Mirror, Mirror on the wall??

What is weight?
A road to early death?
Or a way to be seen?
A way to be heard?
A way to pass through life and leave a wake?
A way to scream at the world, "I am here!"?
Unforgettable ---
We remember the oddities of life.

What is there within us that needs to leave a mark?
Needs to be heard?
Wants to belong?
Needs a legacy?
Wants confirmation, "I mattered!!!"?

For many, children are their legacies,
Their mark upon the world
To live on after their death.
For others, they seek it in fortune, infamy or fame.
Older civilizations were centered on this need,
As seen in the pyramids and tombs of Egypt, India and Rome.
Monuments richly carved from stone,
Both ancient and recent like Mount Rushmore.

This need to leave a mark, even if only in
Guinness or Ripley's 'Believe It or Not',
This ancient need and urge
Of which hundreds of generations have yet to find a cure;
Once the basis for survival of the human race,
Where does it fit in at this time and place?
It motives us to procreate,
Yet fewer children are needed to guarantee the survival rate.

Has this energy mutated to a darker place?
Screaming to be heard, does it now lie in wait?
Is this the impulse, now lacking light or God's grace
Which creates mass murders, school shooters and bombers,
All looking to leave their mark some place?
If not a legacy of light, then does the need
Mutate into actions of the night?

What is this force that compels us to need
To feel we have left a legacy?
An impression?
A mark?
A lasting thought?
A piece of art?
Anyway to say

©Lyda April 6, 2002

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