Month End

It starts off slowly with just a hint of a smile,
As it builds up steam you can see the twinkle in the eye;
The corners burst wide from end to end.
The smile has now turned into a grin!

There's a bit of a roar and a giggle or two
Before the snickers let loose and the laughter breaks through.
The names start to roll off the tongue with a flair;
Add a few accents here and there.
Suddenly we're out with a full body roar,
Laughing so hard a tag drops to the floor.
Such interesting names for such common stuff
Whoever came up with 'bluestoneduck'?
As descriptions goes it seems kind of strange,
To order pants under such a name.
"Technical" shoes? Does one need a degree,
To know how to run in runners like these?
'Dry hand jeans'! Whatever does that mean?
It nearly puts us on the floor
With X-rated images galore.
An "atlas" in bin 153
Turns out to be glasses, how can this be?
So many colours, colours galore!
I need a translator that's for sure!
Guacamole, reef blue, cresden blue,
Burlap beige, sangria & heather grey to name a few.
I don't remember these in my crayon box - do you?
Wave, exit, nomad, tundra, crossfire & charger;
Just part of the collection of running shoes.
Sounds more like a war to me - how about you?
I don't want to be sued so I'll leave it up to you
To imagine the names of a customer or two!
Run a few of the names together
For a full belly roar.
It's the end of a long day and month-end for the store!
Try as we may,
Try as we might,
To make month end a fun filled night!
Whatever were they thinking, when they thought up such names?
Were they having fun playing their own name games?
Everyone needs a chuckle and giggle or two.
Like pulling a bad tooth, month-end has to be done.
There might be some pain but laughing makes it more fun.
© Lyda
August 24, 2002

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