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Auspicious Feng Shui Living

Feng Shui

Harmonizing and Balancing your
living and work environments

Consultations and Classes
by Sara Urbina (813) 960-9688


Tampa/Lutz, Florida

FENG SHUI(pronounced "fung shway")
is the ancient Chinese art of placement,
which means wind and water.
The purpose of Feng Shui is to balance your immediate surroundings
so energy can flow softly as the wind
and peaceful as a babbling brook.

FENG SHUI is used to balance the flow of energy in your immediate surroundings:
your home, office, car,
and any space, which you occupy.

The introduction of positive energy
into your environment promotes
harmony, happiness, well being, and prosperity.

The FENG SHUI consultant analyzes
both the interior and exterior of the space,
makes recommendations for the introduction of the positive energy,
and instructs the client on how to incorporate changes.
Introduction of the positive energy is facilitated
through the use of color, light, and shape and
furniture arrangement to improve the comfort and
appeal of each room or space.
Most consultations require approximately one hour for each 900 square feet.

FENG SHUI is a sacred teaching.
Payment received in exchange for a consultation is requested in a red envelope
for good luck for both the client and the consultant
in the passing of the three secrets
used to reinforce the recommendations.

Love All Serve All
Make your environment work for you


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