Because it is about time
When the “clever north wind” starts to blow,
Then the restless windflowers are ready to flow.
The secret name of the next “wonder land”
Was written on the wing of imagination,
Then a new hope was born
        for the next unknown destination.

Because it is the life
That the ceaseless north wind never forgets to blow,
So the fragile root of windflowers never learns to grow.

Because it is the fate
That the romantic north wind comes with rose petals
And colorful leaves and brings you dreams.
Then the wild root of windflowers touches the eyes
Of your sensitive heart and wakes you up.

Because it is the fear
That the strong north wind could cut off all the attachment,
Earthly or heavenly.
So the tender windflowers never had to afford contentment,
Happily or painfully.

Because it is the tear
That the vulnerability of your heart is a submissive slave
Of the crucial north wind.
So the price is too high for the weak windflowers
To taste even a dewdrop of the fountain of freedom.

But it is the wish
That the magical north wind will no longer move your heart,
And love becomes the reason of freedom,
And freedom becomes the root of your windflower.

And it is the prayer
That the mysterious north wind will only be the test
To teach you how to grow strongly,
And love is the stronghold of your heart
And guards the fortress of your spirit safely.

                              © Mengmeng, China
                                    February, 2004

Mengmeng's journey of the Windflower reproduced here with her kind permission

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