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On April 20, 1999, Cassie Bernall, a 17-year-old junior at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado, was a typical teenager having a typical day. With a single word she said on that tragic Tuesday, the life of Cassie Bernall and her courage in the face of death gripped the heart of an entire nation. As the killers rampaged killing innocent people, They reached Cassie Bernall. A former believer in witchcraft and re-born Christian, "Do you believe in God" yelled one of the killers. With her life on the line, She said "Yes." She was killed for our lord. And her life speaks out to others.

That night, Chris, Cassie's Brother found a poem.. And it read:

"Now I have given up on everything else
I have found it to be the only way
To really know Christ and to experience
The mighty power that brought
Him back to life again, and to find
Out what it means to suffer and to
Die with him. So, whatever it takes
I will be one who lives in the fresh
Newness of life of those who are
Alive from the dead."