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Membership is open to anyone who embraces the values, spirit, traditions, and aims of the UNTD Association of Canada.

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The NOMINAL LIST of known CADETS who enrolled in either the UNTD or ROUTP programs - at last count 8,117 names


The UNTD VIP List is growing - now up to 444

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UNTD's are among those receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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Admiral John R Anderson, (ret'd) OMM CD

Rear Admiral Jennifer J Bennett OMM CD, LLD

Vice Admiral Peter Cairns (ret'd) CMM

Vice Admiral Robert (Bob) George (ret'd) CMM CDSC CD

Rear Admiral Bruce Johnston (ret'd) CMM MID CD

Commodore Laraine Francis Orthlieb (ret'd) CMM CD

Captain(N) Christopher G Pratt>(Ret'd)OMM CD

Rear Admiral Kenneth J Summers (ret'd) OMM MiD BStar (USA) MB(Bahrain) KAAM(Saudi Arabia) LKM1stC (Kuwait) CD MSC

LT(CIL) James D Webb AdC CD


To add your name and e-mail to the list below, to correct your email, or if you find a bad link, contact: Chaplain: Bill Thomas

A name in blue is a link to an e-mail address. A name in darker blue indicates that the link is to a personal home page. A "Mike" Flag indicates a paid-up member. An "India" Flag indicates a deceased member - and the link will take you to their obituary.

The following UNTD's have responded to date:

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Status Name I.D. UNTD Home
Summer Training Cur.
Calvin F Annis U-1905 Scotian '53-'57 Stadacona /Portage/Quebec/Lanark SLT 1958
Gerry B Anthony U-1387 Cabot     1961
Richard H Baker U-1549 York '62/Buckinham '63/Inch Arron '64-5/New Waterford '67 Porte Quebec LT 1968
David Barr U-4398 York '55 Stadacona & Quebec;'56 Naden & Oshawa SLT 1958
Robert N. Baugniet U-2215 Donnacona '61-Venture; '62-Royal Roads; '63-Donnacona; and Lanark,Ste Therese,Cape Scott,Kootenay,Grilse,Oriole,Porte de la Reine,Port Dauphine,Port St. Jean,Porte Ste.Louis,Port Quebec,Fort Steele CMDRE 1997
James A Beatty U-117 York '57-58 Stadacona/Swansea;'59 Royal Roads/Naden/Jonquiere;'60 Naden/Esquimalt SLT 1960
Michael Anthony (TONY) Bernard U-1472 Star '61 -'64    
Murray Boles U-7489 Prevost '51-Naden; '52-Naden, Beacon Hill; '53-Stadacona SLT 1954
Rees Brock U-9025 Chippewa '53 Royal Roads; '54 Esquimalt LT 1957
Tom Brown U-1266        
Vince Brown U-9710 Scotian '57 Ft. Erie; '58 La Hulloise; '59 Acadia & Stadacona LCDR 1992
John Butt U-10996 Tecumseh/Nosuch '53 LaHulloise; '54 Stettler; '55 Stadacona, Tramid A/Surgeon LT 1973
Donald D Carter U-1379 Cataraqui '61 Cornwallis; '62 Cornwallis; '63 Hochelaga SLT 1965
Peter Chipman U-2095 Brunswicker 64/Kootenay 65/Iroquois(CC) LT 1977
F Merritt Chisholm U-14529 Nonsuch 50, 51, 52, Tecumseh 65-67 (CO/UNTD) LT 1967
William (Bill) Clearihue U-2322 Donnacona 65/Cornwallis 67/Esquimault 68/Stadacona SLT 1970
Bob Codrington V62166 Naden Royal Roads '43; USN '44; Shediac '45    
David Collins          
Ross Connell U-1267 Star, Donnacona   LT 1975
Bill Conrod U-???? Donnacona '60 - Cornwallis, Stadacona NC- 1961
Thomas P. Conway U-517 Cabot '59 Fort Erie/Satdacona/Cornwallis; '60 Swansea/ Stadacona; '61 Cornwallis LT 1967
H.A. (Mike) Cooper U-16715 Discovery 55 Stadacona,Huron / 56 Stadacona MTE,Lauzon, / 57 Stadacona MTE, Trinidad CMDRE 1992
Bill Creighton     52/56    1997
Don Dailley U-1155 Brunswicker '61 Inch Arron; '62 La Hulloise; '64 Restigouche; '65 -'67 St. Croix; '68 Qu'Appelle LT 1969
John Dalzell U-1765 Unicorn '63 Cornwallis/Fort Erie;'64 Cornwallis/Outremont Captain 1998
William (Bill) Davey U-18980 Queen Charlotte '51&'52 Stadacona; RCN '53&'54 Esquimalt Career RCN 1990
Davis Daycock U214 Chippewa '58 Cornwallis/Stadacona/LaHulloise; '59 Royal Roads/Beacon Hill/Oriole; '60 Jonquiere LT 1960
Tony Dearness U-2248 Tecumseh '64 Cornwallis;Inch Arron; N/A 1964
David Dibblee U-20603 Scotian '54 Portage; '55 Quebec; '56 Fort Erie SLT 1958
George C Dobbie U-1404 Prevost '62 La Hulloise; '63 Lanark; SLT 1965
Dana Doiron U-2229 Donnacona 64/Kootenay 65 LT  1974
Wynn Downing U-1403 Prevost '63/La Hulloise; '64/New Waterford SLT 1964
John Donaldson U-1733 Unicorn '63: Victoriaville/Cornwallis; '64: Lanark/Cornwallis; '65: Stadicona/New Waterford; '66: Stadicona; 67: Esquimalt   1974
Peter Drage          
John Dugan          
Bob Duncombe          
Peter Dunlop          
Roger Elmes   STAR '61, '62 Cornwallis; '63 Venture, Royal Roads; '63,'64 Stettler; '66-'68 Staff Officer ROUTP LT 1969
Robin Farquhar U-23776 Malahat/Discovery '57 Stadacona/Lanark, '58 Esquimalt/Beacon Hill, '60 Naden LT 1964
Dave Field          
Ed File           
Jack Forsyth U-1534 Discovery '62 Cornwallis; '63 Cornwallis; '64 Hocelaga, Naden SLT 1964
Alfred (Alf)Foxgard U-25700 Malahat/Discovery RTE 50/51/52; Chatham '54-55; Malahat '55-'66 LCDR 1966
David Frayer U-1231 Chippewa      
Dave Freeman U-1049 Nonsuch/Discovery 61 Cornwallis/Fort Erie/Micmac; 63Cornwallis/Fort Erie/Haida; 64Cornwallis/Mackenzie(CCC) LCDR 1996
Noel Gaspar U-26920 Brunswicker '52-Stadaconna/Crescent; '53 Esquimalt, Beacon Hill; LT 1977
Don Gillies           
Colin Gray U-2295 Discovery '65 Porte St. Jean, Cornwallis; '66 Naden, Porte de la Reine, Antigonish, Oriole SLT 1967
Terence Grier  U29774 York '56 - 57    
Doug Hain U-1270 Star Outremont '61; Swansea '62; Oriole '63 SLT 1965
Bruce Hayes   Carleton 52/UNTD 53/ROTP 54-67 RCN LCD 1967
Gerry Holmes           
Brian Hunter           
Reg Hutchings U-1393 Cabot 62/Cornwallis, Buckingham; 63/ Cornwallis, Fort Erie; 64/Provider; 65,66,67/ Cornwallis; 67-68 ST Laurent CND; 68 Fort St. Louis LTN 1969
Bud Jackson U-359 Prevost 57/Stadacona; 58/Royal Roads    
Leslie A K James U-1564 York 62/Lauzon; 63/Lanark; 64/Naden, Royal Roads; 65 Cape Scott SLT 1965
John Jay U-? Scotian '53 Stadacona, Sawnsea; '54 Stadacona, Quebec; '55 Stadacona, USS Burdo LCDR 1968
Michael Jewett           
Colin Johnstone; U-699 Discovery 59/Lanark 60/Cap de la Madeline 61/James Bay '    
Bob Karpiak U-1229 Chippewa '60 - '63 / Lanark/Cap de la Madelaine/ Oriole LT 1971
Ryan Kidd           
Art Kuiper U-2316 Donnacona 65 66(CC)    
Tom Kuiper U-1833 Donnacona 63/Cayuga 64/Assiniboine(CC) SLT 1967
Paul Lalond U-1349 Carleton 61 -64 Cataraqui SLT 1964
Benjamin Lamb           
E. Robert Langford U-41398 Cataraqui '53 Stadacona,Sawansea/'54 Naden, Royal Roads, New Glasgow/'55 RCNH CAPT 1992
Jim Leamy U-41680 Donnacona '49 Esquimalt/'50 Sawansea/'51 Crusader/'52 Crescent/'53 Ontario/'54 Naden    
Mark Llewellyn U-2255 York '65 Cornwallis; '66 Naden   1967
Bob Lucas U-1667 Star '61 Cornwallis; '62 Lauzon;'63 Fort Erie CDR 1984
Al Lye           
Robert A B MacLean U-46196 Brunswicker 53/Stadacona, LaHulloise; 54/Naden, New Glasgow, Royal Roads; 55/Stadacona, TRAMID Norfolk, CHP(P) Shannon Park +LCDR 1988
Wayne Maxwell   Brunswicker '60 Cornwallis, Fort Erie; '61 Point Edward, Swansea SLt 1966
Art May U-48465 Cabot 55, 56/Stadacona, 57/Naden SLT 1960
Doug Maybee          
George Mayo U-1870 Cabot '63- Cornwallis, La Hulloise; '64 - Naden/Esquimalt, Porte Quebec, Porte de la Reine; '65+ Pickle, Oreillo, Bonaventure, Granby, Stadacona) LCDR ????
Tom McClenaghan U-48453 Prevost '56-'58: Stadacona, Fort Erie    
Hamilton McClymont U-1647 Scotian '61-Cornwallis; '62-Cornwallis/Buckingham SLT 1963
Fred McCutcheon U-351 York '57'-'59 SLT 1961
Bill McElroy          
D'Arcy McGee U-4579 Malahat '61 Malahat; '62 Discovery; '63 Discovery    
Greg McKenzie V17707858 Tecumseh '68 Patriot/Porte St. Jean/Naden;'69 Naden/Qu'Appelle; '70 Naden/ Qu'Apple/Stadacona CDR 1999
Bob Middlemiss U-823 Donnacona '59-60 Cornwallis, Stadacona, LaHulloise;   1960
William ( Bill) Milne U-52920 Cataraqui '52 Stadacona, La Hulloise; '53 Stadacona. Magnificent; '54 Naden, Royal Roads; '55 Stadacona, Quebec LT 1958
Peter S. Milsom U-1851 Prevost 63/Cornwallis, Buckingham 64/Cornwallis, Buckingham (CC) 65 Cornwallis, Long Div. O.C. (SLT) Captain 1991
David Ian Moore U2341 Scotian CC '65 Cornwallis; '66 Naden; '67 Hochelaga; Training Officer '68-'75 SLt 1975
Doug Morris U1530 Discovery '62 Cornwallis; '63 Cornwallis; '64 Royal Roads / Dockyard; '65 Naden LT 1965
Robert J. Morris U-54365 STAR 47/Warrior; 48/Athabaskan,Naden; 50/Star Staff; 51/Portage; 52/Stadacona; 53/Labrador; 54/Porte St. jean; 55/Stadacona LT 1957
Ken Nason   Scotian '65, '66, '67 CMDRE  
Phil Neroutsos U-56120 Donnacona 1956 - 1967 / Malahat '84 LT  
Gord Nicholls          
Bob Nixon          
Terry North U-56700 Scotian '48 Nootka/Magnificent; '49 Iroquois; '50 Diving Tender 7 SLT 1958
Richard Hugh Noyes Roberts   Discovery '52 Naden ; '53 Royal Roads; '54 HMCS Niobe LT 1958
Thomas O'Malley U-848 HUNTER '59 - Fort Erie, Stadacona, Cornwallis; '60 - Cronwallis, Buckingham (Iceland) LCDR 1994
Martin Pandzich U-436 HUNTER '59 - Fort Erie, Stadacona, Cornwallis; '60 -La Hulloise, Stadacona; '61 Naden, Ottawa Captain 1995
James Paterson U-1761 Star 1962-66 LCDR 1980
Don Patton U-1159 Brunswicker 1961-3Cornwallis; '61 Fort Erie; '62 Swansea LT 1965
Geoffrey Penney           
George P Plaxton          
  Bill Powers U2437  Scotian    LT   
James Price          
  Chris Purton U-61580 York 57 58 SLT 1959
Jim Reicker U-2561 Cataraqui 66/Cornwallis, Port St. Louis; 67/Esquimalt,Porte de la Reine; 68/Stadacona, MARLANT LT 1977
Michael Richard U-63023 Carleton 55/Stadacona; 56/Naden, Oshawa; 57/Naden; 58/Stadacona; 59/Stadacona Surgeon LT 1961
Peter Riordon U-635 Donnacona 58/Stadacona; Fort Erie; 59/ Cornwallis 60/Swansea 61/Royal Roads; Esquimault SLT 1957
Spruce Riordon U-63550 Donnacona '53-57/Stadacona/Portage/Quebec SLT 1957
Ken Robins          
  Bill Rompkey U-64455 Cabot Stadacona '55, Esquimalt '56, '57 LT 1965
Stephen Rybak U-2356 Tecumseh 65/Cornwallis, 66/Naden, 67/Stadacona & Shearwater, 68/Porte Quebec LCDR 1980
James Ryckebosch U-???? Chippawa '56 Stadacona FSRG ????
James Salt U-65892 Cabot '56-'58    
John Sargent U-1369 Malahat/Donnacona '61 - '64 SLT 1964
Dave Saxton U-2615 Scotian '67 East; '68 West A/SLT 1968
John Scott U-??? Star '68 Naden    
Graham Scott U-1111 Prevost '60    
Gordon Sellery U????? York '55 Stadacona; '56 &'57 Naden; '58 Granby; '59 Stadacona LT 1960
Mac Shiner U67900 York '57 Stadacona; '58 Naden; '59 Royal Roads LCDR 1969
Graham Skanes U68440 Cabot '55 Stadacona, Quebec; '56 Naden, Brockville; '57 Naden, Stadacona,TRAMID, Fort Erie; '58 Buckingham ALCDR 1965
Douglas M. Slack U-1818 Cataraqui '63-Lanark; '64-Outremont; '65-Stadancona ASLT 1965
Arthur H. C. Smith U69200 Scotian '52/Stadacona,'53/Wallaceburg, '54/Stadacona Colonel 1990
Gord Smith U???? Carleton '51/RoyalRoads,Ontario; '52/ Beacon Hill; '53/ Antigonish LCDR 1969
  Ken Stephens U-2689 Hunter 67/Cornwallis 68/Naden 69/ Halifax LT 1981
David Stewart U-71210 Scotian 53/Stadacona, La Hulloise 54/Nadaen,Royal Roads, New glasgow 55/Stadacona, TRAMID Norfolk LCDR 1967
  Victor Suthren U-1653 Donnacona 62/Athabaskan 63/Cayuga (CC) SLT 1966
Pierre Taillon U-72640 Carleton 52/Stadacona, La Hulloise; 53/Stadacona, Oriole; 54/Esquimalt, Royal Roads, New Glasgow LCDR 1972
Brian Tansey U-1439 Donnacona '62/Cornwallis (Athabaska Div)/Buckingham, '63/Cornwallis (Iroquois Div)/Fort Erie, '64/Hochelaga/ Port St. Jean SLT 1966
Bill Thomas U-794 Prevost '60/Cornwallis/Stadacona/La Hulloise, (CC), '61/Cornwallis, '62/Cornwallis/Stadacona/La Hulloise (CC) SLT 1964
Dave Tildesly U-2313 Donnacona '65/Cornwallis,'66/ Naden, Antigonish,'67/ Hochelaga LT 1969
Gerry Underhill U-75697 Malahat  '51-Royal Roads,RTE,Antigonish; '52-RTE, Beacon Hill; '53 Royal Roads, AH LCDR 1998
George Van Den Bosch U-2688 Chippewa '61 - '69    
Paul Wagner          
Albert Henry White   Star '60 Cornwallis/Stadacona; '61 Royal Roads SLt 1962
Bob White;   Discovery '60; LCDR 1989
Bob Williamson U-121 Star '58-Stad/Cornwallis/La Hulloise; '59-Royal Roads/Naden/Jonquiere; '60-RoyalRoads/Jonquiere/YFP320; '61 Great Lakes TC/Scatari CDR 1993
Bob Willson U-794 Star/York '52 Sioux, Naden, Royal Roads; '53 Beacon Hill, Naden, Royal Roads CDR 1986
Edward B.J. Winslow     60 La Hulloise/ 61 Inch Arron/ 62 Royal Roads / 63 Naden   (CC) LT 1965
Gordon Woodall U-80100 Chippawa      
Bob Wootton U-80144   Discovery   '54   LT 1968
Alec Wright    Star/York '66 Porte St. Jean, Cornwallis; '67 Porte Quebec, Naden; '68 Borden; '69 Porte Quebec; '70 Valcartier; '71 Borden LT 1993