to big of a deal of death and marriage
BryonS7 (1:30:24 AM): loop d loop d loop
blckjesus3 (1:30:35 AM)
: and that shit
BryonS7 (1:30:38 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:30:44 AM)
: its just legal meaning
blckjesus3 (1:30:46 AM): and tears
BryonS7 (1:30:50 AM): I think part of really getting worked up over death, is our selfishness
blckjesus3 (1:30:52 AM)
: those tears are shed for what
BryonS7 (1:30:56 AM): i mean why are we really sad
blckjesus3 (1:31:01 AM)
: because
BryonS7 (1:31:02 AM): because we don't get anymore of that person
blckjesus3 (1:31:06 AM)
: i cant talk to that person
blckjesus3 (1:31:09 AM): i cant do this
BryonS7 (1:31:10 AM): exaclty
blckjesus3 (1:31:28 AM)
: to the person who has passed into bacterial food
blckjesus3 (1:32:01 AM): death is inevitably
blckjesus3 (1:32:04 AM): e
BryonS7 (1:32:07 AM): death is garunteed
blckjesus3 (1:32:14 AM)
: ha
BryonS7 (1:32:15 AM): natures promise
blckjesus3 (1:32:27 AM)
: if i brought this shit up at school
blckjesus3 (1:32:35 AM): my teachers and peers would think im fuckin crazy
BryonS7 (1:32:41 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:32:46 AM)
: then in 5 years it'd hit them
BryonS7 (1:32:49 AM)
: whoa
blckjesus3 (1:32:50 AM)
: and really dark and sadistical
BryonS7 (1:32:51 AM): ....
BryonS7 (1:32:51 AM)
: lol
BryonS7 (1:32:55 AM)
: yeah it's not dark though
BryonS7 (1:32:59 AM)
: it's just belittling man
blckjesus3 (1:33:04 AM)
: true
blckjesus3 (1:33:12 AM): but people tend to lay blame on those things
BryonS7 (1:33:14 AM): it's accepting our place in the universe as an insignificant clump of molecules
blckjesus3 (1:33:20 AM)
: like if i was to say that death is natures promise
BryonS7 (1:33:26 AM): haha i liked that line
blckjesus3 (1:33:27 AM)
: people would think that
blckjesus3 (1:33:32 AM): so did i
BryonS7 (1:33:33 AM): i jsut made that up
BryonS7 (1:33:33 AM)
: lol
BryonS7 (1:33:40 AM)
: but it's so dark
blckjesus3 (1:33:45 AM)
: i was focusing on death
BryonS7 (1:33:46 AM): yeah they don't like dark shit like that
blckjesus3 (1:33:54 AM)
: and its not death that im focusing on at all
BryonS7 (1:33:57 AM): in actuality they are focussing on death
blckjesus3 (1:34:02 AM)
: its the life that leads to death
blckjesus3 (1:34:11 AM): they are focusing on the deaht part
BryonS7 (1:34:13 AM): and death leads to life
BryonS7 (1:34:19 AM)
: they are the pessimistic assholes
blckjesus3 (1:34:23 AM)
: life leads to death
BryonS7 (1:34:23 AM): that can't take in the whole picture
BryonS7 (1:34:24 AM)
: lol
blckjesus3 (1:34:28 AM)
: life leads to life
BryonS7 (1:34:49 AM): that's a good way to look at it
BryonS7 (1:34:53 AM)
: that's cool i like that
BryonS7 (1:35:00 AM)
: through the loops whilst death is inevitable
BryonS7 (1:35:03 AM)
: life leads to life
BryonS7 (1:35:14 AM)
: not through reincarnation
BryonS7 (1:35:17 AM)
: but through chemical reactions
BryonS7 (1:35:39 AM)
: wow
BryonS7 (1:35:43 AM)
: i just had a really deep thought
BryonS7 (1:35:47 AM)
: basically
BryonS7 (1:36:23 AM)
: i was like thinking everything works in circles (cycles or orbitals) pi is the mathmatic milestone to really understanding a lot of shit i bet
blckjesus3 (1:36:55 AM)
: holy shit
BryonS7 (1:37:13 AM): like can you imagine if people figured out the algorithms of nature
blckjesus3 (1:37:24 AM)
: o man
BryonS7 (1:38:18 AM): you'd like be on another plain
BryonS7 (1:38:20 AM)
: wow
blckjesus3 (1:38:36 AM)
: on another plain you are already food
BryonS7 (1:38:45 AM): yep
BryonS7 (1:38:49 AM)
: all organic matter is food
BryonS7 (1:38:50 AM)
: hah
blckjesus3 (1:39:00 AM)
: jesus dude
BryonS7 (1:40:03 AM): kinda interesting i believe it was einstein said nothing will benefit the human race like adopting an all vegetarian diet
blckjesus3 (1:40:15 AM)
: ha
BryonS7 (1:40:17 AM): decaying herbavors are plant food, and plants are food for herbavors
BryonS7 (1:40:30 AM)
: would create a seemless rhythm
blckjesus3 (1:40:55 AM)
: instead of our lumpy rhythem
blckjesus3 (1:41:00 AM): god dude
blckjesus3 (1:41:12 AM): im gonna be thinking about this shit all week
BryonS7 (1:41:15 AM): haha
BryonS7 (1:41:17 AM)
: hell yes
BryonS7 (1:41:26 AM)
: dude I have people thank me for making them think quite often lol
blckjesus3 (1:41:35 AM)
: me too
BryonS7 (1:41:39 AM): this is why i have social problems lmfao
BryonS7 (1:41:49 AM)
: you have to be of a certain level just to get the foot in the door
blckjesus3 (1:42:01 AM)
: let them make up their own mind
blckjesus3 (1:42:09 AM): no one wants to hear my ideas
blckjesus3 (1:42:13 AM): its fuckin stupid
blckjesus3 (1:42:19 AM): but still
BryonS7 (1:42:23 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:42:53 AM)
: if i ever find a girl i can talk to like this
BryonS7 (1:42:54 AM)
: omg
blckjesus3 (1:42:59 AM)
: ya dude
BryonS7 (1:43:02 AM): I'll probably bust the first two in my pants
BryonS7 (1:43:11 AM)
: before i even get to bone her
blckjesus3 (1:43:16 AM)
: seriously dude you need to grow a vagina
BryonS7 (1:43:21 AM): rofl
BryonS7 (1:43:23 AM)
: I'm on it
blckjesus3 (1:43:32 AM)
: once i tried to talk to a girl after fuckin her
BryonS7 (1:43:34 AM): always wanted to be on the neural end of playing with one of those
blckjesus3 (1:43:39 AM)
: i felt i had a mental connection
BryonS7 (1:43:42 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:43:49 AM)
: regret it afterward
blckjesus3 (1:43:52 AM)
: i didnt get pussy for a week
BryonS7 (1:43:55 AM): fuck
BryonS7 (1:43:56 AM)
: shitty
blckjesus3 (1:44:01 AM)
: she told her friends
blckjesus3 (1:44:05 AM): that i was crazy
BryonS7 (1:44:08 AM): ROFL
BryonS7 (1:44:09 AM)
: hahaha
BryonS7 (1:44:10 AM)
: fuck
BryonS7 (1:44:11 AM)
: shitty
BryonS7 (1:44:17 AM)
: hey you know what man
blckjesus3 (1:44:20 AM)
: in our minds were fine
blckjesus3 (1:44:27 AM): but to the outside world this is not normal
BryonS7 (1:44:36 AM): everyone now regarded as genius was then a nut case or a heretic
blckjesus3 (1:44:40 AM)
: not till people can look back on your thoughts
BryonS7 (1:44:48 AM): yep yep
blckjesus3 (1:44:48 AM)
: are you genious
BryonS7 (1:44:59 AM): I've been called it once, I don't ever like to say i am
BryonS7 (1:45:05 AM)
: the guy who called me it has a phd
blckjesus3 (1:45:10 AM)
: and not till my spelling gets better will my opinions be respected
BryonS7 (1:45:13 AM): felt kinda honored
BryonS7 (1:45:29 AM)
: dude if you had asked me at 2 this afternoon what i would be doing right now
BryonS7 (1:45:37 AM)
: having a deep deep deep fucking conversation with gobots
BryonS7 (1:45:44 AM)
: would probably have been nowhere on my list lol
blckjesus3 (1:45:48 AM)
: haha
blckjesus3 (1:45:55 AM): i woulda said sleeping
BryonS7 (1:45:55 AM): I guess i should've known
BryonS7 (1:45:57 AM)
: same
BryonS7 (1:45:58 AM)
: lmfao
blckjesus3 (1:46:05 AM)
: causei have to be up in like 4 hours
BryonS7 (1:46:07 AM): we've been the two peas in the pod team for a while now
blckjesus3 (1:46:09 AM)
: but o well
BryonS7 (1:46:11 AM): yep
BryonS7 (1:46:12 AM)
: fuck it
BryonS7 (1:46:16 AM)
: thinking is healthier than sleep sometimes
BryonS7 (1:46:31 AM)
: i know i'm glad i'm doing this instead of being miserable and trying to sleep
blckjesus3 (1:46:31 AM)
: i have had these thoughts for a long time
blckjesus3 (1:46:42 AM): i just feel that my personal connectsion are far to material
BryonS7 (1:46:58 AM): what do you mean by that?
blckjesus3 (1:47:01 AM)
: waaaaaa no one understands me waaaaaaa
BryonS7 (1:47:14 AM): haha they are out there :-P
BryonS7 (1:47:29 AM): I don't say understands me, i prefer relate to
blckjesus3 (1:47:31 AM)
: because i only know you for some of your beliefs and a little ideology now
BryonS7 (1:47:32 AM): someone i can relate to
BryonS7 (1:47:38 AM)
: yeah
blckjesus3 (1:47:46 AM)
: see if i knew you in person
BryonS7 (1:47:53 AM): we'd be gay jk
blckjesus3 (1:48:00 AM)
: true
BryonS7 (1:48:05 AM): lmfao or getting surgery
BryonS7 (1:48:10 AM)
: rock paper scissors sex change
blckjesus3 (1:48:12 AM)
: haha
blckjesus3 (1:48:18 AM): id make a hot chick
blckjesus3 (1:48:20 AM): ....haha
BryonS7 (1:48:25 AM): you're the girl then
BryonS7 (1:48:25 AM)
: lol
BryonS7 (1:48:31 AM)
: i'm too fucking hairy lol
blckjesus3 (1:48:38 AM)
: haha
blckjesus3 (1:48:59 AM): my friends dont know my opinions on many subjects because they wouldnt understand
BryonS7 (1:49:04 AM): same
blckjesus3 (1:49:11 AM)
: i dont feel that they share the same beliefs
blckjesus3 (1:49:21 AM): i believe they share classes with me
blckjesus3 (1:49:23 AM): and they like beer
BryonS7 (1:49:25 AM): my bestfriend is christian but the good kind nonjudgemental
BryonS7 (1:49:40 AM)
: but he has told me that i have launched him in the deepest thought anything has ever in his life
blckjesus3 (1:49:48 AM)
: and therefore we base our relation ship on material
blckjesus3 (1:50:05 AM): we surround ourselves with people who are just like us
BryonS7 (1:50:13 AM): haha i wish i could
blckjesus3 (1:50:15 AM)
: our friends are normally just like us
blckjesus3 (1:50:19 AM): not mentally
blckjesus3 (1:50:25 AM): but materially
BryonS7 (1:50:26 AM): similar interests
BryonS7 (1:50:28 AM)
: yeah
blckjesus3 (1:50:29 AM)
: exactly
BryonS7 (1:50:30 AM): i get ya
BryonS7 (1:50:32 AM)
: music tastes
blckjesus3 (1:50:37 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (1:50:37 AM): hangout ideas
BryonS7 (1:50:45 AM)
: what their idea of "fun" is
BryonS7 (1:50:47 AM)
: shit like that
blckjesus3 (1:50:54 AM)
: and thats fine
BryonS7 (1:50:57 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:51:02 AM)
: but if i want a relationship with someone
blckjesus3 (1:51:12 AM): that have to know my beliefs arent
blckjesus3 (1:51:17 AM): "normal"
BryonS7 (1:51:24 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:51:27 AM)
: i believe in the inevitability of war
BryonS7 (1:51:31 AM): I guess i'm lucky i've never been called crazy
blckjesus3 (1:51:52 AM)
: i got called crazy by a teacher once
BryonS7 (1:51:56 AM): maybe i've just had a better pool i've talked to
BryonS7 (1:52:04 AM)
: I'm good at articulation though too
blckjesus3 (1:52:04 AM)
: i dont talk to people about this
BryonS7 (1:52:08 AM): packaging makes a big difference
BryonS7 (1:52:18 AM)
: the antrax in a pretty box get's sniffed first :-P
blckjesus3 (1:52:27 AM): i told my history teacher about the inevitiability of war
BryonS7 (1:52:30 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:52:34 AM)
: ya but i dont put a bow on it
blckjesus3 (1:52:42 AM): i dont believe in that metaphor shit
blckjesus3 (1:52:46 AM): like i said
BryonS7 (1:52:49 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (1:52:55 AM)
: i do it by accident at tiems
blckjesus3 (1:53:01 AM)
: thats better
BryonS7 (1:53:03 AM): i do similies an ass load
blckjesus3 (1:53:06 AM)
: people believe you when you say that
BryonS7 (1:53:07 AM): just to dumb stuff down
blckjesus3 (1:53:12 AM)
: you can be a messiah for that shit
blckjesus3 (1:53:24 AM): and you are still hardcore
blckjesus3 (1:53:39 AM): but like saying war is inevitable
BryonS7 (1:53:42 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (1:53:54 AM)
: and then contradicting yourself by cancelling abosolutes
blckjesus3 (1:53:58 AM): makes you sound crazy
blckjesus3 (1:54:08 AM): he asked if i had talked to a counsler
blckjesus3 (1:54:13 AM): i told him to fuck off
BryonS7 (1:54:16 AM): so peace is possible, but as an anomaly
BryonS7 (1:54:20 AM)
: totally sounds right to me man
blckjesus3 (1:54:26 AM)
: peace is an anomaly
BryonS7 (1:54:27 AM): peace is attainable only as a glitch
BryonS7 (1:54:40 AM)
: peace is our ultimate mutation as a species
blckjesus3 (1:54:56 AM)
: because of desperation there will be no peace
BryonS7 (1:54:58 AM): true peace anyway
blckjesus3 (1:55:21 AM)
: and because of the road to peace there is always desperation
BryonS7 (1:55:37 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (1:55:39 AM)
: you cant make everyone happy
BryonS7 (1:55:47 AM): not at all
blckjesus3 (1:55:53 AM)
: peace is utopian
blckjesus3 (1:56:00 AM): i hate even that word
BryonS7 (1:56:04 AM): utopia is an anomaly at best
blckjesus3 (1:56:08 AM)
: because perfection is retarded
BryonS7 (1:56:17 AM): perfection is nonexistant
blckjesus3 (1:56:46 AM)
: ya
blckjesus3 (1:56:55 AM): i believe in the middle line
blckjesus3 (1:57:07 AM): we deviate from the middle
blckjesus3 (1:57:14 AM): as humans
blckjesus3 (1:57:22 AM): there is no definable middle
blckjesus3 (1:57:25 AM): but it is there
BryonS7 (1:57:29 AM): yeah we try to be off balance
BryonS7 (1:57:50 AM)
: well it's evident, like look at species of animals some are weaker some are stronger most are average
BryonS7 (1:57:58 AM)
: and that gray area of average is the median
blckjesus3 (1:58:12 AM)
: but we arent the bell curve
blckjesus3 (1:58:19 AM): because no one is average
BryonS7 (1:58:43 AM): oh i believe if you sampled well enough there are averages in humans, but you have to think, are americans a whole different species than chinese now
BryonS7 (1:58:50 AM)
: like wasps in different hives
BryonS7 (1:58:58 AM)
: some became giant wasps
BryonS7 (1:59:01 AM)
: some stayed small
blckjesus3 (1:59:09 AM)
: ...woah
BryonS7 (1:59:13 AM): i don't know if people ever think of different human species
blckjesus3 (1:59:14 AM)
: like darwinian finches
BryonS7 (1:59:42 AM): like look at the living conditions as dividing of the human species, south americans are all similar, so are africans to africans, asians to asians
BryonS7 (1:59:45 AM)
: middle easterners
BryonS7 (1:59:49 AM)
: and then the western world
blckjesus3 (1:59:53 AM)
: different islands gain different opinions due to different economical and social devices
BryonS7 (1:59:54 AM): like multiple species
BryonS7 (2:00:01 AM)
: pretty much
BryonS7 (2:00:33 AM)
: right now america is the dominant species, well america/westernized europe
blckjesus3 (2:00:35 AM)
: and then there are subdivisions within those categories
BryonS7 (2:00:40 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (2:00:49 AM)
: because of resources
BryonS7 (2:00:58 AM): and evolution of thought
blckjesus3 (2:01:04 AM)
: they become scarce in the western world and someone else will take over
blckjesus3 (2:01:05 AM): therefore
BryonS7 (2:01:07 AM): who has more inteligent minds
blckjesus3 (2:01:11 AM)
: the war is inevitably
BryonS7 (2:01:15 AM): yep
BryonS7 (2:01:25 AM)
: for either the west will have the power to sieze the rescources
BryonS7 (2:01:28 AM)
: or they shall fall
blckjesus3 (2:01:37 AM)
: inteligence has nothing to do with power
BryonS7 (2:01:52 AM): no but inteligence helps evolve into a stronger species as a whole
BryonS7 (2:01:57 AM)
: the atomic bomb came from inteligence
blckjesus3 (2:01:57 AM)
: yes
BryonS7 (2:02:09 AM): the atomic bomb wielding groups are the dominant species
blckjesus3 (2:02:19 AM)
: but its who uses inteligence to throw around there inteligence
BryonS7 (2:02:26 AM): we are predators of rescources and feeble countries are our prey
blckjesus3 (2:02:27 AM)
: that becomes powerful
blckjesus3 (2:02:37 AM): o shit
blckjesus3 (2:02:41 AM): thats good
BryonS7 (2:02:43 AM): all runs on nature dude
BryonS7 (2:02:44 AM)
: all of it
BryonS7 (2:02:56 AM)
: we just eat more than food now
blckjesus3 (2:03:00 AM)
: inteligence leads to power
BryonS7 (2:03:04 AM): but it's the same shit in a different suit
blckjesus3 (2:03:09 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (2:03:22 AM): the smartest lion leads the pride, the smartest nations lead the heard of humans
blckjesus3 (2:03:24 AM)
: we are consumers of knowledge
BryonS7 (2:03:27 AM): herd**
BryonS7 (2:03:38 AM)
: knowledge is evolution
blckjesus3 (2:03:41 AM)
: america is not the most economically rich
BryonS7 (2:03:45 AM): i mean predators become smarter
blckjesus3 (2:03:46 AM)
: or the most inteligent
blckjesus3 (2:03:48 AM): but
BryonS7 (2:03:51 AM): we buy inteligence
blckjesus3 (2:03:59 AM)
: we have the knowledge to get money
BryonS7 (2:04:04 AM): knowledge is a result of evolution but in the same regard is a rescource of nations
blckjesus3 (2:04:05 AM)
: to get more inteligence
BryonS7 (2:04:18 AM): we capture our rescources knowledge is one of those
blckjesus3 (2:04:27 AM)
: and we use our inteligence to get more money and there fore more inteligence
BryonS7 (2:04:33 AM): money is a web that can capture most things for everything out of range of that there is war
BryonS7 (2:04:58 AM)
: so perhaps money could be a factor in making peace
BryonS7 (2:05:06 AM)
: but money is a web, it opresses many
BryonS7 (2:05:14 AM)
: and oppression will lead to internal turmouil
BryonS7 (2:05:21 AM)
: turmoil**
BryonS7 (2:05:25 AM)
: that inturn will bring more war
blckjesus3 (2:05:27 AM)
: which leads to war
blckjesus3 (2:05:29 AM): shit
BryonS7 (2:06:03 AM): communism is like a pipe dream of peace, but i don't believe that will ever be ascertainable, and if it is post a great world war
BryonS7 (2:06:08 AM)
: it won't be maintainable
BryonS7 (2:06:14 AM)
: because human nature will force them from the communes
BryonS7 (2:06:17 AM)
: and trade will resume
blckjesus3 (2:06:19 AM)
: true communism is unnattainable
BryonS7 (2:06:24 AM): and the evolution will come again
blckjesus3 (2:06:26 AM)
: because it has to begin without flaw
BryonS7 (2:06:43 AM): well marx's theory believed it to be the ultimate evolution of humanity
BryonS7 (2:06:46 AM)
: that we would drift into it
blckjesus3 (2:07:05 AM)
: but marx also believed in an uprising of the proletariat
BryonS7 (2:07:09 AM): by no means is it possible through force
blckjesus3 (2:07:14 AM)
: exactly
blckjesus3 (2:07:30 AM): it would have to happen after a nuclear holocaust
BryonS7 (2:07:35 AM): yep
BryonS7 (2:07:48 AM)
: and then it would be the dark ages with out the aristrocracy and monarchy
BryonS7 (2:07:52 AM)
: which would again only be temporary
blckjesus3 (2:07:57 AM)
: without records
blckjesus3 (2:07:59 AM): money
BryonS7 (2:08:04 AM): humans are mammals, mammals travel in packs
blckjesus3 (2:08:04 AM)
: or anything of the such
blckjesus3 (2:08:17 AM): cavemen were communists
BryonS7 (2:08:18 AM): because humans alone
BryonS7 (2:08:22 AM)
: something will eat us
blckjesus3 (2:08:27 AM)
: animals who are pack animals are communists
BryonS7 (2:08:31 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (2:08:39 AM)
: but animals have no currency
blckjesus3 (2:08:51 AM)
: money is unimportant in communism
BryonS7 (2:08:55 AM): they are missing a layer of consciousness which unfortunately breeds a new creed of selfishness
BryonS7 (2:09:05 AM)
: and that is what seperates humans from the rest of the lot
BryonS7 (2:09:12 AM)
: an extra chunk of cognisence
blckjesus3 (2:09:21 AM)
: i believe taht communism is impossible due to that conscience
BryonS7 (2:09:25 AM): same here
blckjesus3 (2:09:30 AM)
: becuase of the selfish nature of humans
BryonS7 (2:09:32 AM): i was just gonna say that ahha
BryonS7 (2:09:34 AM)
: yep
blckjesus3 (2:09:39 AM)
: everyone wants more than they need
blckjesus3 (2:09:41 AM): or deserve
blckjesus3 (2:09:45 AM): fighting would break out
BryonS7 (2:09:47 AM): communism is based on selflessness which is rare as fuck
blckjesus3 (2:09:48 AM)
: factioning
BryonS7 (2:09:59 AM): and right now in humanity selflessness is mistaken for a weakness
blckjesus3 (2:10:08 AM)
: true selflessness is impossible
BryonS7 (2:10:15 AM): which just shows we are drifting furhter from comunism
blckjesus3 (2:10:16 AM)
: it is part fo human perfection
blckjesus3 (2:10:38 AM): ya
BryonS7 (2:10:39 AM): no being can be selfless for they have to eat, and drink, and at some point they must care for themselves
blckjesus3 (2:11:21 AM)
: exactly
blckjesus3 (2:11:42 AM): but then is government necessary
blckjesus3 (2:11:53 AM): this is a transcendentalist theory
BryonS7 (2:12:10 AM): that's a good question
blckjesus3 (2:12:13 AM)
: is democracy the highest attainable power
blckjesus3 (2:12:24 AM): is it the best government
BryonS7 (2:12:29 AM): well then what is democracy, america is no longer a democracy
blckjesus3 (2:12:34 AM)
: no
blckjesus3 (2:12:52 AM): america is a modified monarchy, much like a dictorship
BryonS7 (2:12:56 AM): in a democracy every citizent has a voice
BryonS7 (2:13:10 AM)
: the only voice a person has in america is their dollar vote
BryonS7 (2:13:18 AM)
: america is a different beast entirely
blckjesus3 (2:13:24 AM)
: technically
BryonS7 (2:13:25 AM): it is a capitalist society
blckjesus3 (2:13:28 AM)
: no government is perfect
blckjesus3 (2:13:30 AM): or can be
blckjesus3 (2:13:40 AM): because it has to be free to the individual
BryonS7 (2:13:46 AM): like honestly when's the last itme we had a poor president?
BryonS7 (2:13:53 AM)
: money decides who gets to run for office here
BryonS7 (2:13:58 AM)
: money makes the votes
BryonS7 (2:14:01 AM)
: money markets our leaders
blckjesus3 (2:14:03 AM)
: we never have had a poor president
BryonS7 (2:14:04 AM): it's capitalism
BryonS7 (2:14:08 AM)
: exactly
BryonS7 (2:14:16 AM)
: this nation is not democratic
BryonS7 (2:14:18 AM)
: it is capitalist
BryonS7 (2:14:24 AM)
: that's my view of it
blckjesus3 (2:14:29 AM)
: but really anarchy is the only possible government that the individual
blckjesus3 (2:14:40 AM): has his own rights
BryonS7 (2:14:52 AM): but anarchy is back to animal nature alone
blckjesus3 (2:14:57 AM)
: and anarchy cannot work because of the mass beliefs of some
BryonS7 (2:15:00 AM): then the weak will die and the strong will survive
blckjesus3 (2:15:08 AM)
: would override the beliefs of others
BryonS7 (2:15:17 AM): anarcyh too would probably evolve back into control systems
BryonS7 (2:15:25 AM)
: anarchy**
blckjesus3 (2:15:43 AM)
: as always there are leaders and followers
BryonS7 (2:15:48 AM): yep
blckjesus3 (2:16:05 AM)
: and the ones in between get crushed
BryonS7 (2:16:11 AM): lmfao yep
BryonS7 (2:16:13 AM)
: the dumb fucks
BryonS7 (2:16:21 AM)
: on the sidelines picnicking at the war
blckjesus3 (2:16:21 AM)
: ....
blckjesus3 (2:16:27 AM): we are inbetween
BryonS7 (2:16:27 AM): get hit by cannonballs
blckjesus3 (2:16:33 AM)
: we dont have a following
BryonS7 (2:16:36 AM): yet
BryonS7 (2:16:38 AM)
: yet
BryonS7 (2:16:47 AM)
: why do you think i want to be a writer
blckjesus3 (2:17:09 AM)
: ....but if people follow thses beliefs
BryonS7 (2:17:11 AM): so snide fuckin crazies like us have someone to quote :-P
blckjesus3 (2:17:12 AM): in our modern day
blckjesus3 (2:17:25 AM): than they are cultists
blckjesus3 (2:17:32 AM): and we are cult driven leaders
BryonS7 (2:17:36 AM): that's what christians were at first
BryonS7 (2:17:43 AM)
: but we are not messiahs
BryonS7 (2:17:51 AM)
: we are just idea men
blckjesus3 (2:18:01 AM)
: but doesnt the idea that we have thought of this idea
BryonS7 (2:18:03 AM): and we gave no mention of god
blckjesus3 (2:18:15 AM)
: make us seem more powerful than the people who pick up our idea
BryonS7 (2:18:35 AM): well, was newton the messiah? or was he really smart lol
BryonS7 (2:18:51 AM)
: i think society can at least nowadays deem people as very inteligent
blckjesus3 (2:19:14 AM)
: but modern intelligence is no longer true
blckjesus3 (2:19:18 AM): it is a credential
blckjesus3 (2:19:22 AM): a phd
blckjesus3 (2:19:25 AM): a masters
BryonS7 (2:19:36 AM): i believe in inteligence as a seperate entity from degrees
blckjesus3 (2:19:43 AM)
: o so do i
BryonS7 (2:19:58 AM): infact i believe streets smart individuals are as inteligent and sometimes more intelligent than booksmart ones
blckjesus3 (2:19:58 AM)
: i can claim that we are revolutionairy genious
BryonS7 (2:20:05 AM): inteligence is in part your ability to learn
blckjesus3 (2:20:12 AM)
: yes
BryonS7 (2:20:18 AM): do you know what i defined genius as?
blckjesus3 (2:20:19 AM)
: but without a basis in science
BryonS7 (2:20:25 AM): have i ever told you
blckjesus3 (2:20:35 AM)
: no
BryonS7 (2:20:40 AM): my definition i made for myself
BryonS7 (2:20:59 AM)
: "knowing something to it's full extent yet still being able to maintain your enjoyment of it's aesthetic value"
BryonS7 (2:21:11 AM)
: in other words hold your ignorance is bliss eyes
BryonS7 (2:21:14 AM)
: with your scientific brain
blckjesus3 (2:21:27 AM)
: even though you know it
blckjesus3 (2:21:36 AM): you dont know it...and thats why you enjoy it
blckjesus3 (2:21:37 AM): ?
BryonS7 (2:21:51 AM): well like so often
BryonS7 (2:22:01 AM)
: people when they learn the true workings of something lose the mysticism
BryonS7 (2:22:10 AM)
: like we become dull to it
blckjesus3 (2:22:20 AM)
: are you saying we need to keep the science
BryonS7 (2:22:21 AM): we know it, humans take knowledge for granite
blckjesus3 (2:22:27 AM)
: but understand the philosophy
BryonS7 (2:22:27 AM): saying learn the science fully
blckjesus3 (2:22:30 AM)
: or the thought
BryonS7 (2:22:31 AM): but look at it like an artist still
blckjesus3 (2:22:47 AM)
: o ok
BryonS7 (2:22:56 AM): mark twain wrote an essay on a river
BryonS7 (2:23:01 AM)
: it starts with his love of it
BryonS7 (2:23:06 AM)
: then gets into the technicality of it
BryonS7 (2:23:18 AM)
: and then how he wishes he could return to the days before he knew it technically
BryonS7 (2:23:23 AM)
: i'm saying he is a pussy
BryonS7 (2:23:26 AM)
: and unimaginative
BryonS7 (2:23:31 AM)
: for he can't return to his original pov
blckjesus3 (2:23:42 AM)
: that is genious
BryonS7 (2:23:52 AM): you're mind isnt open unless you can cross the fence back to the original place you were at and then return again to where you are
blckjesus3 (2:23:58 AM)
: shit i never thought of the basis of inteligence
blckjesus3 (2:24:11 AM): you cant love something without both sides of it
blckjesus3 (2:24:19 AM): that why religion is flawed
blckjesus3 (2:24:24 AM): it is only the mystic
BryonS7 (2:24:26 AM): religion is just dated
blckjesus3 (2:24:32 AM)
: and thats why science is flawed
blckjesus3 (2:24:35 AM): true
BryonS7 (2:24:44 AM): but dude, the religions predating christianity are earth religions
blckjesus3 (2:24:45 AM)
: because religion was based on the science of the time
BryonS7 (2:25:02 AM): the godess religions based on earth work well
BryonS7 (2:25:10 AM)
: because they were based on the world infront of them
blckjesus3 (2:25:18 AM)
: anything unexplainable by there means
blckjesus3 (2:25:25 AM): must have been devine
blckjesus3 (2:25:28 AM): right
blckjesus3 (2:25:53 AM): but if you update that shit...arent we delving into scienctology
BryonS7 (2:26:18 AM): i don't know it was more what wain their life
BryonS7 (2:26:19 AM)
: was in**
BryonS7 (2:26:29 AM)
: like it was what was infront of them that they valued
BryonS7 (2:26:33 AM)
: they weren't so much about worship
BryonS7 (2:26:35 AM)
: and appreciation
blckjesus3 (2:26:45 AM)
: they believed in reality
blckjesus3 (2:26:50 AM): is that what you are saying
BryonS7 (2:26:53 AM): kinda
BryonS7 (2:27:02 AM)
: more they believed in the world around them, and gave thanks to it
BryonS7 (2:27:17 AM)
: i am going to read up on the wiccan religion soon
blckjesus3 (2:27:18 AM)
: ya
BryonS7 (2:27:21 AM): it sounds very grounded
blckjesus3 (2:27:37 AM)
: i believe its fairly pragmatic
BryonS7 (2:27:47 AM): i mean i love their concept of balance
BryonS7 (2:27:52 AM)
: a male and female for everything
blckjesus3 (2:28:12 AM)
: i dont like religion because to people now
blckjesus3 (2:28:18 AM): it has become 100
blckjesus3 (2:28:26 AM): percent mystical
blckjesus3 (2:28:41 AM): i believe religion is misinterpreted
BryonS7 (2:28:45 AM): same here
blckjesus3 (2:28:58 AM)
: they are missing the practicality
blckjesus3 (2:29:09 AM): you have to first ground religion
blckjesus3 (2:29:36 AM): and then you can move to much more complex ideas that are presented to you
BryonS7 (2:29:56 AM): the biggest problem with the major western religions
BryonS7 (2:30:08 AM)
: is they were handed down by word of mouth for years before actually being recorded
blckjesus3 (2:30:23 AM)
: and we are still using those recordings today
BryonS7 (2:30:24 AM): so something could've gone from carrying in barrels of wine with friends to turning water into wine
blckjesus3 (2:30:34 AM)
: thats one problem
blckjesus3 (2:30:48 AM): they need to be modernized
blckjesus3 (2:30:52 AM): and fuck the stories
BryonS7 (2:30:56 AM): I think the largest problem
BryonS7 (2:31:02 AM)
: is that there are two creeds
blckjesus3 (2:31:02 AM)
: cause most of that stuff is changed by telephone
BryonS7 (2:31:07 AM): 1 practices the religion
BryonS7 (2:31:11 AM)
: the other worships the book
BryonS7 (2:31:20 AM)
: people are so caught up in knowing the bible by heart
BryonS7 (2:31:25 AM)
: they lose sight of the meaning of it
BryonS7 (2:31:27 AM)
: they only know the words
blckjesus3 (2:31:28 AM)
: that they forget to practice
BryonS7 (2:31:29 AM): no thte moral
blckjesus3 (2:31:37 AM)
: they dont know morality
BryonS7 (2:31:39 AM): they judge others for not practicing the fucking text
blckjesus3 (2:31:44 AM)
: but the thing is its not about religion
BryonS7 (2:31:46 AM): when they themselves don't practice
blckjesus3 (2:31:53 AM)
: infact religion was never about knowing the book
BryonS7 (2:32:02 AM): religion is about control
blckjesus3 (2:32:03 AM)
: or practicing the beliefs presented in the book
blckjesus3 (2:32:08 AM): exactly
blckjesus3 (2:32:15 AM): religion tries to control
BryonS7 (2:32:23 AM): we've got newer systems of control now
BryonS7 (2:32:30 AM)
: new laws
blckjesus3 (2:32:33 AM)
: science
blckjesus3 (2:32:36 AM): ?
BryonS7 (2:32:36 AM): don't need the old rule book
BryonS7 (2:32:44 AM)
: more govt
blckjesus3 (2:33:22 AM)
: so if we go back to a primitive state
blckjesus3 (2:33:31 AM): religion would be unaplicable
blckjesus3 (2:33:43 AM): but govt would be
BryonS7 (2:33:50 AM): yep
BryonS7 (2:34:03 AM)
: but religion usually is a part of govt
blckjesus3 (2:34:04 AM)
: i have never thought about religion this much
BryonS7 (2:34:11 AM): haha
BryonS7 (2:34:13 AM)
: cool
blckjesus3 (2:34:23 AM)
: i tend to try and think my own thoughts
BryonS7 (2:34:31 AM): same here
blckjesus3 (2:34:39 AM)
: religion is just a philosophy presented a more direct
blckjesus3 (2:34:49 AM): and much more involved way
BryonS7 (2:35:19 AM): religion becomes increasingly difficult to stand by the more inteligent you get
blckjesus3 (2:35:31 AM)
: yes
BryonS7 (2:35:35 AM): the one thing i've seen in successful religious people who take it with a grain of salt, they focus on the virtues
BryonS7 (2:35:37 AM)
: not the words
blckjesus3 (2:35:40 AM)
: because inteligence leads to practically
BryonS7 (2:35:43 AM): they just use it as a moral guideline
BryonS7 (2:35:45 AM)
: that works well
BryonS7 (2:36:00 AM)
: but much of what religions preach in my eyes is self evident
BryonS7 (2:36:08 AM)
: like the morality and such
blckjesus3 (2:36:08 AM)
: you need that practicality
BryonS7 (2:36:18 AM): then again i'm not driven by money
blckjesus3 (2:36:29 AM)
: but what you dont need is that biased to one belief
blckjesus3 (2:36:44 AM): because there beliefs are single tracked often
blckjesus3 (2:36:52 AM): i dont believe anything is that simple
blckjesus3 (2:36:58 AM): there is no right and wrong
blckjesus3 (2:37:03 AM): because there are no absolutes
BryonS7 (2:37:07 AM): I can garuntee onething
BryonS7 (2:37:14 AM)
: the key starting point to any journey or voyage
BryonS7 (2:37:16 AM)
: is an open mind
blckjesus3 (2:37:30 AM)
: i am closed to religion
blckjesus3 (2:37:33 AM): because of its backgroun
blckjesus3 (2:37:43 AM): but i am more open to it now
BryonS7 (2:37:44 AM): I kinda enjoy bible studies
BryonS7 (2:37:48 AM)
: i make those people think haha
BryonS7 (2:37:49 AM)
: a lot
BryonS7 (2:38:02 AM)
: because i tell them off the bat i am not christian and am uncertain if i believe in a god
blckjesus3 (2:38:02 AM)
: i dont hitnk i would fit in where i live
BryonS7 (2:38:08 AM): i have only done a few
blckjesus3 (2:38:10 AM)
: the people who are religious here are crazy
BryonS7 (2:38:13 AM): but my analysis of the text
BryonS7 (2:38:15 AM)
: is fun
BryonS7 (2:38:20 AM)
: yeah some are here haha
blckjesus3 (2:38:33 AM)
: i cant listen to a preacher
BryonS7 (2:38:35 AM): DUDE WHOLY FUCK
blckjesus3 (2:38:40 AM)
: but i can interperat the text
BryonS7 (2:38:42 AM): i pasted our conversation in word
BryonS7 (2:38:45 AM)
: singlespaced
BryonS7 (2:38:48 AM)
: it's 33 pages
blckjesus3 (2:38:54 AM)
: holy shit dude
blckjesus3 (2:39:11 AM): but then again its alot like a script
blckjesus3 (2:39:51 AM): religion is a strange topic
BryonS7 (2:39:55 AM): yeah it is
blckjesus3 (2:39:58 AM)
: because it is all interpretation
BryonS7 (2:40:10 AM): but then again what isnt man
blckjesus3 (2:40:16 AM)
: and i guess much of my interpretation goes into the ideas that i have previously stated
BryonS7 (2:40:25 AM): My view on reality, is that there are over 6 billion realities on earth
blckjesus3 (2:40:28 AM)
: it is all interpretation
blckjesus3 (2:40:33 AM): i think thats why they are stories
BryonS7 (2:40:35 AM): and the official reality is just the averag of those
blckjesus3 (2:40:48 AM)
: as opposed to just guidelines
blckjesus3 (2:40:50 AM): or rules
blckjesus3 (2:41:07 AM): because you can interperate them how you want
BryonS7 (2:41:08 AM): well remember one other thing about power and systems of control
BryonS7 (2:41:12 AM)
: if you get people focussed on things
BryonS7 (2:41:17 AM)
: they won't look at the leader
blckjesus3 (2:41:17 AM)
: this is why i dissagree with many of my english teachers
BryonS7 (2:41:21 AM): they won't point fingers
BryonS7 (2:41:53 AM)
: like movements like political correctness are all aimed at steering peoples heads away from the real issues
BryonS7 (2:41:58 AM)
: of where the fucking boat is going
blckjesus3 (2:42:11 AM)
: political correctness is bs
BryonS7 (2:42:16 AM): fuckin load of shit
blckjesus3 (2:42:20 AM)
: truth is impossibility
BryonS7 (2:42:21 AM): that was just my example
blckjesus3 (2:42:25 AM)
: but it is something people need
BryonS7 (2:42:26 AM): all those things like that
BryonS7 (2:42:30 AM)
: are jsut designed to turn heads
BryonS7 (2:42:34 AM)
: so we don't watch where we are going
blckjesus3 (2:42:50 AM)
: death wouldnt be so important
blckjesus3 (2:42:53 AM): if it wasnt wrong
blckjesus3 (2:43:01 AM): and thats one thing the bible has created
BryonS7 (2:43:05 AM): yeah
BryonS7 (2:43:08 AM)
: because honestly
blckjesus3 (2:43:10 AM)
: its nature
BryonS7 (2:43:12 AM): animals kill each other
blckjesus3 (2:43:22 AM)
: there is nothing wrong with death
BryonS7 (2:43:25 AM): no
blckjesus3 (2:43:28 AM)
: it is to be celebrated
blckjesus3 (2:43:37 AM): i feel like im writing a religion
BryonS7 (2:43:40 AM): lol
BryonS7 (2:43:44 AM)
: mexicans celebrate death
BryonS7 (2:43:48 AM)
: that is what the day of the dead is about
BryonS7 (2:43:58 AM)
: a farewell and exoneration of the dead
blckjesus3 (2:44:32 AM)
: a while back when we were talkin about nature destroying the construction and creations of man
blckjesus3 (2:44:44 AM): we said something about destroying thought
blckjesus3 (2:44:52 AM): and i just lost my train of thought
BryonS7 (2:45:03 AM): lol doh
blckjesus3 (2:45:23 AM)
: o
blckjesus3 (2:45:34 AM): even if man has a seeming meaning
blckjesus3 (2:45:39 AM): in his lifetime
blckjesus3 (2:45:46 AM): that can be easily destroyed
BryonS7 (2:45:51 AM): yeah
blckjesus3 (2:46:11 AM)
: does that make life meaningless
blckjesus3 (2:46:19 AM): or just undefined
BryonS7 (2:46:23 AM): undefined
BryonS7 (2:46:34 AM)
: damn i wish i had the start of my first chapter of the book i'm working on typed
blckjesus3 (2:46:34 AM)
: so life is what you make of it
BryonS7 (2:46:43 AM): basically the guys mentality towards the meaning of life is fuck it
BryonS7 (2:46:44 AM)
: lol
BryonS7 (2:46:49 AM)
: exactly
BryonS7 (2:46:51 AM)
: life is what you make it
BryonS7 (2:47:07 AM)
: at least to the best of our knowledge no more no less
blckjesus3 (2:47:21 AM)
: life is waht you make of it because
BryonS7 (2:47:23 AM): which is one final grievance i have with the ideal of a blissfull jubuliant afterlife in heaven or whatev
blckjesus3 (2:47:29 AM)
: because what?
BryonS7 (2:47:30 AM): i think it produces sloth
BryonS7 (2:47:40 AM)
: if you believe something better is coming
BryonS7 (2:47:44 AM)
: you don't utilize this
BryonS7 (2:47:52 AM)
: not always
BryonS7 (2:47:54 AM)
: but i think it can
BryonS7 (2:48:03 AM)
: then again that's what it's designed to do
BryonS7 (2:48:17 AM)
: make you look so far ahead you trip over what's right in front of you
blckjesus3 (2:48:34 AM)
: because people are focused on that death
blckjesus3 (2:48:41 AM): that immenence
BryonS7 (2:48:44 AM): yep
BryonS7 (2:48:46 AM)
: the afterlife
BryonS7 (2:48:48 AM)
: what about life people
BryonS7 (2:48:49 AM)
: lol
blckjesus3 (2:48:55 AM)
: they fail to see what is right infront of them
blckjesus3 (2:48:57 AM): which is life
blckjesus3 (2:49:06 AM): which is the eternal happiniess
blckjesus3 (2:49:18 AM): which is all you make of it
BryonS7 (2:49:36 AM): dude you know what was a fucking awesome line my friend told me
BryonS7 (2:49:41 AM)
: when we were talking about being bipolar
BryonS7 (2:49:43 AM)
: cause he is diagnosed
BryonS7 (2:49:50 AM)
: i was talking about depression
BryonS7 (2:49:56 AM)
: and he said "you control what you think about"
blckjesus3 (2:50:22 AM)
: that is the only thing you control
blckjesus3 (2:50:27 AM): but nature controls you
blckjesus3 (2:50:28 AM): and shit
BryonS7 (2:50:33 AM): haha
BryonS7 (2:50:34 AM)
: yep
blckjesus3 (2:50:35 AM)
: my brain is going to asplode
BryonS7 (2:50:38 AM): lmfao
blckjesus3 (2:50:49 AM)
: i need to sleep
BryonS7 (2:50:52 AM): lol
blckjesus3 (2:50:54 AM)
: i have school
BryonS7 (2:50:55 AM): alright sweety
BryonS7 (2:50:59 AM)
: i do too but not till noon
blckjesus3 (2:51:00 AM)
: or not sleep as the case is going to be
BryonS7 (2:51:02 AM): i need a shower
blckjesus3 (2:51:05 AM)
: i have it at 6
BryonS7 (2:51:09 AM): fuck
BryonS7 (2:51:13 AM)
: 2 hours is better than none
blckjesus3 (2:51:14 AM)
: all this thinking has made me greasy
blckjesus3 (2:51:17 AM): 3
blckjesus3 (2:51:19 AM): 3 hours
BryonS7 (2:51:24 AM): ah fuck
BryonS7 (2:51:27 AM)
: i screwed my clock up
blckjesus3 (2:51:28 AM)
: lets not get all upity
blckjesus3 (2:51:43 AM): that was a 4 hour conversatoin
blckjesus3 (2:51:47 AM): that is 40 pages long
BryonS7 (2:51:50 AM): whew there we go
BryonS7 (2:51:56 AM)
: haha nice
BryonS7 (2:52:01 AM)
: and the opening words
BryonS7 (2:52:02 AM)
BryonS7 (2:52:03 AM)
: haha
BryonS7 (2:52:05 AM)
: I wish i had aids
BryonS7 (2:52:06 AM)
: hahahahahaaha
blckjesus3 (2:52:15 AM)
: o jesus
BryonS7 (2:52:23 AM): omg that's priceless
BryonS7 (2:52:25 AM)
: but you know what
blckjesus3 (2:52:27 AM)
: im saving this conversation
BryonS7 (2:52:29 AM): that's our literary hook
BryonS7 (2:52:33 AM)
: same here sir
BryonS7 (2:52:35 AM)
: and backing it up online
blckjesus3 (2:52:52 AM)
: i hope you feel better
BryonS7 (2:52:54 AM): dude i dunno about you
BryonS7 (2:52:57 AM)
: yeah i do
BryonS7 (2:52:59 AM)
: i feel really good
BryonS7 (2:53:05 AM)
: that converation got me in a good mood
BryonS7 (2:53:09 AM)
: all energetic
BryonS7 (2:53:14 AM)
: regained a lil faith in humanity
BryonS7 (2:53:20 AM)
: a cunt hair of faith
BryonS7 (2:53:21 AM)
: :-P
BryonS7 (2:53:50 AM): night bro
blckjesus3 signed off at 2:55:11 AM