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Ottawa Seminar Oct 18, 2008

The Ottawa UNTD Committee of Old Oars is producing a fourth annual October event on Saturday afternoon and early evening October 18, 2008, again on Parliament Hill, but this time in the East Block -- a Victorian building restored and then reopened on April 17, 1982 by Queen Elizabeth on the same afternoon when she signed the Constitution Act in front of the Centre Block. The October 18th event will continue the format of last year. Arrival time will begin at 1415 for coffee. At 1500 there will be two presentations of 30 minutes each followed by 15 minutes of Q&A's after each presentation -- a total of 90 minutes. From 1630 to 1730 there will be tours of the building including the first Canadian Cabinet Room post 1867 and the offices of Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Etienne Cartier, Macdonald's key ally in the Confederation project -- and the "on the Hill" office until 1942 of the Governor General. From 1730 to 1900 there will be a UNTD Gunroom style Weepers and a Buffet Supper and from 1900 to 2000 a Gunroom Singsong around a piano and bar. Please bring your UNTD Songbook from 2006. The Old Oars will do some reprinting also. One presentation will be made by UNTD Cadet Dr. Jim Boutilier, the Special Advisor (Policy) at Canada's Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters in Esquimalt, B.C. Jim is a compelling and exceptional speaker with an engaging manner and is passionate about his subject -- the strategic importance of the Pacific Ocean and the Asia-Pacific region to Canada's future. He has travelled on Government business extensively and frequently and currently in that region -- and knows, in depth, of the size and capability of the Naval Forces operating from the perimeter of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The other presentation will be by Captain (N) John Pickord CD, Project Manager, Canadian Naval Centennial. He will describe the array of events and promotions planned for 2010 across Canada and in the National Capital Region. The cost of the event, including the Supper and Open Bar, has been set at $58.00 per person. Attendees have the choice of attending as individuals or as couples. A formal invitation with more detail as to payment arrangements and cut-off date will be emailed to you later this week. In the weeks to follow pictures will be emailed that were taken at last October's event of those who attended being greeted by Senate Speaker Kinsella as taken by his photographer in his suite.