.....and thinking out loud about.....





Isn't this place an amazing one?

Most people arrive at this world circling web

and are awed at the open door to the largest and most comprehensive

reference library ever,

to say nothing of the good clean fun that is also part of the Internet experience.



But, you know, along the way it seems we all find out very quickly

that this world, and ultimately this Internet,

is full of not very nice people

and many of us become disenchanted with the abundance

of greed and selfishness we encounter.





But I am an eternal optimist

and I just know there must also be huge groups of people

who have the desire for a better quality of life;

they're just simply very hard to find.


Where are they hiding


and how come it seems so difficult

to find you?






Well, I know you're out there.

I just know I can find the honest, kind and caring people

I've been searching endlessly for;

it only takes a few of you to make such a big difference

in this wide world that keeps shrinking

with our ability to make easy contact.





But once again I ask: How to find you?

Where does one begin to look?






Well, it occurred to me to search my own lifestyle

for some of my favourite things

and those things in others that I respect

and I have came up with two possible solutions:



1. gardening, and

2. chatting




There is something about digging in the dirt

and nurturing the life of your garden

that brings one back to their roots.



Gardening is certainly something


that a rabble rouser or a con-man

is not interested in;



it is not for someone out to steal a quick profit,

but for those of us who understand

the greater value of a beautiful blossom

or the joy in sharing the fruits of our labours with others.





And chatting?

Well, what is one of the greatest advantages

of this big web that joins us all?

It is, of course, for like-minded people to come together

and share their experiences;


one hand helping another, helping another, helping another.....and so on.




I know you're out there

-- and I'm still endlessly searching for you.





Now you know that we're here and this is how you find us:




Click the "Add" option at the bottom of your ICQ contact list

and input the number 22341093

choose the option to add us to your contact list







Great. And now you can see when we're on-line

and we invite you to jump into our chats.



We are some of the nice people that still exist


and still insist upon being ourselves,

holding onto the basic principles instilled in us as kids

and, hopefully, also moving forward with this changing world;

things in motion tend to stay in motion.


Currently we come together on


Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. EDT (5:00 p.m. PDT),


and we're hoping to expand our timeslots

to better accommodate those in other time zones very soon.











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