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Links to all of the Web pages that interest me,including the links to my Friends' pages.

Beware of Creative Links!
Rebecca "Here you will find my Wife's wonderful web page. It is definitely worth your time!" [Page Not Updated]
Our Wedding! "Here you will find links to the people in my Wedding as well as more pics to come!"
This leads to my Resume. "Feel free to check it out."
Poetry "By my friends and myself."
The Internet Home of the Palladium Bum! "This is as link to my first web page, which is dedicated to one of my hobbies."
Dungeons&Dragons "This will take you to my D&D campaign: Shadows of the Flame."
World of Warcraft "Check out my Guild, we are on Silver Hand; League of Intrepid Adventurers!"
The Greatest Comic Characters! (My opinion!) "But check it out, if only for the cool art!"

This is the weather info for the city I live in!

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