Baha'i Faith House of Worship, Delhi, India

        In 1986, the expansion and consolidation (of the Baha'i Faith) taking place in India were befittingly crowned with the inauguration of the beautiful “Lotus Temple”. Although the project had raised optimistic expectations as to the impact its completion would have on public recognition of the Faith, the reality has infinitely surpassed the brightest of such hopes. Today, India’s House of Worship has become the foremost visitors’ attraction on the subcontinent, welcoming an average of over ten thousand visitors every day, and featuring prominently in publications, films and television productions.
(Century of Light, p. 104)
Soft petals, slightly triangular
it's sweet perfume
a feast for the senses.
A delicate structure
floating gentle on its leaves.
A solace for the eyes and soul.
A sacred thing,
immortalized in marble, jade and precious stones.
The Lotus Flower,
Worshipped and adored;
For thousands of years
a symbol of sacredness
embedded in temples, art and stone.
For the lotus is an amazing thing;
It speaks of life the spirit brings.
It grows upon cesspools layered in scum;
The murkier the water the more beautiful it becomes.
What better symbol of spirit and hope can there be?
We all have our own cesspools
of hatred, anger, abuse and pain
we don't want others to see!
Some of which we have put there by our own hand.
Some forced upon us by the acts of others or vicious words.
Some of the things
buried deep within our pools
we may never understand.
The lesson of the Lotus teaches us
despite all these things,
beauty can be born and praised.
It matters not what is in your pool
If you use it to cultivate the Lotus within.
For God has shown us
Beauty can rise from anything,
No matter what life may bring.

© Lyda Greer
February 26, 2003

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