Gorean Lifestyle

Quite simply, the application of Gorean Philosophy to one's every day life. For a girl such as myself, that definition is set by another. It is agreed upon in my Master's home that it is right and natural for women to belong to men. There was a time when I was obsessed with the definition, defense of and elaboration on a Gorean Lifestyle. Those days are gone now. I realized all I needed to know and obsess about was what would please my owner.

What I can say is what it is not. A Gorean Lifestyle is not about playing a role, games, indulging a fantasy, dressing up like a character out of Norman's fiction or being something you're not whether you are free or slave, male or female. There are numerous debates,discussions, arguments and even quarrels on what is or is not a Gorean Lifestyle out there. If they are of interest to you, here are some links to further reading by free persons and the imbonded alike:

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Gorean Lifestyle

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