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Canada's Naval History Online at The War Museum


The Canadian Navy Official Site

The Mariners List

N.O.A.C. Toronto Branch

The Nauticapedia - the Maritime Heritage of Western and Northern Canada

Canadian Navy - Past & Present

H.M.C.S. Haida - National Historic Site>

The Friends of H.M.C.S. Haida

Project Ojibwa

H.M.C.S. Sackville - Canadian Naval Memorial

BurlOak Naval Veterans


Current Canadian Navy

Department of National Defense, Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Navy of Yesterday & Today
Royal Canadian Navy
Canadian Forces


History & Research

The National Film Board has made available on line a 60 minute documentary on 100 years of the RCN: An Enduring Tradition

Pat Burstall's Navy Prints
Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy
War Museum
Battle of the Atlantic
Royal Canadian Navy 1910-1950
Canadian Navy
Canadian WWII Merchant Ship Losses
Canadian Subs
Royal Canadian Navy
Canadian Tribal Destroyer Association
A Nautical Encyclopedia Maritime Heritage of Western and Northern Canada, and Canada's Naval Forces
Kinsella & the NAvy
Ensigns of the Royal Canadian Navy
Juno Beach Centre
Royal Canadian Navy Album
Battle of the Atlantic II
Haze Gray & Underway
Commanding Officer, Royal Canadian Navy



Canadian Naval Review
Ready Aye
Navy in the Arctic
Navy Photo Album
Naval Museum of Manitoba
HMCS Carleton former Reservists & UNTD's
Men & Women in the RCN
Royal Australian Navy
United States Navy
Canada & the War at Sea
Back Issues of 'The Crowsnest'

The Cornwallis Military Museum