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You have now reached the official page to Winter Paradise, a public game hosted on Novalogic's server.

FINALY, im back for good this time. I installed win2000 and all my df problems are gone. The counter has reseted for some fucked up reason it was on 4000 before it crashed. Im interested in joining a squad and I can also host small battles for up to 8 players. Just contact me on mail or icq. Viking out.


here is the menu:




1. Cheaters detected in the game

2. Regular players

3. Rules of engagment in Winter Paradise

4. Boonierat tells us a Vietnam War Story

5. Links for you to visit 

6. Winter Paradise high score list

7. Winter Paradise pictures

8. Weapons

9. The server that Winter Paradise runs on 

10. Future plans for winter paradise




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