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Medal Petition

Private Members' Notices of Motions M-111 — November 19, 2008 — Mr. Casey (Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley)

— That, in the opinion of the House, the Prime Minister should consider the creation of a new medal honouring retroactively all of Canada’s veterans who have served the country voluntarily since 1947 to the present day, especially during historically significant events like the Cold War, and that the Prime Minister take into account the request made by many Canadians through petitions to Parliament and consider asking her Majesty to call this medal the "Governor General’s Volunteer Service Medal".

Dear friends, please note that the above Private Member's Notice for the GGVSM was put forth on November 19, 2008, Number M-111.

What is extremely important is that we work together to get signed Petitions to your members of Parliament to have the Petitions presented as soon as possible in support of the Medal and the Private Members' Notice of Motion M-111.

To view the Notice click on the link below


Please get your signed Petitions into your Member of Parliament and refer them to this Private Member's Notice. Every time you get another batch of signed Petitions, that them to your MP and remember they do not have a choice on rejecting your Petitions, as your MP, they must read them in the House of Commons during Petitions. Try and get at least 30 signatures and send a photo copy to the address on the Petition.

If you can't get 30 signatures, send the originals to the address on the Petition. Thanks.

We need to do this urgently and frequently to show wide support for this.

You should also let your MP know that you support this Private Members' Motion.

Attached is a Letter that you could print off and complete and send to our Prime Minister or write your own letter to the Prime Minister.

Should you need more Petitions, there is an attached Petition as well.

Thanks and hopefully we will have a wonderful Christmas Present.

Kindest regards,

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