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Dear Friends,
Last night I was so excited, for yesterday I had flipped
the mattress, changed the mattress topper, put on brand
new bedding - going to start off the year on a new foot.
So what do you do when you're still up at 2:00 with a mind
that's alive and a bed that feels strange?
You write an Ode to the 'wear!


Ode to the 'wear


It's been a tough year
Made perfectly clear
With each month that passed
We lost more money than the last
But as it all came to a close
There is one thing I now know!
There's something more precious than GOLD
It's Fire-engine Red Underwear

It's been a year of love and loss
Cancelled wedding, what a cost!
Some new friends were made
While others went to their graves
It's been a year of contact change
Some was happy, some brought pain
But to my surprise the biggest came
With Fire-engine Red Underwear

It's been a great life
'Cept for a year or two
It must be hard to understand
What I could possibly be coming to
But I've never been normal
Not in a thing that I do
Even my size is abnormal too
For Fire-engine Red Underwear

Now for your average Joe or Jane
Buying new clothes is not a pain
All those choices and colours too
How is a poor shopper supposed to choose?
Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein and Roots are but a few
Of all the names just dying to serve you
But if it's over size 18 you need
Forget about Fire-engine Red Underwear

Now if you're into extra large
It's dull and boring with extra charge
No frills or thrills allowed
It's black or white - choose now!
What right do I have?
To expect some variety, it's sad
But what is this, I can't believe
It's Fire-engine red Underwear

This no name brand how can it be?
Colours and styles made for me?
Found in a Sears catalogue page 273
Is someone trying to trick me?
Place the order quick before they go!
For this had to be a mistake you know
Included in the list you see
Was Fire-engine Red Underwear

Now if you're normal and your size is straight
You could never understand what just took place
You take for granted your fashion state
You chose what statement you want to make
I, on the other hand
Have to make my own to take a stand
Never having the luxury before
Of Fire-engine Red Underwear

Now underwear won't change your life
And my taking this stand just might
Seem a little crazy - Am I right?
Now how do I explain?
It's knowing I have a choice that's made the change
You cannot see it, this I know
But having it on makes me glow
This Fire-engine Red Underwear

By now you may have a tear in your eye
Or laughing so hard you've busted a side
There may only be a handful or so
Who could even understand this glow?
So when I'm gone from this earthly plane
Standing before God, having to explain
Whatever it was that inspired me to pen this ode
To Fire-engine Red Underwear

I'll be able to look Him straight in the eye
"I heard You love laughter so I tried
To bring a smile to my friends
On this cold wintry night in my strange bed"
And as you look up at the sky overhead
Searching the stars and planets beware
Unusual red streaks flashing in the night
I'm dancing in Fire-engine Red Underwear

cheers friends
(a.k.a. )
Jan 14 2001


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