BryonS7: hey
: sup
BryonS7: so we need to talk
: did you just get home from meeting?
: i dont see what we have to talk about
Temhbin18: yea just got hom
Temhbin18: e
BryonS7: yeah
: well last i heard you were pissed at caleb and I
: shouldnt i be/
Temhbin18: ?
BryonS7: I don't think you should
: i perfectely think i should
Temhbin18: you guys got your nose in where it didnt belong
BryonS7: not true
: you guys spent countless hours conversatingn with a girl i was seeing in the cafeteria
BryonS7: no
: i became friends with someone i was introduced to
: i left things with june the way i wanted them to be
Temhbin18: and you guys cockblocked so hardcore she sends me a message saying its compltely over
Temhbin18: you guys took in account the feelings of some girl
BryonS7: yeah
: that you have known for a week and a half
Temhbin18: over the feelings of mine
BryonS7: she is a good person
: and im not?
BryonS7: and what feelings did you have dude you wanted a booty call
: ok stop.
Temhbin18: what my intentions were, good or bad.. i would have expected the support of my friends... my supposed 2 best friends... you guys go behind my back reveal everything to her.. and tell her she should call it off with me.. PLAINLY.. YOU GUYS CHOSE A HO OVER A BRO
Temhbin18: i have homies calling me up
BryonS7: see there is first problem, she isnt a ho
: and apparentely im not your bro
Temhbin18: because you didnt run shit by me
Temhbin18: plain and simple
BryonS7: i only answered her questions
: nothing you can say can rectify that
BryonS7: i know what i did was right, it isnt right hurting people
: and to bring me out in bad light
BryonS7: you know damn well you were going to hurt her
: bull shit
Temhbin18: i went up to her like a man
Temhbin18: i told her
Temhbin18: that this wouldnt work out because i was too busy
BryonS7: so you ended it?
: that it simply wouldnt work
Temhbin18: she goes
Temhbin18: ok its ok.. but if you are ever free call me so we can hang out
Temhbin18: but then nooo
Temhbin18: you guys get your asses involved
Temhbin18: talking with her in the cafeteria
Temhbin18: homies are calling me telling me that two white fools are hitting up on my chick for hours on end in there
Temhbin18: she messages me a few hours later saying
Temhbin18: let me open the file
Temhbin18: on my phone
Temhbin18: "I think we are finished"
Temhbin18: everythign over beccause you had to think with your dick
Temhbin18: i know perfectely well your going to hit that shit up now
Temhbin18: everyone knows it
Temhbin18: you chose a ho before a bro
BryonS7: do you think i feel good right now?
: i feel fucking awful
: and i can call her a ho
Temhbin18: because you have only known her for a week and a half
Temhbin18: me???
Temhbin18: we go back since 11 years of age
Temhbin18: and you ran nothign by me
Temhbin18: when the time came through
Temhbin18: i had the humiation of people calling me and telling me that two white dudes are hitting shit up
Temhbin18: + some weird bulgarian
Temhbin18: and now
Temhbin18: however the bulgarian isnt considrered one of my best friends
Temhbin18: so i didnt give a shit about that
Temhbin18: what hurt me wasnt the fact that she went sour with june
BryonS7: well I think you need to consider caleb in this
: i could give two shits about that
Temhbin18: ive only known her for liek 2 weeks
Temhbin18: but you g uys
BryonS7: it isnt fare he knows if you are breaking your religous vows
: i expected more
BryonS7: that is a shit load of stress on him
: and you give a shit about my religion?
Temhbin18: i dont think so
BryonS7: yes i do
: you know why
: my religious vows are between God and I
BryonS7: cause when you started talking to me about getting disfellowshipped
: not you two
BryonS7: i saw your eyes go hollow
: nonetheless
Temhbin18: my religious vows are between God and I
Temhbin18: if i did something wrong
BryonS7: yeah but your well being is not
: thats myself my concience and God
BryonS7: that is partly mine cause we are best friends
: what the hell would you do if you got disfelloshipped?
: and what if Caleb got taken down with you?
: so you hit up on my girl and tell her she should break it off with me for my own good
Temhbin18: real convincing
BryonS7: I have never fucking hit up on her
: fuck who told you that
: we have become friends
: thats what everyone is saying
Temhbin18: and thats humiliating for me
BryonS7: We spend time together yes, but fuck i cleared getting her number with you
: i told you every time we talked
: i give you the loaded gun to take arena from some goober
Temhbin18: and you shoot me with it
Temhbin18: thats even sadder
Temhbin18: you get her number from me so i can be the one made a fool
Temhbin18: in the end
Temhbin18: so dude
BryonS7: Well i will say one thing
: whatever feelings you have towards her.. because i know they are there, im not a retard
Temhbin18: i hope they are worth it
Temhbin18: because you lost a lot of my trus
Temhbin18: t
Temhbin18: i let you guys into my inner feelings, my inner thoughts and expressions
Temhbin18: so you guys can tell them to some chick you barely know
Temhbin18: and nothing you can say can rectify the act
Temhbin18: no buisness whatsoever telling her anythign
Temhbin18: i tell no one whats going on in my mind
Temhbin18: and when i do
Temhbin18: you guys use it against me
Temhbin18: not even my mother knows what goes on in my mind
BryonS7: Well I am sorry but i thought you were in the wrong and so did caleb
: well i hope the soul you saved from me (june) was worth all your effort
Temhbin18: because you guys left me in the cold
Temhbin18: and her in the light
BryonS7: Let me say one thing
: I think you need to take a little more consideration for the feelings of the people you get involved with
: They are people on the other end bro, and they get hurt
: not just june
: well maybe everytime i meet someone you can befriend them and develop feelings for them.. so you can save them from me
Temhbin18: i guess that will work
BryonS7: I didnt do anything with you and Anna
: and she is still cold a bitter about the whole situation
: thats compltely different
Temhbin18: and so im i
Temhbin18: that it had to happen like that
Temhbin18: apparentely i dont give girls closure
Temhbin18: when they live 3000 miles away
Temhbin18: that compltely different
BryonS7: I just don't understand why you pick girls like these to get involved with
: so if i keep doing them
Temhbin18: you are going to keep saving them from me
Temhbin18: lol
Temhbin18: ridiculous
Temhbin18: that you care about some chicks you dont even know
BryonS7: Well all i know
: over staying true to your friends
Temhbin18: over all, you broke a simple rule
Temhbin18: bros over hos
Temhbin18: even if the bro is a complete asshole
Temhbin18: thats all i have to say
Temhbin18: and im outa here
Temhbin18: i have nothing more to say
BryonS7: Is every time you start to get close to a girl, you get stressed out
: or hear
Temhbin18: so does a lot of people
BryonS7: not like you
: unfortunately for me
BryonS7: you start to list why it won't work
: i have friends like you who go tell the girl
Temhbin18: im outa here
BryonS7: night
: you know you broke the rule
Temhbin18: and you cant rectify it be telling me
BryonS7: John i thought this over a shit load
: your looking out for peoples feelings
Temhbin18: congradulations
BryonS7: i didnt feel right watching her get hurt
: girls now i have a vigilante named bryon to protect them from John
Temhbin18: and you were thinking about it
Temhbin18: when you were talking to her
Temhbin18: knowing you had feelings for me
Temhbin18: pretty sad
Temhbin18: dude
Temhbin18: but at least i know were i stand in your eyes
BryonS7: I just tried to save an innocent person from a lot of pain
: some guy you can brush off because yoour more concenerened with the emotions of some girl
Temhbin18: you DONT KNOW
Temhbin18: instead of mine
Temhbin18: you didnt even tell me you were talking to her
Temhbin18: you didnnt even tell me
BryonS7: i did so
: what you thought i was doing was wrong
Temhbin18: bull shit
BryonS7: i did tell you, I fucking told you everytime we talked on the phone when i kicked it with her
: i had no idea youd see her in the cafeteria mon and wed for hours
BryonS7: I was putting in a good word for you back in the day
: i thought it was hi and by shit
Temhbin18: and apparentely you werent at the end
Temhbin18: so whatever dude
Temhbin18: you cant rectify what you did by telling me you cared soo much about some girl you didnt know.. and that you were okay with making me look bad
Temhbin18: and simple enough a ho before a bro
BryonS7: not so much, just enough to not want them to fucking suffer
: she did nothing to deserve to suffer
: and the fact that you have feelings for her just makes the matter worst for you
Temhbin18: so dont tell me shit
Temhbin18: and your rightousness
Temhbin18: you always talked about how you wanted to cack so many chicks
Temhbin18: lol nice to you know your friends chicks were included
Temhbin18: so dude i hope the pussy is worth it (and from what i saw it wasnt) because you lost the trust from about the truest friend youll ever lay eyes on
Temhbin18: when it comes to my friends
Temhbin18: im down and im always there for them
Temhbin18: no matter what
Temhbin18: if it was to pick your ass up cod in the middle of the night
Temhbin18: or to see how you were doing when you were destraught about some dumb trick named sierra
BryonS7: and that trick is why i did what i did
: and that you were willing to give all that up to save a few tears from a jap chick
Temhbin18: its sad
Temhbin18: period.
Temhbin18: you didnt do it for that reason
Temhbin18: so plz
Temhbin18: even if you did
Temhbin18: it doesnt mean shit to me
BryonS7: I did
: so be it
: because you cared more about some girls feelings
Temhbin18: you took the chance of losing about the truest friend you had to prevent a girl you didnt know from feelng sad
BryonS7: we became friends
: well congrats
Temhbin18: and i hope it goes well for you two
Temhbin18: with all sincerity
Temhbin18: and without a doubt your intentions are too become more than that eventually
Temhbin18: so if you want to do that remember what i told you when i told you how you should take arena away
Temhbin18: make me the asshole
Temhbin18: and you the savior
Temhbin18: and you should be hittin dat in no time
Temhbin18: shouldnt even be a problem
Temhbin18: for you
BryonS7: John, if i had a GF right now i'd still have done the same fucking thing
: need any more advice just hit me up
Temhbin18: well unfortuantely for you, you dont so your credibility is a lil crippled
Temhbin18: along with the fact that you have feelings for june
Temhbin18: leaves you a quadrpelgic
BryonS7: I don't even know what my feelings are for her
: well i hope you find them soon
Temhbin18: because it would be quite a shame that you risk so much
Temhbin18: to get shit
BryonS7: all i know is she is a good person and I didnt want to see her hurt
: i hope you have some sort of pay off at least
Temhbin18: well i suppose that makes you a good person, and will give you the ability to sleep at night with a clear concience
Temhbin18: i hope
BryonS7: telling her did
: well good
Temhbin18: im glad
BryonS7: it was bugging me
: I don't like being in that position watching someone who's about to get crushed
: just maybe it would have helped you if you would have had a little considertaion for your "bro"
Temhbin18: or the courtesy to tell your "bro" about what you were going to tell her
Temhbin18: before he has to find out from other places
Temhbin18: of get surprising messages
Temhbin18: or*
Temhbin18: so your well thought out plan apparentely wasnt so well thought out
BryonS7: it wasn't well thought out
: i just thought about the shit i said
: i kept you in the best light i could
: she asked me shit like "does he like me"
: you shouldnt even had been carrying a torch to begin with
BryonS7: I'd say i don't know
: a normal person would have "ask him"
Temhbin18: i dont know anythign and walked away
Temhbin18: but not you guys.. you guys are bunch of viejas metotiras
Temhbin18: but as you said
Temhbin18: you cared about her feelings too much
Temhbin18: and your personal feelings as well towards her
Temhbin18: so all i can tell you is that hopefully the juice was worth the sqeeze
Temhbin18: i just want to leave you be with the fact that you are still my friend and all despite all this
Temhbin18: but rest assured i will never be able to talk to you the same in respect to me telling you whats going on in my mind
Temhbin18: because for all i know it will just be used against me as it was this time
Temhbin18: so i mean dont ever ask me personal things again
BryonS7: i'm sorry we've broken our trust bond
: not any more sorry than i am
Temhbin18: because you did it for a girl you barely know
Temhbin18: you didnt think about any of the consequences of what you were doing with getting involved with her
Temhbin18: but now i hope i was able to express myself in a manner where you now know what they were
Temhbin18: so i dont think you have anything else to say
BryonS7: you know the sad part is
: and neither do i
Temhbin18: so i think i well let you go
Temhbin18: and watch some law and order
BryonS7: aight
: bye
BryonS7: this is as civil as this can end now
: night
Temhbin18 signed off at 6:34:42 AM