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I have wakened in
Thy shelter, O my God,
and it becometh him that
seeketh that shelter to abide
within the Sanctuary
of Thy protection and the
Stronghold of Thy defense.
Illumine my inner being,
O my Lord,
with the splendors of the
Dayspring of Thy Revelation,
even as Thou didst illumine
my outer being with the
morning light of Thy favor.

Overcoming Difficulties:
Baha'u'llah revealed prayers for the removal of difficulties.   He told Abdu'llah Pasha, who had great difficulty in putting his trust in God, to repeat 19 times everyday the following 2 verses.

'Go and tell the Vali from Us,' He told 'Abdu'llah Pasha, 'to put his trust wholly in God, and repeat every day, nineteen times, these two verses:

"He who puts his trust in God,
God will suffice him"

"He who fears God,
God will send him relief."'

~H.M. Balyuzi,
    Baha'u'llah - The King of Glory, p. 138
O seeker of Truth!
If thou desirest that God
may open thine eye,
thou must supplicate unto God,
pray to and commune with Him
at midnight, saying:

O Lord, I have turned my face
unto Thy kingdom of oneness
and am immersed in the sea of
Thy mercy.
O Lord, enlighten my sight by
beholding Thy lights in this
dark night, and make me happy
by the wine of Thy love
in this wonderful age.
O Lord, make me hear Thy call,
and open before my face
the doors of Thy heaven,
so that I may see the light
of Thy glory and become
attracted to Thy beauty.
Verily, Thou art the Giver,
the Generous, the Merciful,
the Forgiving.

Blessed is the spot,
and the house,
and the place,
and the city,
and the heart,
and the mountain,
and the refuge,
and the cave,
and the valley,
and the land,
and the sea,
and the island,
and the meadow
where mention of God
hath been made,
and His praise glorified.
        Compilations, Baha'i Prayers

I bear witness, O my God,
that Thou hast created me
to know Thee and to worship Thee.
I testify, at this moment,
to my powerlessness
    and to Thy might,
to my poverty
    and to Thy wealth.
There is none other God but Thee,
the Help in Peril,
the Self-Subsisting.
O God!
Refresh and gladden my spirit.
Purify my heart.
Illumine my powers.
I lay all my affairs in Thy hand.
Thou art my Guide and my Refuge.
I will no longer be sorrowful
        and grieved;
I will be a happy and joyful being.
O God! I will no longer be full
        of anxiety,
nor will I let trouble harass me.
I will not dwell on the unpleasant
        things of life.
O God! Thou art more friend to me
        than I am to myself.
I dedicate myself to Thee, O Lord.

"It is seemly that the servant should,
  after each prayer, supplicate God
  to bestow mercy and forgiveness
  upon his parents.   Thereupon
  God's call will be raised:
  'Thousand upon thousand of what
  thou hast asked for thy parents
  shall be thy recompense!'
  Blessed is he who remembereth
  his parents when communing with
  God.   There is, verily,
  no God but Him, the Mighty,
  the Well-Beloved."

      ~ The Bab,
            Selections from the Writings of the Báb
            pg. 94
O my God! O Thou forgiver of sins,
bestower of gifts,
dispeller of afflictions!

Verily, I beseech Thee
to forgive the sins of such
as have abandoned the physical garment
and have ascended to the spiritual world.

O my Lord! Purify them from trespasses,
dispel their sorrows,
and change their darkness into light.
Cause them to enter the garden of happiness,
cleanse them with the most pure water,
and grant them to behold Thy splendors
on the loftiest mount.

      ~ Abdu'l-Baha,
            Compilations, Baha'i Prayers
            pg. 44


O Thou beloved of my heart and soul!
I have no refuge save thee.
I raise no voice at dawn except in
Thy commemoration and praise.
Thy love encompasseth me
and Thy Grace is perfect.
My hope is in Thee.
Oh God, give me a new life
at every instant
and bestow upon me
the breaths of the Holy Spirit
at every moment,
in order that I may remain steadfast
in Thy love;
attain unto great felicity,
perceive the manifest light
and be in the state
of utmost tranquillity
and submissiveness.
Verily, Thou art the Giver,
the Forgiver,
the Compassionate.
        This prayer is believed to have been given to Edward "Saffa" Kinney by 'Abdu'l-Baha.   The research department of the Universal House of Justice states that the original of the prayer does not bear the name of the recipient, though it is likely it was revealed for a western believer because the Master signed it in the roman alphabet.   The original was published in Persian in "Muntakhabat-i-matatib", vol. 2, page 16, number 24.   The translation below (should read "above") is an authorized translation.   This prayer can therefore be considered and used as authentic and authoritative.

Bestow on me, O my Lord, Thy gracious bounty and benevolent gifts and grant me that which beseemeth the sublimity of Thy glory.   Aid me, O my Lord, to achieve a singular victory.   Open Thou the door of unfailing success before me and grant that the things Thou hast promised may be close at hand.   Thou art in truth potent over all things.   Refresh my heart, O my God, with the living waters of Thy love and give me a draught, O my Master, from the chalice of Thy tender mercy.   Let me abide, O my Lord, within the habitation of Thy glory, and suffer me, O my God, to emerge from the darkness in which Thy divine obscurity is shrouded.   Enable me to partake of every good Thou hast vouchsafed unto Him Who is the Point and unto such as are the exponents of His Cause, and ordain for me that which beseemeth Thee and well becometh Thy station.   Do Thou graciously forgive me for the things that I have wrought in Thy holy presence, and look not upon me with the glance of justice, but rather deliver me through Thy grace, treat me with Thy mercy and deal with me according to Thy bountiful favours, as is worthy of Thy glory.   Thou art the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Glorious, the Bestower of favours and gifts, the Lord of grace abounding.   Verily no God is there but Thee.   Thou art the All-Possessing, the Most High.
      ~The Bab,
Selections from the Writings of the Báb
        pg. 206

for Decision Making

The following prayer was revealed by Baha'u'llah for Jinab-i-Samandar, the father of Hand of the Cause Mr. Taraz'u'llah Samandari, to assist him in making a difficult decision.   This prayer, too, was to be recited 19 times, followed by meditation on the problem, the formulation of a solution, and the implementation of the conceived solution.
~ UHJ Ltr 2001-08-29 to an NSA

O my God! Thou seest me
detached from everything save Thee,
and clinging to Thee.
Guide me then, in my doings,
in a manner which profiteth me
for the Glory of Thy Cause
and the loftiness of the state
of Thy servants.
for Natural Disasters

On the appearance of fearful natural events, call ye to mind the might and majesty of your Lord, He who heareth and seeth all, and say,

"Dominion is God's,
the Lord of the seen and the unseen,
the Lord of creation."

This special prayer is to be said in times of natural phenomena which cause fear, such as earthquakes and typhoons.
~ Baha'ha'ullah,
    Kitab-i-Aqdas, p.23, 11