Power of The Drum

vacant eyes, shuffling feet

downcast faces reflect defeat

weighty worries, sagging shoulders

so much sadness, makes us older

the drummers come lined in a row

heads come up, spirits grow

eyes light up, the beat begins

the soul responds to let the healing in

slowly one by one the dance begins

the steady beat resounds within

connects us to Mother Earth

the ancient rhythm does its work

it's the heartbeat of the universe

our souls and God converse

it is the beat that has stood the test of time

to the soul, it is the ultimate wine

every atom does proclaim

to the greatness of His Name

the darkness leaves, the pain subsides

the drugs, the alcohol, these are alive

but powerless to touch our souls

as the beat continues to grow

the drummers drum in a row

their healing message freely flows

this is the power of the drum.

© Lyda (a.k.a. "Polarsunlight")
year 2000

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