If you think that "surfing the net" is addictive, wait 'til you make your own web site! Once you understand the basics, "building" pages becomes as addictive as putting puzzles together....you never want it to end and sometimes it doesn't end in the evening at bedtime...sometimes not til you see the sun rising on the eastern horizon in the morning and your eyes are being manually held open as you say to yourself, "Let me just fix this one little thing, then I'll go to bed and finish tomorrow." Problem is, tomorrow is here and you're still at it.

The 50-50-90 rule:
Anytime you have a 50-50
chance of getting something
right, there's a
90% probability you'll
get it wrong.

cuz they're 'random' they
change with each click of
the 'Refresh' buttom...try it
The Pages on my web site are highly personal, pages marking the passing of events.... recent graduations, births, holiday greetings....about a dear friend, and a most important thing in my life, that being the Baha'i Faith. Each page I've created becomes a favourite and stays a favourite even after the next and then the next and then the next page is done.

Frustration level runs high at times as you search for that one little html tag that messes the whole works up, and I'm always learning more and more with each page I make. Below I've added some links that I have used to gather backgrounds, music, html help and a few little tricks for some fun additions to my pages.

I would like to add a small note here and extend my gratitude to a dear internet friend, Olenfat, who got me started on all of this. Olenfat lives in the Ohio hills of the United States and, alas, seems to have disappeared from our meeting place on ICQ, but remains a star in a special place with me. His original work to create my "home page", the one celebrating my nickname, "Auntie Mame", and his help and willingness to share his knowledge after that initial work was completed is what got me started on all of this.

If, by chance, you read this, Olenfat....remember the night you sent me the Life magazine cover with Auntie Mame on it, suggesting I make a tiled desk top with it? I begged for your help because I knew not much more than how to turn on this machine. "Well," said you, "First create two new file folders...." I laughed and laughed, thinking to myself, "Surely he jests. How am I to accomplish such a difficult task?"
Well, you and I, and the rest of the world, knows very well that something is only difficult until one knows how....and step by agonizing step, through messages on ICQ, Olenfat had me create those file folders.....and, ever since and forever more, the cover of Life magazine celebrating Rosalind Russell starring in the film "Auntie Mame" has remained on my desk top. He pushed and badgered me 'to grow' and has given me a fun, thoughtful and lasting occupation....keeping me inside and warm in winter....lol.

and, before you get to the important stuff.... here is a good little time waster.....lol
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Angelfire hosts this web site. This is a free service they provide, with lots of disk space to store your work on. If you click on the icon to the left it should take you right to the page where you would register a new web site.....good luck!!!

The music on my pages comes from many different sources. "Jenn's Midi Paradise!" is just one of those places that offers many many popular tunes for you to save to your system and then use on your web pages.

And "Eva's Place" is a very large site, but this particular page is chock full of some more great music midis for your pages.

The "ColorMaker" offers a wonderful colour chart tool that will allow you to test colour combinations at the click of your mouse right before your eyes, and then provide you with the coding once you've hit upon your choices.

GIFPILE, an amazing resource for backgrounds, sets and art for your web pages...have a look and be wow-ed as I always am.

The "Ontario Web Guide" is a searchable directory of commercial Ontario-based web sites

And "Canada 411", the phone directory for everyone - of individuals and businesses, including postal codes.

How I find my way around everywhere
....great zoom-in and zoom-out feature

Intellicast.....radar picture of North America, to zoom in and/or out on, in watching weather patterns develop and move into or out of your patch of this earth.

official site of the Baha'is of the United States ...this site includes general information and many spiritual writings from the Faith, in many different languages, for one's personal investigation.

click here to see what happened the day you were born

What happened in the world the day you were born? Who blows out birthday candles same day you do? Find out here :)

This page I first found about 2 years ago... I was sent it because of the incredible graphic on it...well worth the visit just for that. But much deeper into the site, the visions and wisdom of The Cougar are truly inspiring. I hope you have a chance to visit.

This is the site for "Cangoose", more affectionately known as d'gg00se, one dear to me... ;)

The ~*~*~*ZiLLa PoWeR*~*~*~ follows all Zillas wherever they go... That's right, The Zillas are a backgammon team that plays at www.zone.com and we StOmP, we DrOOl, we SmUcH all over our opponents, all the way to the finals in tournament after tournament, while all the time having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

This is the fun everyone is talking about...The GoogleWhacker !!!.  I can't explain it, you must try it for yourself. I have heard it can be addictive ;)

Click to see a favourite of amateur astronomers, a photo of the Andromeda Galaxy that was taken October 17, 2001 at the CAS dark site known as Birdland. Will take a couple of minutes to load, but is spectacular and well worth the wait.

And here is the Trailrider...or maybe sometimes known as "LanceRomance"...lol...an 'almost' neighbour who has a fun website with a links page here to beat all othere...lol...and also is currently promoting the wonderful singing voice of MrsTrailrider, or better known as Vernie Lawson... watch for her recordings, you will not be disappointed.

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