Does Truth Matter?

Perhaps this is the question which needs to be asked before tackling the problem of recovered memories as to their validity and reliability.

Apparently, this culture has forgotten that truth is important. Our society is currently tolerating if not encouraging, lies and deceptions where it used to insist upon truth. Some individuals, when polled, admit they believe lying to be acceptable if the situation requires it. Situational ethics seems to be a part of the new philosophy of our age, political correctness.

The lie seems to be much in demand, so much so that we soothe our national guilt by disbelieving the story about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree with his little hatchet. Our conscience feels better if we just collectively decide this little goody-two shoes story must have been a lie.

What are the consequences of tolerating lies and failing to lift up truth? Are there any?

The bible says "God sends a strong delusion to those who fail to receive a love of truth, so that they will believe the lie and thus be condemned." 2nd Thessalonians 2:11

God sent his son into the world, but his own did not receive him. Jesus is called the Light of the world, but men preferred darkness to the light. They feared to come into the light lest their deeds be exposed as evil. Thus men reject truth, which God personifies as being his son. They fear shame over their deeds of darkness being exposed.

One sees all sorts of devices being concocted today so as to avoid this shame. False identities, phoney diagnoses, pills, talking away the guilt, blaming others, and shaking their fist at a Holy God who would dare to judge their behavior as being sin.

The bible says truth is absolute and as such, it doesn't change because a majority do not believe or accept it. Truth shall not forever be on the scaffold, the lie upon the throne. Truth may be dead and buried, but it will eventually rise to unseat the knave which has slandered the innocent, given false witness, and usurped authority.

Any who accepted a counterfeit in place of truth will have their shame exposed for all to see. Might it not be worth a bit of second effort now for us all to look beyond superficial appearances and claims to determine what really is the truth of the matter? When judging, Jesus said we should judge rightly, and not by mere appearances.

Jesus said those who are of the truth, will listen to him. He said to take the narrow way for the broad way leads to destruction. Many are on that broad path today. Few are on the narrow way which leads to wholeness and eternal life. Therapists are on the broad way along with their disciples.

Those who listen to the wrong counselors are still responsible for their resulting delusions and wrongful actions. Just as the first mesmerizing-therapist-serpent misled Eve, but still, God held her accountable. God also held accountable all those who sinned along with her, rather than loving truth.

Truth can be overpowered by deceit and lies. It is a precious "pearl" or "treasure" which must be guarded and protected. At the very least, truth deserves honor and respect and more than our lip service.

Nothing else is worth living for if truth is not worth dying for.

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