There, in the wilderness, I see myself
Treading an unknown path alone;
Lost and anxious for what I had done,
For what I so far had thought.
At once I notice tall evergreens and oaks;
I turn round and round and touch
The trunks of these old skyward trees,
And feel right in the presence of
Early believers in the Cause.
In the range of rocky mountains
Surrounding the whole scenario and note,
I see their steadfastness and their cope,
As well as their mightiness and hope.
Worn out bark with deep black scars
Recount their heavenly soul tests, their love;
How they stood aloft and raised their calls
For the love of their Beloved in heart,
Raising heads proudly, to reach the clear sky.
It is as if there were angels
Descending the Kingdom on High,
All flying in circles
With wings shining as gold,
Echoing forth the martyrs' plights,
Writing down with that Crimson Ink
The sweet story of their transcendent life.
I just notice within a glance
The widespread roots of the trees,
Hidden deep beneath the ground
But soaking regularly in the Water of Life.
Seems these sacred, devoted souls,
Detached from all else save God,
Attained union to preserve and hold
The integrity of the whole human world.
Right at the lap of the Mother Earth
I spot the beautiful anemones
Dancing with the sweet melody of the wind --
Left, Right, East and West,
All express the oneness of the human race.
Trimming softly the Portrait of Time
Including that Mystic and Wondrous Bride,
Manifest as a Resplendent Light,
Brightening the Hollow Reed of
The Divine Concourse on High.
Marching right behind the Handmaiden of Heaven,
Protecting Her from darts of pain and mites,
Walk, She so noble, so gentle, so kind,
That makes all bow down in reverence
As do the faithful retainers to the Majestic Landlord.
Her Beauty Divine,
Wondrous and Awe-Inspiring indeed,
Reflecting upon all men and women alike.
Yet Alas! the Hearts of some
Still veiled, vain and gloomy inside,
Turning away from Her Effulgent Glory,
Dying away though apparently alive.
I am overwhelmed.
Noticing the Sun darkened,
Fallen Stars are down and losing light;
Mountains, as well, breaking apart
As the Glory of the Lord was shining.
And the dismal night draws to a close,
The dawn is breaking over the entire earth.
All was but a dream.
How majestic though it was!
While I looked outside with real sights,
Saw nightingales warbling on the bough.
It seemed as if they were singing,
"All the Kingdom is God's!"

                                               © ~~Rouhieh
                                                                                    February, 2004

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