my buddy, my pal, o puddler friend o'mine!

Let's get our galoshes on and shout out .......

Nana:     Chloe, do you know what this is?

Chloe:     h0nk !

Nana:     Nooooooooo, you silly gg00se! Try again?

Chloe:     quAck !

Nana:     Right, it is a duck !

Nana:     And, Chloe, what is this?

Chloe:     A lake?

Nana:     No, it's not a lake.

Chloe:     A pond?

Nana:     No, it's not a pond.

Chloe:     A puddle?

Nana:     Yesssssssssss, it is a Duck_Puddle !!!

Now..... a duck puddle is NOT a duck!!!

matter of fact, is a few feathers short
of a whole duck
soooo, sadly, is merely but the lowly puddle

But here comes our duck now.....

Brolly Duck
.......just doing the ole duck-walk...

flapping one foot down in front of the other

....swish-flop, swish-flop, swish-flop.....


duck loves to paddle in the puddle

just look at that duck go a-puddling!

woooooooooo hoooooooooo,
goooooo duck!

Silly duck, he is singing!!! Listen....

The Wise Ole Owl advised I get a towel,
either that or cease to wallow
in my wonderful mud puddle !
But there are no towels out here, duck !

*sigh* I'm so confused... just in a mud-puddle muddle!

A puddle grows with every drop of rain, you know.....
and if you're a puddle, that means rain water is FATTENING!!!


O, Chloe, ever try puddle dancing?
Twirling in the freshly fallen rain puddles?
O, it is truly a wonderful thing....

but not easy, you know, finding ballerina slippers for my feet....
guess that's why I never was able to twirl very well.

Now, Chloe, careful how you *splash*,
for to 'dive' into a mud puddle can be disastrous...
I had a friend once that did a mud puddle dive..
.....*sigh* poor duck, was never the same again

And the moral of the story is.....because all stories must have a moral....

When the skies are grey and dreary
and you're feeling rather bleary,
Don your raincoat, pull on your galoshes,
Go find a PuDdLe, sssssplashhHHHHH
and Laugh your head off

because my dearest one,

the Sunshine is In Your Heart!!!

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