Photo displaying Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) taken by PolarSunlight, 2002 -- Dancing After Midnight

What do you do,
By the light of the moon,
With the fire banked high,
And ashes kissing the sky?

It's the end of the day,
Time to put your cares away
And set your worries aside.
Nobody knows
All your troubles and woes,
Or the weight of the world you carry inside.

Now is the time to let it all go,
At least for an hour or so.
There's no one around
To complain about the sound
Or see your inhibitions let down.

So let it cut loose,
And bray like a moose.
Just be a big silly old goose!
It's the end of the day;
The moon's ready to play.
It has you in its spotlight.
It's time to start
Dancing after midnight!

            © Lyda
                            September 6, 2002

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