If you let me be your music,
I'll sing to you at night.
If you let me be your lover,
I'll squeeze and hold you tight.

If you let me be your water,
I'll quench your every thirst.
If you promise to stay by my side,

You will always be first.
If you let me be your rainbow
With a pot of gold at the end,

Then you will know
You have found a dear friend.
If you let me be your joy
When you have sunk down in despair

Whenever you should need me,
I promise I'll be there.
If you let me be your shelter
from the cold winds and the rains,

I'll be the balm in your life
Whenever there is pain.
All that I'm trying to say
And make clear for you to see

Is that I can be your everything!!!
If you let me be!

March 3, 1999
Written by Everett Foy

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April 29, 1999

All I Ever Wanted
By Mariah Carey

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