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Other major surnames: Alderfer, Allison, Althouse, Beer, Bishop, Cassel, Clever, Detweiler, Fosbenner, Fretz, Goodhart, Hackman, Hartzell, Kolb, Latshaw, Lederach, Moyer, Naugle, Oberholtzer, Reddig, Reiff, Russell, Stauffer, Stout, Swope, Wildonger

If you could see your children
All standing in a row,
There might be some among them
Whom you wouldn't care to know.
But there's another matter which
Requires a different view;
If you could see your ancestors,
Would they be proud of you?

My dad...just a few years ago ;-)
(Richard C. Schwenk, Sr.)*


My entire genealogy database is posted on-line at and includes a link to a form by which you can search the database.

Following is the bare-bones outline of my paternal family tree--just my direct line. There is much more information available on some family members, which you can access by clicking on their names if those names are hypertext links.

Schwenk Lineage

CLICK HERE to see map of the area where the Schwenk family may have lived in Germany (near Baumholder, Rheinland-Pfalz, or the Palatinate) before emigrating to America in 1739. Hopefully one of these days I'll learn the actual place of origin of the Schwenks. Recent evidence has come to light indicating that Hans Michael's brother Peter was residing in the village of Berschweiler near Baumholder shortly before leaving for America. Living near him was an M. Elizabeth Schwenk, probably the wife of Hans Michael.

CLICK HERE to see two Schwenk Coats of Arms, though neither may be for our Schwenks.

Family Photos
Schwenk Family Phyl & Dick Schwenk
Stout Family Moyer Family
Naugle Family More Naugles
Goodhart Family More Goodharts
Latshaw Family Carl Naugle Family

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