The Mysteries of Love  

High in the Realm of the Infinite
Soars the immortal Phoenix in the
Sheba of Love!

Nigh to the rose-garden of the spirit
Draws the mystic nightingale of the
Solomon of Love!

Both observe the charms of the
Heavenly Rose; Persist not but as the
Celestial Tree of Love!

Doves ascertained in their real existence
Rise to the exalted
Presence of Love!

All inhale the scent of the Robe of the Jacob;
All yearn to attain the
Purity of His Love!

From the effulgent horizon of the Most High
Rays appear as the
Rainbow of Love!

Friends, one eye blind to this world,
Open the other though to the hallowed
Beauty of Love!

Awe-Struck, the bereft night owls and the bats,
For the Portals of Freedom get unlocked
To those who dwell in the
Paradise of Love!

                                                       © ~~Rouhieh
                                                                                    February, 2004

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