Where do dreams go when they die?

One of the world's most famous lines
is these four little words,
"I have a dream!"

Can any great work be done without a dream?
A vision? A goal to achieve?

What power is there in a dream?

What do we lose when they die?

Without them can we truly survive?

Dreams and visions got us off the ground
and into the air!

Our dreams keep us on our path in life
and give us direction.

A common dream can change history.

A united dream can change the world.

How powerful are our individual dreams?

Are they even necessary things?

Can achievement be made without a dream?

Does hope die when the dream goes?

Or does the dream die when the hope goes?

And where does the dream go when it dies?

And what of these questions, you may ask?

I lost my dream
and do not know where it goes!

But I can tell you this:   It left a very large hole.

                    © Lyda

                    December 29th 2002

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