Living Expenses

For each standard of living, a representative income is given, then followed by the expenses incurred.
Note: A typical work week is 5 days on, 3 days off (8 day week, 40 day month).

Subsistance (20 cr/day)

Basic Living 50 cr/week, 250 cr/month

Poor (30 cr/day)

Moderate Living 75 cr/week, 375 cr month

Struggling (50 cr/day)

Good Living 125 cr/week, 625 cr/month

Lower Middle Class (70 cr/day)

Better Living 175 cr/week, 875 cr/month

Middle Middle Class (90 cr/day)

Decent Living 225 cr/week, 1125 cr/month

Upper Middle Class (110 cr/day)

Comfortable Living 272 cr/week, 1360 cr/month

Lower Upper Class (150 cr/day)

Easy Living 370 cr/week, 1850 cr/month

Prices somewhat more expensive on stations, and quarters smaller. But stations also may not have monorail fees.

Prices for each category are minimum guidelines for each standard of living, and considers only a single person.

The higher category (classes: subsistence, poor, etc) shows a persons income. IE, if you're earning 20 cr/day, you're at the subsistence level. The living standard that goes with each class is the default for living expenses (half your income) -- someone who makes 50 cr/day (250 per week, remember) is in the Struggling class, and will have a standard of Good Living at 125 cr/week. *However* an individual could choose to either live beyond his means and maintain a lifestyle beyond that which is normal for his income, or save money by making do with worse than he could afford. An individual might also have living quarters of one standard and food/entertainment expenses of another, depending on what's important to that person.

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