Simple Pleasures

Waking up feeling great
Finding that perfect gift
Hearing from an old friend
Finding an item you thought you lost
It is the little unexpected things
That crop up in our daily lives
That brings joy to being alive

Finding a four leaf clover
The ten dollars you tucked away
And forgot about
Finding what you need on sale
Watching your cat play with his tail
It's the little things in life
            we remember the most

Do you remember what you got
            for your last birthday?
Not sure exactly what from whom?
But I bet you know exactly
            from whom and why
That just because gift sticks out
            in your heart and mind!
Some flowers or a silly key chain
Dropped off just to say
I thought of you today

Homemade muffins or
            a fresh loaf of bread
They were baking and wanted to share
Brings pleasure to both your lives
For to receive an unexpected gift
Is just as much fun as giving one!

The joys of life we all embrace
A new baby, weddings or graduations
These major milestones are important, Yes!
But it's the simple pleasures day to day
That makes living enjoyable
To be happy in this world
No matter what life my bring
One must embrace the joy that simple pleasures bring.

                                © Lyda
                                  April 5, 2003

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