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Jo has so kindly allowed me to reproduce here some of his spiritual meanderings.

What to call these special contributions?
They're not really poetry, but more perhaps prayers, written in a format of prose... but you see for yourself.
Whatever you will refer to them as, there is no doubt as to the spiritual heart from which they flow, so completely filled with love and certitude... Jo's words are gems, bound together with his utmost love and sincerity, crying out his love of Faith in Him, The Glory of God.
              ~ Mame
Josian Dholah
Josian Dholah
is a member of the Baha'i Faith,
living in the island nation of Mauritius
located in the Indian Ocean.

Click on a link below
to carry you to some of Jo's thoughts,
and allow your being to take part in the joy

It Is Midnight

Baha'u'llah, I Love the Blues of You

The Purest Branch

Papa Bear

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