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Well, 'N' is for Nancy and Nanners and Shaunce and Unity and Monkey and Sunshine and... okay, I remembered, you hated the other one...hehehe

in remembrance

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Click for Auburn, California Forecast
Today's Sacred Verse:

The ones in real authority are known by their humility and self-sacrifice and show no attitude of superiority over the friends.  Some time ago a tablet was written stating that none are appointed to any authority to do anything but to serve the Cause as true servants of the friends - and for this no tablet is necessary; such service when true and unselfish, required no announcement, nor following, nor written document.  Let the servant be known by his deeds, by his life!  To be approved of God alone should be one's aim.

      ~ Abdu'l-Baha,

        Star of the West Magazine, v.VI, No. 6, pg.43

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