Well, 'N' is for Nancy and Nanners and Shaunce and Unity and Monkey and Sunshine and... okay, I remembered, you hated the other one...hehehe

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Click for Auburn, California Forecast


There's a road that's wide at that great divide
Where the mountain meets the lake
And I know one day that I'll be that way
And that road's the one I'll take
And I pray to God on that road so broad
There the people live in peace
To a loving mind they're the only kind
And that lot's the one to lease
So I'll carry on till that day's to dawn
And I'll make my feelings known
There's a world of hate but it's not too late
We can melt those hearts of stone
And a paste we'll mix that we'll work a fix
Like the world has never seen
And we'll travel there with such love to spare
That the hawks will be serene
And the promise then will be peace again
Like it was in olden days
When the God of all gave the wake-up call
To arise and give Him praise

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Click for Auburn, California Forecast

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