The 18th Niagara Wolf Cub Uniform

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The Cub Uniform

Scouts Canada is a uniformed organization.

Scouting uses its uniform to promote itself to the community as a world-wide movement, to provide a focus of pride and belonging around which its members can rally, and to give each member an opportunity to make a personal expression of commitment to Scouting's principles.  It also serves as practical dress members can wear with pride at meetings, while travelling, in the field, and in the community.

The 18th Niagara Wolf Cubs requires a "waist up" uniform only be worn by all members including a shirt, sash, neckerchief, woggle, and an optional belt and buckle. 18th Niagara recommends all Cubs wear the official Scouts Canada "Tilley-style" wide brimmed field hat for outdoor events. We do not require that the Cubs wear the Scouts Canada Pants/Shorts, Knee Socks and Garter Tabs. These can be worn if you wish however we only require navy blue or dark coloured pants and NO track pants be worn. The uniform is worn as shown below:

Illustration of the current Cub Uniform

The Scouting uniform costs are as listed below.

  • Uniform Shirt - $29.95
  • Belt - $3.95
  • Buckle - $2.95
  • Pants (optional) $29.95
  • Shorts (optional) $26.95
  • Knee Socks (optional) $4.95
  • Garter Tabs (optional)$3.95
  • Neckerchief, woggle, and all identifying crests will be provided by the pack

    The uniform is available at the Niagara District Scout Shop. They are located at 4377 Fourth Ave. Call 354-8511 for their hours. If you have financial difficulty with the cost of the uniform please speak to a leader. We occasionally have used uniforms on hand.

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