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Orange Pop is yummy

JIM SUX!!!!!!! HE IS A LOSER I HATE HIM Orange Pop is yummy and this is my site ,Now, i am workin on it some so its gettin there, E-mail me with anything yah feel like sayin, but don't send me that forwarded shit im gonna add some more sound clips i think, ne thing u would like , tell me on my guest book or E-mail me .But now about me.Well, my name is Danielle Christine _____ but everybody calls me Gee or Giza or geezerific , because well danielle is to hard to say , and its kinda whiney sounding , try it. I Love fred durst frm limp bizkit he is such a hottie boom bottie. And ofcourse, i luv Orange Pop, it is such a yummy beverage, I'll drink other suff too, but i preffer orange pop. I have Dark brown hair, and really green eyes, Im 5'5. I went to a catholic school for all my life, but now im in public for the first year, im happy cause i hated my school, but i still miss my friends, and wanna say HI to Ca Ca~ Airyn~ Mandi* and Beth, and the rest of u too. I also enjoy, long walks along the beach, j/k, no actually, i like watchin cartoons like blues clues and PPF girlz yea i know im a weirdo i watch other stuff too, I listen to all music except country but mostly, rap and R&B, i love love love The HotBoys and Snoop Dogg and other mellow beets like Cypress Hills are good too. , and alternative, i Still Love Limp and Korn and all that , and we can't forget Blink, and punk.I play basketball and softball and i watch hockey, im so disapointed in the red wings its not even funny.But go dallas, and i watch college football only, and all basketball. Hippos r the bomb, they would be my favorite animal. By the way i live in michigan, but my Dad livies in Florida , Panama City , specificly, and i will be goin down there for spring Break and lets just say its gonna be sweet cause im bringin my best friend down there w/me.Umm my mom thinks im too crazy for my age whatever, a girl sneaks out a few times and now all the sudden im a bad child, whatever.Umm Lets see Dazed and Confused is a tight movie and soo is friday and we can't forget half baked, as for horror movies definatly Urban Legends and then 10 things i hate about u and varity blue and but ofcourse American Pie are all good movies as well ~ i just saw Down to U that was sweet kinda a chick flick but not horribly one.I don't know what else to say now, maybe i said to much , ohh well, But bye, thanx for lookin at my pathetic site that majorly needs work but its gettin there. StAy TriPPeD OuT~ ;p

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