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Traps, Bears and A Love Affair

From a concrete jungle of glass and steel:
Streaming rain, wet streets and flashing traffic lights,
Clouds hang heavy, thick with rain,
Block the sun for days on end;
Clouds not only the skies
But your heart, soul and mind.
Traps, bears and a love affair
Never crosses your mind.

The natural elements of the concrete world:
Stress, road rage, the constant noise,
Flashing lights, endless traffic, relentless clash of people,
Mixed with the universal elements
Of alcohol, drugs and pain,
Wears you down like the constant rain.
Traps, bears and a love affair --
Your whole being screams for change.

Escape!  Echoes through your mind
But routines are hard to break;
Better the devil that you know, than the one you don't.
Depression settles like a yoke around your soul.
Bright lights that once beckoned and thrilled,
The racing pulse of the city pace;
The constant rush to keep your place.
In the mirror you no longer recognize the face.
Traps, bears and a love affair --
Finally you find the strength to leave this place.

Endless road, and clear blue skies,
Lined with trees, for miles go by.
The thrill of adventure seizes your soul;
Excitement and fear mingle and grow.
You understood that concrete place,
But this wilderness is a whole other state.
With your plight now in the hands of fate,
Mixed emotions and apprehensions fill your soul.
God, it's good to know you're still alive.
Traps, bears and a love affair
You can still feel, so all is not dead inside

Retreats to the wilderness, even God prescribed.
Just look at history and study their lives,
The old religions worshipped the earth!
Mother Nature, she gives birth
To all those elements that can cleanse our souls:
The grass, the weeds, the flowers that grow,
Flowing waters to soothe the soul.
A home along the rivers edge,
A place to let the city ebb
And flow out of your body and soul.
Traps, bears and a love affair --
Part of you knows you've come home

"Parting is such sweet sorrow", or so they say.
What is sweet about sorrow?  Can someone explain?
The parting did finally motivate his soul
To leave the concrete and rain,
To find a cure for this pain;
Separation left at his door,
The courage it took to explore
And head out to the wilderness,
After 30 years of city pain and bliss.
Would be hard to explain
Traps, bears and a love affair,
Driven by a need to heal this new pain

The wilderness, it seeps into the soul;
It brings courage and a chance to grow.
Nothing is ever truly black or white,
There has to be a balance for love to take flight.
Such a long way from that concrete place
Both have found an inner space
That heals and soothes the battered souls,
Closes the wounds and softens the scars.
The river flows, washing over mind and soul.
Traps, bears and a love affair --
The seeds of love, already planted, grow

Their wilderness, more wild than most,
Comes with bears and beaver moats,
Visiting marmots, squirrels and mice,
Bright skies and star filled nights;
Northern lights that dance across the sky,
Full moons kissing the tree tops,
Sunsets brushed across the sky,
Midnight suns for June and July,
Air that's clean and free of smog,
The loudest noise is the chain saw
Trying to clear what the beavers logged.
Traps, bears and a love affair --
This toast of mine is far too long

So now it's time to draw to a close
This tale of concrete and lost souls.
So raise your glass and help celebrate
The life now Dave and Rosalee will make.
Drawing from each others strengths,
Standing by in loving support when tests assault your soul.
Each must carry your own burden, you know,
But now the road will not seem so long.
You each have your own song and path;
Like a musical masterpiece
There are solos and harmonies intertwined together
To create a master piece:
Trappers of squirrels extraordinary,
Bears ambling by and leaving their mark,
All add flavor to this love affair.
God Bless.

Toast !!!

©Lyda (a.k.a. )
   June 15, 2002

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