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Happy Anniversary Jim

I Love You

Darling, I love you more each day that I live.
Every day, every hour, every moment I'll give.
All of me to you gladly, with a heart good and true.
No one else could enslave me, for I love only you.

Just to love you and serve you is my only desire,
For the love in my heart is just like a fire.
Burning out all of 'self', leaving room for just you.
Each day filled with desire to do as you do.

When I don't see your smile, my day is all wrong.
The sun has no light, the birds have no song.
The calm is a tempest raging deep in my soul.
For my heart has grown sad... my life has no goal.

You smile, and I'm happy with no care for the day.
You kiss me, and hold me, and clouds go away.
The sun then shines brightly, birds sing their song.
'My darling, I love you,' is my thought all day long.

~Author: Beulah Alcott~

My Darling Jim,

Nearly ten years ago, I came home on a greyhound bus from Phoenix Az, after spending two years there sorting out all the things in my life that were good and bad. I guess you can say I was soul searching. Anyway, I had to find out just who I was and where I belonged in this world. I guess you I can say that I needed to brainwash myself into the person that I really was and not into the person I was told that I was. If that makes any sense to you.

I traveled for three and half days with my girls and grandson at that time. It was a long haul but with experience. I had no place to go when I got back until I called Randy and Margaret, and they took me in for a couple weeks. I then was able to get enough money up to get the apartment on Seymour Lk Rd in Oxford Mi. I moved into the place November 12, 1990 with no furniture, only a few odds and ends which people had given me. It was okay though, I knew within a week my own personal things would arrive.

January 15, 1991 I was going among the things that needed to be sorted through and placed in storage. I went to the basement with a box of tapes that were no longer needed to store them, when I saw you stand next to a washer, wearing an old pair of sweats and a T-shirt, doing your laundry. We both said hello and chatted for a few minutes, and I suggested that you come by for coffee if you like and we could talk. I went back upstairs and within just a few minutes, you knocked at my opened door dressed in good clothes, looking really sharp.

I don't want to forget the little cartoon clippings you use to stick under my apartment door every night saying, "LOVE IS:"; when you got home from work. I smiled and tapped on the wall to let you know that I found them. It was great knowing that you loved me. We had so many ways in letting one another know our feelings for each other. It was alos great having you as my neighbor, tapping out little messages now and then on the wall.

A month later, Feb.16th,on my birthday, we decided to live together and on my birthday, you decided to make me a birthday cake. Remember that birthday cake honey? You made soup instead, by putting too much water into the batter, not baking the way it should of. It was sweet and very loving. I shall never forget it.

March 11th, You asked me to marry you; I said yes. We decided upon getting married three months later, June 15, 1991, in the complex courtyard.

They placed so many beautiful flowers out there to grow for that day for us. It was great and so beatuiful. Regardless of tornado warnings and other severe storm warning that were out at that time. I truly feel God held back those storms, only allowing the black sky take form, for that special day for us. We got through the ceremony without it hitting hard and had pictures taken so nicely. After we all got into our cars, thats when it hit. But it was fun honey, and so wild.

Honey, I have loved you for all these years, and my love for you has only grown stronger, every day, every year and every moment. Nothing could ever stop me from loving you and all the memories we have with one another. Now I know why I had to come back from Arizona, and I would never change a moment in my life back then, because I feel that if I could, we would not have one another now and the love we share muchless the memories we have from nine years ago.

Happy Anniversary Booboo, I love you with all my heart. You are a wonderful man and I do not feel that anyone could ever match the type of person you are today. It took a lot of pain in my past to have what I have now and I thank God every day for you.


I had help with this web page and I thank Eva for her love and kindness in helping me with this message to you.