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"Ya Baha'u'l-Abha"
("O, Glory of the All-Glorious")

Dear Friends
A personal response to the days that have just passed.....


Arise, Arise, Arise!

A call to service has been proclaimed
By the City, of the Covenant, of the Greatest Name.
In a piercing voice of glass and steel,
Wrenched from death and unimaginable pain,
A call to prayer and arms for any who proclaim
To be a follower of the Faith of the Greatest Name.

Our plight was sealed by our own hands
When we failed to raise His name across this land.
The memory of the sacrifice that has been made
By the five thousand souls who passed away
Will be lost and wasted if we don't proclaim
The Message of the Greatest Name.

The East has sacrificed far more souls
In its efforts to help the Faith grow,
But never was a shout so loud
As the one the West must heed now!

In this week of sorrow and pain,
Destruction beyond words can explain,
Let us not dishonor the sacrifice that was made,
But let each of us LOUDLY proclaim
The Message of the Greatest Name.

Let God hear our voices rise
In large assemblies and each individual cry,
Loudly echoing through all the Worlds of God.
Let each and every breath proclaim
The Glory of Baha'u'llah!!!!!

©Lyda (a.k.a. "Polarsunlight")
September 14, 2001

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